Join Phase Two of the Postcards to Wisconsin GOTV Campaign–Now Prepping Two MILLION Postcards to Go to Wisconsin and Michigan In the Fall

Please join phase two of the Postcards to Wisconsin Get Out The Vote (GOTV) project–prepping two million GOTV postcards to remind Democrats in Wisconsin and Michigan to vote in the general election on November 3, 2020.


Earlier this year, OTCYD covered Postcards to Wisconsin, a GOTV initiative to encourage Democratic Wisconsin voters to turn out for the primary on April 7, 2020. (The project began well before the COVID-19 pandemic spread in the United States.)


Team Postcards to Wisconsin exceeded its initial goal, sending 600,000 GOTV postcards to  Democratic voters in Wisconsin.


Now they’re turning their energies to a bigger, more ambitious goal: Sending two million postcards to voters in Wisconsin and Michigan ahead of the November 3, 2020 general election.


You might recall that Trump soundly lost the popular vote in the 2016 presidential election but eked out a victory in the Electoral College with 78,000 votes cast in three states: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.


Joining this GOTV postcard effort allows you to do something true and real to correct the 2016 fluke.


As we at OTYCD prepare this post in mid-May, shipments of blank postcards have begun.


Unlike the earlier campaign, you can choose which message you’ll hand-write.


You can choose Message A, which is regarded as three times more effective than standard messages, or Message B, a less widely tested script designed to counter dog whistle-ish partisan messages and stir up enthusiasm to vote. You can also request a half-and-half mix of both.


Another change from round one is the organizers are asking contributors to avoid holding in-person postcard-writing parties because of COVID-19. Parties conducted over Zoom are A-OK.


There’s no specific mailing date yet, but the postcards should be sent sometime in October 2020. We at OTYCD will update subsequent reposts with the date once it is known.


As per usual with postcard-writing campaigns, you must supply the postcard stamps. They cost 35 cents each.


If you can’t participate, you can donate to the Postcards to Wisconsin campaign instead.


See the Postcards to Wisconsin and Michigan website.


See the Postcards to Wisconsin and Michigan FAQ.


Like the Postcards to Wisconsin and Michigan Facebook page.


Follow the Postcards to Wisconsin and Michigan campaign on Twitter.


Boost the related hashtag, #Postcards2WI


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