Follow Chris David, aka Captain Portland, on Twitter, and Donate to His GoFundMe for Street Medics Who Serve Portland Protesters

Follow Chris David, aka Captain Portland, on Twitter, and donate to the GoFundMe he started for street medics who are ministering to protesters in Portland.


The name Chris David and the moniker Captain Portland may not mean anything to you, but if you’ve followed the news out of Portland, Oregon lately, you’ve seen this guy.


He was the one who approached federal officers during a protest in Portland in late July in hopes of talking with them.


He got a face full of mace and a broken hand for his troubles. Still didn’t stop him from flipping the double bird at the goons, though.


Yeah, he’s THAT guy. Oh, and he’s 53, btw. Dude is awesome and apparently made of mace-impervious titanium or something.


Unsurprisingly, David became something of an Internet celebrity after the encounter.


He’s using his fame to direct funds to Portland street medics, who bandaged him up.


As of late July 2020, the GoFundMe he launched for Portland street medics was gratifyingly close to its $30,000 goal. Any excess will go to street medics in other cities as well as food banks.



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