Feed the Protesters in Portland, Oregon with the help of Kremlin Annex and Eleven Films

Feed the protesters in Portland, Oregon by donating to an effort run by the Kremlin Annex and the folks at Eleven Films.


This is one of several posts that references the summer 2020 Black Lives Matter protests in Portland. We’re doing these as a series because there’s a lot of useful information to distribute, and we don’t want to risk burying any one thing in a huge omnipost.


Yes, this is the second post that points to organizations that are feeding Portland protesters. We feel both are worthy and deserving of your attention.


As of late July, Trump has dispatched federal forces to the area, insisting that it’s out of control. (Spoiler alert: They’re just protesting, aka exercising their First Amendment rights. Some are spraying graffiti on federal buildings.)


We’ve written about the Kremlin Annex folks before. They’re good people and they deserve your support. They also had some hairy adventures of their own recently, what with Trump’s goons pulling their nonsense in and around Lafayette Square, where Kremlin Annex protesters have dutifully denounced the president on the regular since July 2018.


Eleven Films launched in Portland, Oregon in 2018 and has created several notable and widely seen anti-Trump videos.


The two have teamed up to deliver “meals and other resources” to the Black Lives Matter protesters on the ground in Portland. As of late July 2020, they had persisted for more than 50 nights.


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