Follow and Support Journalists Who Are on the Ground in Portland, Oregon, Covering the BLM Protests

Follow and support journalists who are on the ground in Portland, Oregon nightly, covering the Black Lives Matter protests.


This is one of many posts we are devoting to the summer 2020 Black Lives Matter protests in Portland. We thought about doing it as one huge mega-post, but realized it’s easier to digest if we break everything out into a series.


We realize in doing things this way, we run the risk that stories in the queue might be overtaken by events. We’re accepting that risk.


As of late July, Trump dispatched federal forces to Portland, Oregon, insisting that it’s out of control. (Spoiler alert: The people coming out are just protesting, aka exercising their First Amendment rights. Some are spraying graffiti on federal buildings.)


The arrival of outside forces only spurred still more Portlandians and Oregonians from surrounding areas to join the nightly protests, which have continued for more than 50 days–pretty much since the earliest public actions to decry the death of George Floyd.


While well-known newspapers and journalistic outlets have periodically covered the Portland protests, a phalanx of independent journalists have done so as well, putting themselves at risk to witness the events and turn them into news stories.


Full credit to Erin Ross, who tweets as @ErinEARoss, for inspiring this post.


She did a long thread on July 23, 2020, spotlighting and amplifying the work of those who have shown up, night after night, to cover and write about what’s happening.


Ross started the thread with a link to a Google Doc that lists many of those journalists, along with information on how to give them money.


Here’s the direct link to that Google doc:



Ross also devoted individual posts in the thread to specific journalists–some with local publications, some not. We’re going to highlight a few by giving their Twitter handles below, but again, if you want a more complete list of journalists that includes handles for giving them money, reference the Google Doc.


Alex Zielinski, who’s with the Portland Mercury:




Sergio Olmos, who has freelanced for several Portland outlets:




Tuck Woodstock, who has freelanced for the Washington Post and NPR:




Cory Elia, a managing editor at Village Portland:




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