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Help Postcards to Swing States (Formerly Postcards to Wisconsin and Michigan)

Help Postcards to Swing States reach voters in ten critical states and remind them to cast a ballot this fall.


This story comes with backstory. The folks behind Postcards to Swing States started with Postcards to Wisconsin, an effort to Get Out the Vote (GOTV) in the April 2020 Wisconsin Democratic primary.


That wasn’t the end of it. Their initial plans for phase two were to target Wisconsin and Michigan Democratic voters with two million GOTV postcards, nudging them to come out in the fall for the November 3, 2020 election.


Well, the organizers’ ambitions expanded.


Postcards to Swing States aims to send 13 million GOTV postcards to:







North Carolina


…as well as Wisconsin.


The campaign actually targets ten states; two of them, Montana and Maine, have since been completed by volunteers.


Postcards to Swing States will provide you with pre-printed postcards. You provide the stamps and the labor. You’re also given a choice of one or two scripts to hand-write.


Postcards should be mailed around mid-October, but each order will contain specific dates for mailing.


The smallest order you can request is for 200 postcards.


As of July 2020, more than 25,000 volunteers have signed up to help.


If you can’t join the postcard army, you can finance it instead with a donation.



See the Postcards to Swing States website:



See the Postcards to Swing States FAQ, which includes the language of the A and B scripts:



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