Support No Dem Left Behind, An Organization Devoted to Electing Democrats in Deep Red Districts

Support No Dem Left Behind, an organization that’s devoted to electing Democrats running for office in deep red parts of the country.


One of the great recent sins of the Democratic party was writing off Congressional races taking place in certain states or areas.


Maybe the Dems thought resources were too scarce, or they couldn’t recruit anyone good to run, or some such nonsense. But it was, and remains, nonsense.


Hell, even if a given contest is extra-daunting or tough, that’s no reason to roll over and not run anyone. It’s also pretty damned insulting to the Democrats who live in those areas and would like to vote for a credible Democratic challenger.


No Dem Left Behind gets this, and is all about this, and fighting back against the notion that Dems can’t win in “deep-red” places by targeting and spotlighting candidates in “overlooked” areas.


If you feel like you have your Core Four under control for 2020 and want to take on more, check out the No Dem Left Behind website, pick a race or two, and start boosting them.


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