Sell Your Friends and Family on Voting in 2020, aka, Be That Guy

Sell your friends and family on the idea of voting in 2020, aka, Be That Guy.


In 2020, it can’t just be you going to the polls. You have to approach friends and family and talk to them about voting for Joe Biden for president, and you have to help them do it.


We realize this is a scary notion for many. We’re literally asking you to speak with damn near everyone in your phone contacts.


But you’ve got to do it. You are making calls, yes, but you’re doing it on behalf of democracy.


You can’t just assume everyone you know will vote in a way that helps get Trump out of office. You have to check in with them and personally encourage them to follow through.


In other words, you have to Be That Guy.


You have to be the one who affirmatively brings up the topic of voting with everyone you think you can convince to vote for Biden–you have to start the conversation.


You have to get them to think about voting for Biden, and you have to help them come up with a detailed plan for how, exactly, they will vote. You have to rehearse them on it.


We’ve asked you to recruit friends and family before. Now we’re asking you to step up and tell them how you will vote, and offer to help them vote.


Don’t let yourself off the hook. Call everyone who you think will be amenable to vote to get Trump out.


There’s no need to bother with Cult 45 true-believers. Focus your efforts on everyone else, from known Democrats, to independents, to third-party voters, to those who rarely or never vote.


If you only have time to focus on one of those groups, target the ones who rarely or never vote.


And if you are not normally That Guy, the one who talks about politics with people? That’s all the more reason to Be That Guy.


The fact that you are Not Normally That Guy will give your pro-voting-against-Trump message more power.


Tomorrow, we will publish an in-depth guide to Being That Guy.


It’s detailed, and loaded with tools to help you help friends and family navigate the process of casting a ballot.


You might need to make several calls on their behalf. Shepherding them all the way through to a delivered ballot will take some time.


That’s the point. You will be their sherpa, their valet, their Jeeves, their civic concierge, doing as much of the work for them that you can. Your job is to reduce the pain and tedium of making their voice heard, to the extent that that is possible.


See you back here tomorrow.


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