Calling for Democracy; Your Guide to Talking to Friends and Family About Voting Trump Out in 2020, Part Six: Follow Up With Everyone, Starting in Late October

Calling for Democracy; Your Guide to Talking to Friends and Family About Voting Trump Out in 2020, Part Six: Follow Up With Everyone, Starting in Late October.

We at OTYCD released the full Calling for Democracy post yesterday. We promised to break it into more manageable chunks. This is the last of several.

Successful calling for democracy involves several steps, and might involve more than one follow-up to ensure that your friends and family carry through and vote for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

You’ll want to have the following tools at hand:

The website for I Will Vote:


FiveThirtyEight’s guide to How to Vote in the 2020 Election:


The phone number for I Will Vote’s hotline:


…and a document of some sort–maybe it’s digital, maybe it’s paper–you’ll use to track your efforts. It should include columns that clearly label:

Who you contacted;

When you contacted them (the day, date, and maybe the time);

The results of the call;

Whether and if you need to call them again after finding an answer to a question or solving a problem they have.

This document should reflect the fact that you need to check in with everyone again in late October, on Election Day Eve, and maybe Election Day itself to make sure they followed through with their voting plans and haven’t hit any obstacles.

Let us stress this fact: If the person has a question you can’t answer, or some other issue arises that you’re not sure how to resolve, STOP and call the I Will Vote hotline for help (833.336.8683). Do! Not! Guess! If you’re not completely sure about how to proceed, CALL AND CHECK.

Starting on Sunday, October 25, 2020, check in with everyone on your list who voted any other way except in-person.

Ask how things are going. Ask if they need help with anything.

If they haven’t received some sort of confirmation that their ballots were received, help them follow up with the relevant authorities to see what happened.

If their ballot has gone missing, help them brainstorm a Plan B for voting.

Stand ready to call the I Will Vote hotline (833.336.8683).

Follow up with those who chose to vote in person on November 2, 2020 and make sure they have everything they need to cast a ballot. Follow up with them again on Election Day.

Stand ready to call the I Will Vote hotline (833.336.8683).

…and if you thought of something we missed, or notice something that now needs updating, email us at

onethingyoucando   at    gmail   dot   com

…and we’ll get on it.

Thanks for reading! We’re all going to have a little lie-down now.

Stay strong. Stay safe. And vote!

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I Will Vote and its hotline are provided by the Democratic National Committee. The hotline is staffed by volunteers.

There’s no direct way to earmark funds for the I Will Vote service, but you can put I Will Vote in the memo line of a personal check.

Checks should be made out to the Democratic National Committee and mailed to:

Democratic National Committee

PO Box 96585

Washington DC 20077-7242

The DNC also accepts donations via ActBlue:


FiveThirtyEight is the brainchild of Nate Silver.