Try the Build Your Own Ballot Function at Vote Save America–Hoo Boy It Is Handy!

Try the Build Your Own Ballot function at Vote Save America–hoo boy, it is handy!

Vote Save America, an effort by our friends at Crooked Media, has much to recommend it. But its Build Your Own Ballot function might be the best thing it’s done to date.

Making a plan to vote is one thing (and Vote Save America offers that function further down the same page as Build Your Own Ballot).

Once you’ve entered your street address, including zip code, it will pop up the full list of what will appear on your ballot in November 2020–not just the presidential race, and not just Senate and House candidates.

It includes candidates for your state legislature, and for some (but not all) local offices such as register of probate.

It also covers measures or questions you will encounter on your ballot.

The section on measures is a real boon, because it explains each well enough for you to understand how, exactly, you’ll want to vote (so you don’t accidentally choose “no” when a literal “no” vote means you approve the measure and want it to take effect–that sort of thing).

The sections on state and local candidates is skimpier, but it gives you the candidates’ names and sometimes a picture in time to research these people a little, rather than “meeting” them for the first time once you have your official ballot in one hand and a pen in the other.

The Build Your Own Ballot function is a helluva tool to have at hand when you make follow-up calls to friends and family about voting in 2020.

Build Your Own Ballot is so handy, in fact, that we at OTYCD wrote this post, in part, as an excuse to beg the Crooked Media people to retain it and bring out updated versions in future years.

Democratic voters in Virginia will find Build Your Own Ballot a godsend in its off-year state elections in 2021.

And, naturally, Build Your Own Ballot will be useful in the 2022 midterms, when we need Democratic voters to show up in force to defend Democratic Congressional majorities.

Here’s hoping the Crooked Media folks keep and refine this tool and continue to make it available.

And do we need to tell you to support Crooked Media and all its works? Probably not, but we will anyway, because they’re more than worthy and it’s the right thing to do.

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