Believe It: You Matter.

This OTYCD entry originally posted in April 2017. As we approach the 2020 election and the fight that it promises, it’s time to repost some classics. This is the first of what became a series of posts under the heading, “Believe It: You Matter”.

Never forget: You matter, and your actions matter, even when it feels like they aren’t adding up to much. You. Matter. Never give up the fight.

Waking up on November 9, 2016 was tough.

Trump will go, eventually, but you should not. Your work doesn’t end when his term does. You need to carry on and help reshape America so this sort of crazy nonsense can’t happen again.

One of the most insidious things about Putin’s attack on the 2016 election was just that–the attack on democracy itself. Never forget: Putin gains when he can destabilize liberal democracies and make them look broken and dysfunctional.

Putin is trying to teach his people that it’s fruitless to resist autocratic leaders like him. And that’s why it should give you pause when you consider that as of early April, Trump has yet to criticize Putin in any way whatsoever. [As of fall 2020, that’s still true.]

When you feel like what you’re doing to push back against Trump isn’t working, remember this:

Vladimir Putin doesn’t want you to vote.

Robert Mugabe doesn’t want you to vote.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan doesn’t want you to vote.

Kim Jong-un doesn’t want you to vote.

Bashar al-Assad doesn’t want you to vote.

When you vote, or protest, or contact your members of Congress, or run for office yourself–when you pick up an oar and row the endless longboat of American democracy,  you are yelling a big, loud “fuck you” at those who are trying to scare their own people into submission.

You matter.

You are one among many, but you matter.

Never forget. Never despair. You matter.

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