VOTE! Today is the Day! Vote!

VOTE! Today is the day! Vote!

It all comes down to this. Today. Now.

If you haven’t yet voted, please do.

If you’ve already voted, help others vote.

Remind yourself and others not to expect clear, unarguable results the instant that state polls close. It’s entirely possible that many winners can’t or won’t be declared before midnight arrives. That’s normal, and to be expected.

Do what you have to do to take care of yourself.

If that means a complete media blackout, do that.

If that means readying a stock of expensive alcohol, or pints of ice cream, or attacking bags of Halloween candy bought on sale and set aside for November 3, do that.

If that means embarking on an epic Marie Kondo-style reworking of your home, do that. Do whatever you need to do to navigate the day (provided it’s not blatantly illegal).

Hang in there. Stay hopeful. Stay focused. And prepare yourself for fights that may come between now and January 21, 2021.

Good luck, resisters, and thank you. Thank you all for everything you’ve done during the last four years.

But never forget–you’ve got to stay here and carry on the fight.