Help Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff Win Their Georgia Senate Runoffs on January 5, 2021

Help Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff win their Georgia Senate Runoffs on January 5, 2021.

What follows is a bundle of useful information that will help you help Georgians lift Warnock and Ossoff to victory in the twin Senate runoff elections on January 5, 2021. Please bookmark it so you don’t miss any small updates we might add over the next few months.

Here’s job one: Spread the word to friends and family in Georgia about voting on January 5, 2021. (The deadline to register to vote in time for this election passed on December 7, 2020.)

Early voting for the Georgia runoffs opens on:


…and ends on

Friday, January 1, 2021

Here is the direct link for Georgia residents to request a mail-in ballot for the runoffs, courtesy of @Taniel:


We also need to center and support organizations already on the ground in Georgia who will turn out the Democratic vote.

The New Georgia Project encourages civic engagement among Georgians, and is a leader in helping them register to vote. See the New Georgia Project website:


See the Link Tree for the New Georgia Project, which includes links that allow Georgians to register to vote, track their ballots, cure their ballots, and more:


See its About page:


Donate to the New Georgia Project:


Like the New Georgia Project on Facebook:


Follow the New Georgia Project on Twitter:


Follow the New Georgia Project’s CEO, Nse Ufot:


One of the many endeavors of Black Voters Matter is registering people to vote. Georgia has been one of its target states. The organization will concentrate its efforts there for the next few months.

See the website for Black Voters Matter:

See its Our Purpose page:

See the Black Voters Matters page for Georgia resources:

See the list of dates for the Black Votes Matter bus tour, which should soon come to Georgia:

Donate to Black Voters Matter:

Like Black Votes Matter on Facebook:


Follow Black Votes Matter on Twitter:


Follow Black Votes Matter co-founder LaTosha Brown:


Fair Fight Action, launched by Georgia stalwart Stacey Abrams, is at the forefront of the effort.

See the main website for Fair Fight Action:


See the Fair Fight page of Georgia Election Resources:


Donate to Fair Fight via ActBlue:


Like Fair Fight on Facebook:


Follow Fair Fight on Twitter:


Spread the Vote, an organization that helps prospective voters obtain IDs they need to cast a ballot, has a branch in Georgia. See the Georgia page on the Spread the Vote website:


This comes to OTYCD via @renay, and it was originally tweeted by @MalaikaJabali. It is a Google Doc listing relevant groups in Georgia that are lead by people of color, created by They See Blue Georgia. (Some are repeats of orgs mentioned elsewhere in this post, and, fair warning, we haven’t had a chance to vet some of the groups):


Also worth bookmarking is this Google Doc of slides created by Ana Diaz-Hernandez, who has roots in south Georgia. She will continue to update the slides throughout the next two months.


Follow Ana Diaz-Hernandez on Twitter:


The Vote Save America folks have launched a fund that assists 14 grassroots organizations in Georgia that helped flip the state blue and will help Warnock and Ossoff win.

Dubbed Every Last Vote: Peaches and Dreams, it distributes funds to groups discussed above as well as:

Georgia Alliance for Progress

Georgia Conservation Voters

Georgia Equality

Color of Change

Black Male Voter Project

…and more.

The donation link is via ActBlue:


Postcards to Voters launched a GOTV (Get Out The Vote) project for the Georgia Senate runoffs. As of December 13, 2020, it still had addresses to distribute for its Georgia Runoffs Vote By Mail (VBM) project.

New postcard writers should visit the Volunteer page and follow the directions given there:

Approved postcard writers should visit the Addresses page at the Postcards to Voters site to learn how to sign on:

Also see the main Postcards to Voters site:

And follow Postcards to Voters founder Tony the Democrat on Twitter:


Postcards to Swing States has launched a Georgia-specific sequel, with the cards going in the mail between December 26 and December 28, 2020.

This time, the organizers are selling the pre-printed Georgia cards. Prices start at $9 for 50. It also appears that they’ve designated a set number of bundles–as of November 14, 2020, the 750-card option was sold out.

Volunteer writers will receive addresses on email and are expected to provide their own postage.

See the Postcards to Swing States site:


Follow Postcards to Swing States on Twitter:


Flip the West, an organization devoted to electing Democrats to the Senate, has created a Georgia Rapid Action Squad. Sign up at this link to volunteer to help elect Warnock and Ossoff:


And! Of course! You need the basics on the two candidates!

See Warnock’s campaign website:

See his Meet Raphael page:

Donate to Warnock via ActBlue:

Like Warnock on Facebook:


Follow Warnock on Twitter:


See Ossoff’s campaign website:

See his biography page:


Donate to Ossoff via ActBlue:


Like Ossoff on Facebook:


Follow Ossoff on Twitter:


Update, November 6, 2020: Stacey Abrams sent a thank-you tweet that included several handles for people who have helped build things up in Georgia. We’ve added them below. It might make sense for you to create a list on Twitter for Georgia contacts, so you can check it a few times a day.

Rebecca DeHart, CEO at Fair Count, the census-focused sister organization to Fair Fight:


Nikema Williams, a Georgia state Senator and chair of the Georgia Democrats:


The Democratic Party of Georgia:


The Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials:


The Atlanta branch of Asian Americans Advancing Justice:


Lauren Groh-Wargo, CEO of Fair Fight Action:


Saira Draper, Director of Voter Protection for the Democratic Party of Georgia:


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