Spread the Word: Affordable Care Act Sign-Up Season Is On NOW Until Dec 15, 2020

Spread the Word: The open enrollment period for 2021 for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) lasts from November 1, 2020 to December 15, 2020.

We’ve done posts in the past to alert you to the ACA deadlines. The language for this post is similar, with the dates adjusted accordingly.

From the earliest opportunity, the Trump administration has done what it could to undermine the ACA. Links at the bottom of the page document how Trump slashed the promotions budget four years ago.

One way you can support the ACA, also known as Obamacare, is to spread the word about the 2021 enrollment period. It’s unfortunate that it comes to this, but by taking it upon yourself to let people know that now is the time to sign up for the ACA, you can defeat Trump’s efforts to undermine the law and its administration.

Those who wish to enroll in ACA health care plans for 2021 should visit:


Or call 1.800.318.2596.

Plus, you can learn more via Facebook, and like Healthcare.gov’s page there:


…and follow the Health Insurance Marketplace’s Twitter account:


As we prepare this post, the 2020 election has taken place, but a winner has not been called. Things are leaning Biden’s way, and Trump is gassing on about having the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) stop the count.

Point being: If Trump wins, his administration might attempt to hobble the 2021 ACA enrollment period, just because they can.

If Trump loses, the odds that he and his minions mess with enrollment rise even higher, because it will be their last chance to do so before their fetid reign comes to a close.

Changes affecting enrollment may not be significant enough to make the news. Two experts in the world of health care, Topher Spiro and Andy Slavitt, rarely miss these changes and will tweet about them.

Their Twitter handles are:

Topher Spiro: @TopherSpiro

Andy Slavitt: @ASlavitt

Spiro doesn’t seem to be on Facebook, but Slavitt is. Watch his page for something you can share and repost on the topic of 2021 ACA enrollment:


Please tweet and post this information about 2021 ACA enrollment early and often. We at OTYCD will repost this message often during the short window.

Read about the Trump administration’s cuts to the ACA enrollment period promotional budget for the 2018 cycle: