Help Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff Win Their Georgia Senate Runoffs on January 5, 2021

Help Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff win their Georgia Senate Runoffs on January 5, 2021.

Is everything peachy? Not yet, but you can help make it so. The November 2020 elections gave rise to a sequel in the form of twin Georgia Senate runoff races.

Georgians themselves are doing the work. Now, we at One Thing You Can Do feel we were burned by the polls taken before the November 2020 elections. Every time a Georgia poll comes up we metaphorically (and sometimes literally) stick our fingers in our ears and sing “LALALALALAAAA”. Nope, not listening to polls.

But! We are willing to look at Georgia’s voter registration and early voting numbers. And they’re looking good.

Mark Niesse, a reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, retweeted his own December 17, 2020 story about nearly 75.000 new Georgia voters–people who did NOT vote in November–signing up to vote in time for the runoffs. He says “That’s enough to make a difference in the U.S. Senate runoffs if they turn out.”

Story is here: https://www.ajc.com/politics/75k-new-georgia-voters-registered-before-us-senate-runoffs/H3CXAFIKFVCKHJNW5MBFZKQDZU/

And as of December 19, 2020, our friend Michael McDonald, who tweets under the handle @ElectProject, reports that 1,336,136 Georgians had cast their ballots early.

Two days before that, McDonald tweeted, “Population growth inflates current numbers some, but I think it is safe to say we’ll probably exceed the 2008 turnout in the 2021 early vote alone.”

So, yay! And thank you, Georgia voters, for coming out again so soon after the November elections.

Between now and January 6, 2021, doing what you can, when you can, to help Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock win the twin runoffs for the Senate seats in Georgia is THE One Thing You Can Do to push back against Trump and Trumpism.

If you can only focus on one thing, that’s where it should be.

In the past, with multi-day actions, we reposted the same story each day. This time, we’re trying something different–posting the link to the original, and updating that instead:


We appreciate your relentless focus on this task. Please keep doing the work and keep recruiting others to join you.

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