Are You Able to Donate Blood? Now–Yes, Now, During the COVID-19 Pandemic–is a Great Time to Give

Slotting this repeat story today because the need is still there, and likely will be as long as COVID-19 makes blood drives impossible.

Are you able to give blood? Now–yes, now, when many states are imposing Covid-19 lockdowns–is a great time to give.

It’s January 2020. Those at greatest risk of catching COVID-19 have started to receive the first of two doses of the vaccine, and a fraction of those have received both.

It’s good news, but the pandemic isn’t over. Anthony Fauci predicts that we will need to continue wearing masks and practicing social distancing until the fall of 2021.

Seemingly everyone and everything has been affected by the global crisis. Blood banks are no exception. They haven’t been able to hold the blood drives they rely on for keeping supplies up.

If you are able to donate blood and want to know how, click on this OTYCD story and scroll down for details.


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