Celebrate National Run for Office Day on Tuesday, January 19

Celebrate National Run for Office Day on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

You! Yes, you there!

You should run for office! Yes, really!

It’s not just something other people do. You can do it, too. That’s what National Run for Office Day is about.

According to Run for Something, there are roughly 500,000 elected offices at the federal, state, and local levels across the United States.

Some go unfilled for lack of a candidate. More often, only one party bothers to recruit a candidate for that open office.

How do you think Republicans built their power? They didn’t just recruit candidates for Congress. They recruited candidates up and down the ballot, putting like-minded folks in power at every level and helping build a sort of farm team or minor leagues to prepare future candidates for bigger prizes.

You can do this. It’s not easy to run for office, but you can do it.

Consider Juli Briskman. Remember her? She was photographed flipping the bird at Trump’s motorcade in 2017, and lost her job as a result.

She subsequently ran for local office in Virginia and won. She’s serving now, as you read this.

Run for Something launched National Run for Office Day in 2017. You can celebrate it by:

Signing up with Run for Something to run for an elected office in your area, or researching the possibilities yourself.

Asking someone else to run. Double points if you ask a woman. In general, women must receive at least a half-dozen requests to run for office before they decide to do so.

Donating to Run for Something, which helps progressives run for state and local offices.

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