Call Your Two Senators About the Trial to Remove Trump, and Tell Them You Want Them to Vote for Removal

Call your two Senators about the trial to remove Trump, and ask them to do so when the time comes.

If you prefer to cut to the chase, scroll down to the bottom for the Senate calling script.

Within minutes of the House’s January 13, 2021 vote to impeach Trump a second time, GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released a statement that repeated that the earliest the removal trial could begin in the chamber would be Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

Link to McConnell’s statement: https://www.republicanleader.senate.gov/newsroom/press-releases/mcconnell-statement-on-senate-schedule-jan-2021

Well, it’s January 19. The Senate is back in session. Time to proceed with the removal trial.

Please call your two Senators and ask them to vote to remove Trump following his trial in the chamber. Then help friends and family call their Senators and make the same ask.

Find your Senators’ contact information here, and help others find the info for their Senators:


Before calling, check the social media feeds and/or websites of your two Senators. See what they’ve been saying about the removal trial. Take these comments, or the lack of comments, into consideration when you speak to a staffer.

Also check this Washington Post story, which tracks how each of the 100 Senators is leaning. As of January 16, a total of 20 opposed removal, 42 favored it, and 21, including three Democrats–Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and the two newly elected Georgia Senators, Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff–have yet to say anything in public on the matter.

“Dear Senator <Lastname>, I am <Firstname Lastname> from <town, state, zip code>. 

I am calling/emailing to support the effort to remove President Donald Trump.

I support this effort even if it proves impossible to remove him before his term of office ends.

It’s important to proceed with the trial to send a message to future presidents who might try to do the things Trump did on January 6.

I am asking you to support the removal trial, and I urge you to vote to remove Trump.

I’m also asking you to support holding a second vote to bar him from running for office, and asking you to vote in favor of barring him.

Trump has been an unspeakably irresponsible president. He should not be allowed to hold office ever again, anywhere in the United States.

Thanks for considering this request.”

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