Keep a Journal, Really, For Serious

Keep a journal, really, for serious.

We’ve asked you to keep a journal, and we’ve rerun the “keep a journal” piece more than once.

We’re asking you again, now, because history is important, and you’ve lived through a startling amount of it already.

We nudged you to keep a journal because your future grandkids and grandnieblings will ask you what these years were like.

But after January 6, 2021? It’s clear that damn near everyone who is not yet born will ask you to talk about the Trump years once they realize you lived through them.

This isn’t limited to family reminiscences anymore. Future historians want to know.

So. Get a pen and a blank journal, or start a blog, and start writing.

Record your thoughts and impressions. Be true to what you’ve seen and felt.

Do your level best to date your entries and to date encounters and events you participated in during the Trump years.

Don’t hold back for fear of sounding ungrammatical or because your spelling isn’t perfect. Just please get it out of your head and onto paper or into a saved document.

See our original “Keep a Journal” story:


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