Support Senator Mark Kelly When He Runs Again in 2022

Support Arizona Democratic Senator Mark Kelly when he runs again to defend his seat in 2022.

We at OTYCD asked you to support former astronaut Mark Kelly’s Senate bid in 2020. And hooray! He won.

Now here’s the bad news: Kelly won a special election to fill the remainder of the term of the late Senator John McCain. That’s why he was sworn in on November 30, 2020 rather than in January 2021 with the rest of the incoming and returning Senators.

(And yes, the possession of this seat over the six-year term is absurdly convoluted–McCain won it in 2016 and held it until he died; Jon Kyl accepted it on condition that he serve for only a few months; Martha McSally was appointed to succeed Kyl; and she subsequently ran against challenger Kelly and lost to him.)

Point being, Kelly must defend the Senate seat again in 2022. That’ll come up faster than any of us can imagine (or maybe you can; time went all weird during the Trump administration).

And you know the MAGAs are salty about Arizona going for Biden and Kelly. Extra-salty, in fact, which doesn’t help at all when you live in the desert and water is precious.

Point being, Kelly will be a target. The Rs will want to pick him off. We need to be ready to defend him.

Is Arizona your home state? Are you able to donate to Kelly on a monthly basis? Please do that. Remember that a small sum given consistently beats a huge sum that’s never repeated. Figure out what you can give on a monthly basis and stick to that amount.

Actblue link for Kelly: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/adopt-mark-kelly

Is Arizona your Swing State choice under the Home State, Swing State, Red State strategy? Keep Senator Mark Kelly at the top of your mind as you learn about Arizona and plot how to allocate your resources.

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