Stay Here and Carry On the Fight, Exhibit B, from @NeolithicSheep on Twitter

You’ve got to stay here and carry on the fight. Exhibit B in an ongoing series, this one drawn from @NeolithicSheep on Twitter.

Trump will go, but you must not. We said that many, many times before Trump was voted out of office. We’ve also literally asked you to Stay Here and Carry on the Fight.

Trump isn’t strictly gone, not yet. Even if he was gone, we’d still have Trumpism demanding our collective attention.

We at OTYCD trust that you all won’t be going back to sleep, and that you know the importance of getting rest and coming back. Everything took on greater urgency once the post-2020-election period made it clear that Trumpism had devolved into a direct threat to democracy itself.

We want to share a good Twitter thread, dated January 24, 2021, which bounced off a Chuck Wendig retweet. We won’t reproduce the Wendig retweet because it refers to a tweet by the Hawaii GOP, and we don’t want to amplify their message through repetition. Let’s just say Wendig highlighted the fact that the GOP has been hijacked by committed conspiracists and rejectors-of-reality.

The thread we want to highlight is by @NeolithicSheep. We will reproduce all the tweets in the thread:

So one reason I’m encouraging people to stay motivated and keep bugging the fuck out of their elected representatives is that political parties will tend to sway to the most motivated, loudest voters.

In the case of the GOP, well, we can see who that is. Those folks are a weird ass minority of the right wing but they’re loud and they’re passionate and they’re motivated so politicians have decided it’s better to roll with it.

If we’re gonna live under a goddamned representative democracy that means those of us who want policies that take care of the majority must also be loud and motivated. Politicians are not your friend.

We cannot assume that a Dem majority in govt will fix anything, but must be fucking loud and obnoxious.

You will notice however there have been no missions this weekend. That’s because we’re allowed to have down time, too. Do something joyful, friends. Renew yourselves. Tomorrow we’re back to shouting.

Also notable is a comment exchange on the thread:

@StonerDeveloper: Could have sworn it was the deepest pockets

@NeolithicSheep: The Q folks do not have deep pockets.

@NeolithicSheep is, of course, correct. Rest, come back, and keep calling your Members of Congress (MoCs). There are no off-years anymore, just less intense ones. Your voice matters, and its power is not limited by the size of your wallet. Stay in the fight. We need you.

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