See and Bookmark the Georgia Resources Page, a One Thing You Can Do Work-in-progress

See and bookmark the Georgia Resources Page, a One Thing You Can Do work-in-progress.

After drafting and publishing the “Home State, Swing State, Red State” strategy, we at OTYCD hit upon a strong but absurdly labor-intensive idea:

We want to assemble resource pages for all 50 states.

We want each state resource page to highlight established organizations that help register folks to vote and help build the infrastructure needed for Democratic candidates to win elections. If all that stuff is there, worked out and hammered into place before a good Democratic candidate announces a run, it improves the chances that the Democrat will win.

We want to give preference to organizations founded and run by people of color and women.

We also most emphatically invite you all to submit organizations for us to consider. These can be national organizations with state chapters or entities that only exist within the state, or a portion of the state.

They must be on the ground, live, right now in the state, doing the work of promoting and expanding the right to vote and smoothing the path for Democratic candidates to come.

We’ll build and publish pages as we gather enough material to fill them out, and we will update them periodically. (Unfortunately, we can’t promise we’ll complete all 50 before the 2022 cycle hits.)

We’re going to start with the Georgia Resources Page because we already have the info in hand from the two months we spent on promoting the Georgia Senate runoffs (which we won, and we’ll never stop enjoying the fact of that win).

If you have tips or leads for any state resource page, including Georgia, please email them to:

onethingyoucando @ gmail.com

…and we’ll give them a look-over.

The New Georgia Project encourages civic engagement among Georgians, and is a leader in helping them register to vote. See the New Georgia Project website


See the Link Tree for the New Georgia Project, which includes links that allow Georgians to check their voter registration, download the NGP app, and more:


See the New Georgia Project’s About page:


Donate to the New Georgia Project:


Like the New Georgia Project on Facebook:


Follow the New Georgia Project on Twitter:


Follow the New Georgia Project’s CEO, Nse Ufot:


One of the many endeavors of Black Voters Matter is registering people to vote. Georgia has been one of its target states.

See the website for Black Voters Matter:


See its Our Purpose page:


Donate to Black Voters Matter:


Like Black Votes Matter on Facebook:


Follow Black Votes Matter on Twitter:


Follow Black Votes Matter co-founder LaTosha Brown:


Fair Fight Action, launched by Georgia stalwart Stacey Abrams, definitely belongs on the Georgia resources page, don’t you think?

See the main website for Fair Fight Action

Donate to Fair Fight via ActBlue:


Like Fair Fight on Facebook:


Follow Fair Fight on Twitter:


Spread the Vote, an organization that helps prospective voters obtain identification documents they need in order to cast a ballot, has a branch in Georgia. See the Georgia page on the Spread the Vote website:


This comes to OTYCD via @renay, and it was originally tweeted by @MalaikaJabali. It is a Google Doc listing relevant groups in Georgia that are lead by people of color, created by They See Blue Georgia. (Some are repeats of orgs mentioned elsewhere in this post, and, fair warning, we haven’t had a chance to vet some of the groups):


Liberal Moms of Roswell and Cobb launched in 2015 and remains active in Roswell and Cobb counties in Georgia. We wrote about them way back when Jon Ossoff ran for an open House of Representatives seat in Georgia’s 6th District in 2017. Check ’em out!

Visit the LMRC web page:


Donate to LMRC:


Purchase from the LMRC online shop (profits benefit the org):


Like its Facebook page:


Follow LMRC on Twitter:


And then, of course, there’s the Democratic Party of Georgia–the official arm of the party in the state.

See the Democratic Party of Georgia website:


See its Voter Protection page:

See its Take Action page:

See its merch page:


Donate to the Democratic Party of Georgia:

Like it on Facebook:


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