Call Your Two Senators About How They Voted in Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial, February 14, 2021 Edition

Call your two Senators about how they voted in the final phase of Trump’s second Impeachment trial.

While Trump is on trial in the Senate, we at OTYCD ask you to call your Senators daily and voice support for proceedings, and for convicting him of the single count of inciting insurrection.

On Saturday, the Democrats won a vote to call witnesses in the trial.

Rather than call a slate of people to appear in person for questioning under oath, the Democrats limited themselves to reading into the record a statement made by GOP House Rep Jaime Herrera Butler, on her discussion with GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about a conversation he had with Trump on January 6, while the Insurrection played out.

She cited the conversation in her January 12, 2021 statement on why she voted to impeach, which you can see here:


She reiterated the statement via a tweeted screenshot on February 12, 2021, which we are reproducing here:

Once this was accomplished, the trial entered closing arguments.

The Senate voted on Trump’s fate that afternoon.

As expected, Trump was acquitted. Because the chamber has 100 Senators, all of whom serve as jurors during an Impeachment trial, a total of 67 “yes” votes were needed for a conviction

All the Democrats and Independents voted to convict. Seven Republicans voted to convict as well. They are:

Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania (who has already announced that he won’t run again in 2022)

Bill Cassidy of Louisiana (who showed a surprising and welcome ability to change his mind in this context)

Richard Burr of North Carolina (who announced way back in 2016 that he would not run again)

Susan Collins of Maine

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

Ben Sasse of Nebraska

Mitt Romney of Utah

The last call we’re asking you to make on this matter focuses on how your Senators voted.

For this action, you should call your Senators only.

Once you have called your Senators, please ask friends and family to call theirs and ask them to vote to remove.

Before placing your call, please check the social media feeds and press release sections of your Senators’ websites to see what they’ve said, or failed to say, about the trial. Google their names as well, just in case one or both made a statement that hasn’t received a ton of attention.

Find your Senators’ contact information, and help others find their Senators’ information, here:


Sample script:

“Hello Senator [Lastname], I am [Firstname Lastname] from [town, state, and giving your zip code helps too].

I am calling about the recently concluded Senate trial of Donald Trump.

[If one or both of your Senators voted on Saturday to convict: I see that you voted to convict Trump on the single count of incitement to insurrection. Thank you. I appreciate this vote. It was the right thing to do.]

[If one or both of your Senators voted on Saturday against conviction: I see that you voted against convicting Trump in the Impeachment trial that concluded yesterday. To say that I am disappointed in you doesn’t cover it. Failing to convict Trump, as you just did, exposes our nation and its democracy to great danger. I hope it doesn’t prove to be mortal danger. I will remember this vote and I will hold it in mind if you run for re-election.]

Thank you for taking my call.”

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