Read Stacey Abrams’s Washington Post Editorial on How to Revive American Democracy

Read Stacey Abrams’s Washington Post editorial on how to revive American democracy.

This piece seems to have gotten overlooked or buried, probably because, among other things, the second Senate Impeachment trial of Trump started soon after the newspaper published it. We at OTYCD wanted to bring it to your attention, in case you missed it.

The Washington Post ran Abrams’s Op-Ed on February 7, 2021. The full headline is Opinion: Stacey Abrams: Our democracy faced a near-death experience. Here’s how to revive it. Abrams does not literally include the complete phrase “our democracy faced a near-death experience” in the text of the piece, but she says something similar toward the end, and that’s a fair summation of her argument.

Abrams calls for “going big” by making these changes:

Overhauling the Senate filibuster.

Passing three bills that would protect and expand voting rights, and constrain future presidents who act as if they are above the law: the For the People Act; the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act; and the Protecting Our Democracy Act.

Granting statehood to Washington, D.C., as its representative has requested, and “binding self-determination” to Puerto Rico.

See the Stacey Abrams Washington Post Op-Ed from February 7, 2021:


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