Support Sandra “Candy” Christophe’s Bid to Win a March 2021 Special Election to Congress from Louisiana

Support Sandra “Candy” Christophe’s bid to win a March 2021 special election to Congress from Louisiana.

Congressional special elections are always worth your time. Elections to the House of Representatives have taken on extra importance following the November 2020 contest. The Democrats hold the chamber by a narrow margin. We need to pursue any and every opportunity to widen that margin.

The COVID-19 death of Republican Luke Letlow before he could be sworn in for his first term created an opening in Louisiana’s 5th District. Nine Republicans and two Independents stepped forward, but Christophe was the lone Democrat to join the race before the January 22 filing deadline.

Christophe has a shot if she can muster enough Democratic support. The primary is non-partisan. If one candidate attracts more than 50 percent of the vote, that person wins. If no candidate earns more than 50 percent, the top two advance to a runoff.

If Democrats unite behind Christophe, she could force a runoff.

The nonpartisan primary will take place on March 20, 2021, and the general election is set for April 24, 2021.

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