See Cool New Voting-themed Rubber Stamps You Can Use to Make #PostcardstoVoters. Plus! Win This “I Voted” Stamp!

*Now for a bit of fun: See cool new voting-themed rubber stamps you can use to make #postcardstovoters.

Ages ago we pointed you to Rubber Hedgehog, which offers several dozen rubber stamps with voting and election themes.

We at OTYCD–Sarah Jane in particular–love rubber stamps. Loved ’em before Tony the Democrat launched #postcardstovoters and we love them more now.

Rubber Hedgehog’s stuff remains excellent and OTYCD‘s endorsement is unchanged. But we have a few more shops to point you toward.

Snigglesloth’s astonishingly wide range of rubber stamps includes a few that the Postcards to Voters crowd will find useful. Pictured are its VOTE stamp and five peg stamps depicting the back of an envelope, a wave, the United States in silhouette, the phase “Remember This” with an arrow, and the word “VOTE!” in all caps with an exclamation point.

See the Snigglesloth shop on Etsy:


Printed Heron offers several word stamps in the style of elements from the Periodic Table. Sarah Jane asked it to make one that said “VOTe”, combining the elements Vanadium, Oxygen, and Tellurium to yield the word. And lo! Printed Heron made it!

The VOTe stamp isn’t pictured at the Printed Heron Etsy shop, but it is available for selection from the drop-down menu on the Periodic Table Word Stamps page:

Also see the main Etsy page for Printed Heron:

Viva Las VegaStamps has THE BEST and the funkiest, most fun rubber stamp selection in the history of ever. Sarah Jane asked it to create a stamp of an “I Voted” sticker, and a stylized “VOTE” stamp, and it granted her wish:

In fact, Viva Las VegaStamps ran with the idea and created a full plate of voting, election, and patriotic-themed images (check out the smiling face of Joe Biden!):


Here’s a direct link to the “I Voted” sticker rubber stamp:


…and a direct link to the “VOTE” rubber stamp:


…and a direct link to the rubber stamp of Joe Biden’s grinning face:


Lastly, the main website for Viva Las VegaStamps (be prepared to lose an afternoon to looking through the online catalog):


The headline of this story mentioned that you could win a Viva Las VegaStamps “I Voted” sticker rubber stamp.

Indeed! We at OTYCD have an extra to give away! (Because Sarah Jane accidentally ordered two.)

To win, we’re asking you to email us at:

onethingyoucando @ gmail.com

… and tell us what you think of the site. Specifically, we want to know which stories you liked best, and why. We’d also like to know how usable you find the site (we had some issues in the past with links showing up in unreadably pale yellow, which we have since fixed), and would like to hear of any suggestions you might have.

We’ll keep the contest open for at least three months from the original publication date of this story, and we will post an update to announce the winner.

This might go without saying but in case it isn’t, the winner needs to be comfortable giving us a street address to which we can mail the rubber stamp.

Thanks all! And thanks in advance for sending your feedback on One Thing You Can Do.

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*Neither Sarah Jane nor anyone at OTYCD was paid to write this post. We’re just fans of Snigglesloth, Printed Heron, and Viva Las VegaStamps, and we think others in the postcard-writing army would appreciate knowing about these resources.