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In the wake of the attack on the Capitol building, many American corporations paused or outright stopped donating to the Republican party.

Judd Legum (@JuddLegum on Twitter), a lawyer and a self-taught journalist who made his reputation by founding ThinkProgress in 2005, has published several stories that note and track these corporate moves.

We at OTYCD have yet to see any other journalist attend to this matter with the detail and depth that Legum has. And it definitely needs attention. Without constant influxes of cash, the GOP will be hobbled. Given their behavior during and after the January 6, Insurrection, they deserve to be hobbled.

Since the attack–and information is still coming to light, none of which reflects well on Trump–Republicans have dithered on recognizing, never mind punishing, sitting Congresspeople who helped set the stage for the incident, which killed five, including a member of law enforcement.

A total of 147 of them voted to overturn the 2020 election results after living through the January 6 Insurrection. (We listed them by name, district, and next re-election date here:


All the House members in that group of 147, plus another 50, voted against impeaching Trump on a single count of incitement to insurrection. We covered them in this story:


The only reprimands the GOP has pursued have been against the few party members who supported the second Impeachment. Liz Cheney, the third most-powerful Republican in the House of Representatives, faced and defeated an effort to remove her from leadership. Several state GOP organizations have censured sitting representatives in both chambers for attempting to hold Trump accountable.

Court actions against the insurrectionists and against Trump himself should keep the events of January 6, 2021 in the news for months to come. Many of those stories are likely to rumble in the background rather than dominate the news cycle.

Corporations that once gave to Republicans must not be allowed to resume donations without getting loud, clear, and immediate pushback from consumers.

As of now, Judd Legum is the best source of news on what the various corporations are doing.

While he offers much good information, Legum has not built a resource along the lines of the now-defunct #GrabYourWallet database of companies that directly or indirectly put money in the pockets of Trump and his children. FWIW, we at OTYCD do not have the bandwidth to begin and maintain a #GrabYourWallet-like database that tracks corporations that have paused or stopped giving to the GOP. We invite anyone who does have the spare capacity to create such a resource to please, please do so.

Please support Judd Legum’s reporting on corporate donations to the GOP, and please (politely!) send messages of protest to any company that resumes donating to the party or continues to cut checks to it.

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