Boycott Amazon from March 7 (Today!) to March 13 to Support Workers’ Efforts to Unionize [Edited March 7 to Include More Info]

Boycott Amazon from Sunday, March 7, 2021 (today!) to Saturday, March 13 to show support for Amazon workers’ efforts to unionize at a warehouse in Alabama.

The 5,800 employees at Amazon’s warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama are attempting to unionize. To say that Amazon is fighting their efforts tooth and nail doesn’t really capture the breadth and depth of it. They’re fighting like you’d expect a behemoth like Amazon would fight–so relentlessly and completely as to be ridiculous.

Cites for Amazon being relentlessly and completely ridiculous:


The pro-union efforts have drawn the support of some heavy-hitters. Stacey Abrams released a video on February 20, 2021 that urged the unionizers to carry through, and President Joe Biden tweeted his own video on March 1, 2021 that clearly and unambiguously lauded the right to join a union.

Cites for Stacey Abrams:


Cites for President Biden:


The vote on whether to form a union or not is being conducted by mail-in balloting. The voting window opened on February 8 and vote-counting will begin on March 30.

In the meantime, supporters of the union are asking people to show their support by boycotting Amazon for the better part of a week–from Sunday, March 7 (today) through Friday, March 13.

To be specific, they’re asking us all to stop using Amazon, Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime’s video streaming services, and any other Amazon products, such as its Echo speakers, during those dates.

Below are links to stories about the Amazon boycott:



We at OTYCD are asking you, in turn, to please boycott Amazon and its assorted services over those days.

You can also boost the #BoycottAmazon hashtag on social media.

Oh! And follow the Twitter handle for the union efforts at the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama:


It’s also using the hashtag #BAmazonUnion.

And see the website for the union effort:


The larger union that’s helping the Bessemer, Alabama efforts is the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union (RWDSU). Its Twitter handle is:


The union’s website is:


Now, we understand that some of you aren’t in a position to fulfill this request, or can’t honor it with rigid and unwavering faith. [And yeah, we get that our timing for this story isn’t great, what with leaving you all no time whatsoever to plan. We first heard about the boycott on the evening of March 6 and pushed our publication schedule around to make room for it. Apologies.] Maybe you live in a super-rural area. Maybe Amazon is the only thing making life possible during the pandemic.

Please, do what you can, to the extent that you can. A 95 percent boycott is better than no boycott at all.

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