Believe It: You Matter, Part XXII; Don’t Go to Sleep

Believe It: You Matter, Part XXII; Don’t Go to Sleep.

OTYCD first posted this story in July 2020. We’re rerunning it now as a reminder to stay engaged.

I’m Sarah Jane. I write all the Believe It: You Matter entries. Another reason we’re rerunning this one now is I am slowly coming to accept that yes, really, Trump is no longer the president.

As each week passes with Biden in office, and not Trump… Well, it feels as if I’ve had my hands curled into fists for four years straight, and my fingers are slowly unfurling and separating. I’m regaining functions I forgot I had.

The shift is proceeding slowly, and for sure, the COVID-19 safeguards are making it go more slowly than it might otherwise. But it’s happening. I don’t trust it completely, and I’m not sure how to adjust to it. I’m still figuring that out.

I know I don’t need to grind as hard and as fiercely as I did mere months ago. I know I need to let myself catch up on rest that I put off when things were extra-nuts. I know I need to keep fighting Trump and Trumpism, and I know I need to stay in shape, as that applies to civic engagement and whatnot.

Anyway. If you feel like you’re in a weird place with your activism, you aren’t alone. The story we’re reposting might help you figure out how to move ahead, or continue to move ahead.

Read Believe It: You Matter, Part XXII; Don’t Go to Sleep (and be warned that I swear a fair amount):


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