Support Lawyer Marc Elias and Democracy Docket

Support lawyer Marc Elias and Democracy Docket.

In the run-up to the 2020 election, we at OTYCD didn’t have time to devote stand-alone stories to organizations and individuals that deserve a showcase. A happy, welcome side effect of Biden’s election is things are not nearly as crazy now, and we can write and queue pieces that trumpet people who are doing vital work.

Lawyer Marc Elias deserves your attention. We at OTYCD cited and retweeted him constantly on the blog’s Twitter account (@OneThingYCD) from Labor Day 2020 through early January, and continue to do so.

As a partner in Perkins Coie and the leader of its political law group, he defended the right to vote in America, and defended the integrity of Joe Biden’s electoral victory against at least 63 lawsuits brought by Trump and his minions. (Only one of Team Trump’s actions succeeded, and that was a relatively minor one that didn’t bear on his ceaseless, baseless claims that the election had been rigged or tainted by voter fraud. That victory was ultimately overturned.)

Cites on the Trump lawsuits: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-election_lawsuits_related_to_the_2020_United_States_presidential_election

In March 2020, Elias launched Democracy Docket, a website that discussed, tracked, and detailed court cases that had the potential to reshape the way elections and voting happen in America.

Democracy Docket became a vital resource for learning what the heck was going on during an intense election year that was affected by a pandemic. How can I cast a ballot by mail without using the United States Postal Service? How can I cure my ballot? What are my rights as a voter? DD was on top of it, whatever it was.

Trump’s nuclear-level sore loser behavior has kept Elias and DD busy in the months since November. Republicans are aggressively pursuing bills that would hamstring voting rights on the state level. Elias and his colleagues are watching, and they stand ready to fight back.

Cites on Republicans aggressively pursuing bills that squelch voting rights:




We at OTYCD urge you all to follow Elias and Democracy Docket on Twitter, visit the Democracy Docket website often, subscribe to its newsletter, and donate to their efforts if you can afford it. Elias and in particular, Democracy Docket, rank among the most valuable resources we’ve come across.

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