Learn If You Have Local Off-Year Elections

Learn if you have local off-year elections.

Is 2021 an off-year for elections? That might not be true for you on the local level.

When we say “the local level”, we mean elected offices such as the mayor, city council members, planning board, school board, and the like.

Finding out what’s going on is harder than finding out what’s going on at the federal and the state level. You have to look to local resources, and local resources will vary. It will require some work on your part.

You can find out by searching the archives of your local newspaper for phrases such as “2019 <city or town name> election” and see if results come back.

You can try calling the electoral office at your city or town hall or pulling up its website.

Your municipal library’s help desk might be able to tell you, too.

Check the directory at Run for Something, searching on your home state, and see what comes back:


If you have no off-year elections in 2021, consider getting involved with Democratic candidates for the state legislatures in Virginia or New Jersey.

And if you do have elections? You know what to do.

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