TODAY is the FEC Q1 Deadline–Donate to Your Favorite 2022 Candidates Before Midnight

Today is the Federal Election Commission (FEC) Q1 deadline–donate to your favorite 2022 candidates before midnight.

During previous electoral cycles, OTYCD readers learned about the power and importance of FEC quarterly deadlines.

The numbers represent temperature checks on candidates for office. Good numbers launch a virtuous cycle that attract additional big-dollar donors to commit based on the quarterly fundraising reports.

Why draw your attention to the Q1 2021 deadline? Because traditionally, midterm elections have gone against the party of the sitting president. Congressional chambers flip in midterms.

As you read this, Democrats have a single-digit seat advantage in the House of Representatives and hold the Senate by virtue of having Vice President Kamala Harris available to cast a tie-breaking vote.

Yes, you should rest more this year than you did in 2020, a year that allowed little rest at all. But this is not an electoral off-year. With Trumpism far from dead, there’s no such thing. There are no more off-years, only less-intense years.

If you’ve built out your Core Four Plus for 2022 as much as you can, please consider making a donation to your chosen candidates, or making an additional booster donation before midnight.

If you can’t afford to donate to candidates right now, signal boost the Q1 donation deadline on social media and encourage others to give to solid Democratic incumbents and challengers.

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