See the One Thing You Can Do Landing Page for Stories on Tony the Democrat and Postcards to Voters

See the One Thing You Can Do landing page for our stories on Tony the Democrat and the Postcards to Voters movement.

One of the earliest topics that OTYCD devoted multiple stories to is Tony the Democrat and the Postcards to Voters movement.

Launched in March 2017, it opened a new avenue for activism–helping elect Democrats at all levels through hand-written postcards sent to Democratic voters to nudge them to cast a ballot in state, local, and special elections.

A lot has happened since March 2017, both on OTYCD and in the world. We rarely write about individual Postcards to Voters campaigns these days, particularly now that Tony the Democrat has a fully fledged Postcards to Voters website.

But we thought we’d create a landing page for past OTYCD stories on Tony the Democrat and Postcards to Voters that are still valid.

Please keep in mind: Postcard stamps now cost 36 cents apiece. We amended the old stories to reflect this but wanted to mention it here as well, just in case.

Sponsor those who write GOTV postcards for Tony the Democrat:


Recruit writers in person for Tony the Democrat’s Postcards to Voters campaign:


For old times’ sake, here’s the first-ever OTYCD story on a Postcards to Voters campaign:


See the Postcards to Voters homepage:


See its Volunteer page to learn how to join the postcard-writing army:


See its Results page to learn how its candidates have performed:


Purchase postcards from Postcards to Voters:


Order 36-cent stamps from the United States Postal Service (USPS):


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