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The OTYCD motto: We won’t make you mad without giving you the tools to fight back.


The election of Donald Trump calls for action. But where to start? There’s so much to push back against. It’s overwhelming. One Thing You Can Do features a daily action item that you can pursue. You don’t have to stop at one thing, but it’s certainly a start.


New OTYCD posts go up between 6 am and 9 am EST on weekdays, and between 8 am and 10 am EST on weekend days.


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OTYCD exists to help you focus. It attempts to select the most effective thing you can do that day to push back against Trump. If you think today’s action item is not the most effective thing you can do, that’s fine. Go to ‘Want to Do More?’ for links and resources where you can find other suggestions for things you can do.


You might also see posts on topics that you heard about days or weeks or even months ago, and already know about. That’s okay. A lot has happened since the election. It’s easy to miss or forget about some of these things. If you’re already familiar with that day’s subject matter, check the ‘Want to Do More?’ page instead.


Weekday OTYCD posts are more likely to ask you to call your members of Congress or other government reps, because that’s when human beings are on hand to answer phones (you can of course call after hours and leave a voice mail message). Weekend OTYCD posts are more likely to ask you to read something, plan strategy, or consider an act that you don’t have to complete that day to be effective.


This blog got started because people close to the Ur-founders asked them to come up with “bite-size daily action items” for pushing back against Trump. The Ur-founders, being professional writers, embraced the challenge. They can’t remember when they took the next step and launched a blog built on these bite-size daily action items, but best as they can tell, it was January 7, 2017. They’ve put out at least one new post a day, every day, since then. They carousel older posts that are evergreen or still valid.