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Save This Tool: It’s Time to Fight

Got another brilliant tool for you all to save and cherish. It’ll also appear on the Tool Box page soon.

It’s Time to Fight is goddamn excellent. Written by a political staffer who prefers to remain anonymous, it’s one-stop shopping for when you’re looking for more than one thing you can do. Want time-sensitive actions? It’s got em. Longer-term stuff? Yep. Forgot who your members of Congress are? It’s Time to Fight will help you find them.

Go here, click on what looks good to you, and start fighting:

Bookmark it. Visit it often. And follow the author on twitter: @Celeste_pewter

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Want to Do More Than One Thing?

One Thing You Can Do‘s purpose is to help you focus. It gives you one thing you can do, every day, to push back against Trump. One thing. Every day.

So you’ve done the one thing, but you want to do more. What next?

Here are recommendations for groups, mailing lists, blogs, and other entities that will give you more things to do.

The list is not comprehensive, and it’s not meant to be. Nor is it closed. Everything is OTYCD-approved. The blog relies on many of these sources when seeking and researching subjects for future posts.


Rogan’s List blog (

Susan Rogan will keep you as busy as you want to be. The retired university librarian’s blog gives you more than a dozen useful nuggets of information per day, from actions to tools to organizations to join, and more. Are you extra-eager to do more? Start here. The newest daily tends to go live around 9 am EST.


Flippable (

Flippable’s goal is to turn state and federal offices blue, one electoral race at a time. Its email list sends out one message per week that contains several action items. It’s especially good for learning about upcoming elections in state legislatures.


Movement to Oppose Trump (

The multi-talented Michael Skolnik releases a weekly action email with the does-just-what-it-says-on-the-box title Movement to Oppose Trump. It’s a smorgasboard of calls to action, pieces to read, resistance resources, upcoming events, social media accounts to follow, donations to make, finished with a music suggestion (late in January 2017, he pointed to Tupac’s Keep Ya Head Up).


Weekly Resistance to Trump (’

This web site sends a weekly email that recommends an action to take and a donation to make.


Wall-of-Us (

Another good site that produces a weekly email containing several action items.


While it’s not the most important thing you can do to push back against Trump, it’s certainly amusing to follow @HalfOnionInABag on Twitter. It’s just that–half an onion in a bag. Its goal is to get more followers than Donald Trump to show that having a big honking Twitter audience really doesn’t mean all that much if half an onion in a bag can meet or beat Trump’s.

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Follow Your Congressional Reps on Social Media

Are you active on social media, even a little bit? Are you thinking about signing on?

Please follow the pages and accounts of your Congressional representatives.

Pull up the web pages of your three Congressional reps–your two senators and your house rep. Social media platform logos tend to show up at the top of the home page or the bottom. If they’re not there, try the Contact page.

Most members of Congress are on Facebook and Twitter. If they’re on other platforms and you want to follow them there, go right ahead. But don’t feel like you must follow them on every platform. Do what makes sense for you.

If any of your reps are not on social media, or aren’t on the platform you like best, call their offices and ask them to join. You can bet there’s an intern or entry-level staffer who’s been chewing the rep’s ear off, trying to make their case. If enough constituents call to ask them to get on social media, or on a specific platform, that might change their minds.

Following your reps on social media is worth it. It keeps you up to date on what they’re saying and doing, and lets you know when they might appear at an event happening near you. It lets you show your support for them. And it helps move toward a world in which members of Congress take messages that arrive through social media as seriously as requests that come over the phone or through postal mail.

But don’t forget that for now (early 2017), social media is the least effective way to speak to your reps. If you need to ask your members of Congress to do something, use the phone. Do not use social media. Your message will not get through to them.

If you’re not on social media at all, consider signing up to follow your reps. You can have a private account on Twitter, and you can keep strict privacy settings on your Facebook page.

If you’re not on social media at all and have no wish to be, sign up for their e-newsletters and postal mailings instead, if you haven’t already. You should be able to do this through their web sites.


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Learn from Al Franken, Giant of the Senate

Learn from Al Franken, giant of the Senate, by reading his new book of the same name.

Editorial note, December 1, 2017. We wrote this post well before the assorted allegations came out against Franken. The whole thing is weird and foul. His second apology for what turned out to be the first allegation was strong, and we support his call for an ethics investigation of himself. We continue to follow developments. Regardless, Franken’s book is good, and people who are pondering the idea of running for office have much to gain from it. We stand by our recommendation of Giant of the Senate. Original text follows.

This is the book we need right now, for several reasons. Franken shows how a smart, passionate person who never in a million years dreamed of becoming a United States senator finds himself well into his second term.

Actually, let’s correct that. He doesn’t “find himself well into his second term.” He had to work like a dog crossed with a mule to get elected, and then he had to work some more, and the work has never let up. He made big sacrifices. He suffered. His family suffered. He made mistakes. He still makes mistakes. And it’s all worth it.

In this book, Franken shows how a human being becomes a Senator. He does this with ample humor and blistering honesty. And he takes away one more excuse that’s stopping you from getting more involved with politics, and staying involved once you do.

So, go get a copy. Go read it. And pay special attention to the end of the book. Page 382-383 has the advice you all need. To sum up, he says:

Keep showing up and keep speaking out.

Keep being a pain in the butt, including to me. (But don’t accost him in the airport, please. He means carry on calling, emailing, and writing letters.)

Become an advocate for a cause that matters to you.

Keep your head up.

And while, technically, this isn’t giving away the end of the book because another chapter follows, we’re going to quote from page 385, which might be the most important page:

“But even if you don’t run for office, in order to be part of determining what our shared future looks like, you have to be willing to give up things like time and energy and money. You have to be willing to tolerate a seemingly endless stream of injustices and disappointments. You have to endure an overwhelming amount of noise and nonsense. And the worst part is, you’re not guaranteed a return on your investment.

That’s why, even on the good days, politics is hard. And on the bad days, it can feel downright futile. I’ve had some of those bad days since I started this journey… but I have a feeling that the worst days of my political career are still ahead.

I’m sure there will be moments over the next few years where I’ll wish I was back at Saturday Night Live, laughing like crazy in a room full of my best friends, or even just hanging out with my grandkids and giving my brain a break from the constant stream of noise that passes for our political discourse.

But I’ll tell you this: I’m glad I’m here.

And I’m glad you’re here, too.”


Order Al Franken, Giant of the Senate:




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Pretend You Are On a Deserted Island

News of high crimes and misdemeanors is coming thick and fast, but the lawyers need time to build their case. Hang in there, and pace yourself.

The fourth estate, in particular marquee papers such as the Washington Post and the New York Times, have stepped up and delivered, over and over, with the help of appalled and willing leakers. So many bombshell revelations have hit the Trump administration it’s a wonder it’s still standing.

Trump is doomed, and he has only himself to blame. He entered office eligible for impeachment, due to his utterly inadequate attempts to satisfy the Emoluments clause of the Constitution. We now know his most trusted team members, Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner, were thoroughly entangled in dark doings with Russia. Trump fired FBI Director James Comey and admitted, point blank, in a television interview that he did it to try to stop the #TrumpRussia investigation. Comey claims that during a January dinner, Trump tried to get him to pledge his loyalty to him, and he rightly refused.

Any one of those things should sink him. The wheels of justice seem to turn agonizingly slow–and indeed, they do, by design. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, the lawyers have to carefully and meticulously build their case.

A good way to get through this weird patch of American history is to pretend you are stranded on a deserted island.

The world knows your ship sank, and knows where it went down. Rescue is coming, but not today, and not next week.

Sure, it makes sense to spell out ‘Help’ on the beach and try to wave down passing planes and ships. (For which read: Demanding an independent #TrumpRussia investigation, demanding investigations into Trump’s ethics violations, and generally demanding that your MoCs keep the heat on and do their jobs.)

But you can’t count on those things paying off immediately, or at all. In the meantime, you need to learn to the lay of the land, and you need to do the hard work of keeping yourself alive. (For which read: Everything else you can do to push back against Trump, from supporting Democrats and non-lunatic Republicans in special elections, petitioning your MoCs on other critical matters, fighting voter suppression, joining marches and protests, you name it.)

And when you can, you should give yourself a few hours off from the hard work of survival and lie on your pretty little beach and sip coconut milk. Self-care is key, and should not be neglected.

Hang in there.

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Buy Hillary Clinton’s Book. Buy It a Lot. Buy It Some More. Give It to Friends. Do So Knowing It’ll Annoy the Crap Out of Her Enemies.

Buy Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book, What Happened. Buy it in multiple forms–hardback, Kindle, audiobook. Give it to friends. Give it as gifts. Do so knowing it’ll annoy the crap out of her enemies.

As we prepare this blog post, What Happened is not yet out (its official release date is September 12, 2017). Some advance reviews and other forms of coverage are out, though, and some of them are pretty damned insulting.

A September 9 piece in the New York Times Sunday Review section starts, “What’s to be done with Hillary Clinton, the woman who won’t go away?” Really? Did anyone ask that of Al Gore, or John Kerry, or John McCain, or Mitt Romney?

And of course, those who have made careers out of hating and fearing Clinton are spinning up in anticipation of feasting on her account of the 2016 election.

We at OTYCD hadn’t even considered doing a post on What Happened until our Twitter feed started to fill with anti-Clinton nonsense. That changed our collective tune.

Let’s be clear–we know it’s about the 2016 election. We know Clinton wrote it, and she’s written half a dozen other books, so it probably won’t suck. But we don’t know what’s in it beyond what the media has reported.

That said? We are asking you to consider buying the book if you can, paying full retail. If your budget allows, buy more than one copy and give the extras away as gifts. If you’re in a book club, float it as a future choice.

If you can’t buy the book, reserve a copy at your library. Even if the waiting list is ludicrously long, add your name to it anyway. If demand is strong enough, your library will have to consider buying more copies.

Getting behind What Happened is a great way to flip the bird at all the assholes who’ve been spouting bullshit about Clinton for decades, and a great way to show support for Clinton herself. As of September 10, two days before its release, What Happened was already a best-seller, and the What Happened book tour was sold out at many stops. We expect tour tickets will sell out completely by the time this post goes live. People are already showing strong, fierce interest in this book. Please consider joining them.


Order What Happened from independent bookstores:


Read advance coverage of What Happened:

And hey, are you following Hillary Clinton on Twitter? No? How about you fix that?


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Make Sure You’re Registered To Vote

Are you registered to vote? Are you sure? Go to and double check.

Select your state from the drop-down menu at Can I Vote?, which is a non-partisan web site created by the National Association of Secretaries of State.

The site will route you to the relevant web page for your home state government, which will let you check your voter registration status.

Bookmark this web site for 2018 and have it ready to give out to friends who might need it.

Visit it here: