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Donate to Help Puerto Rico, Still Reeling from Hurricane Maria, and Google Will Match It, Up to $2 Million

Donate to Google’s effort to aid charities that help Puerto Rico, which is still recovering from Hurricane Maria, and the company will match it up to $2 million.


When Hurricane Maria hit in September 2017, it utterly devastated the island of Puerto Rico. It destroyed a huge number of homes, it took out the power grid, and it was deadly–killing many more than the official government tally reflects.


The 2018 hurricane season started on June 1, and Puerto Rico is still nowhere near whole.


On June 8, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, who has Puerto Rican ancestry and  tirelessly advocated for the island even before Hurricane Maria, tweeted about a fresh effort to help:


Okay, here’s the deal: You give whatever you can spare. ‘s gonna match ALL YOUR donations up to $2 Million. It ALL goes to recovery relief for small businesses in Puerto Rico, via & Presente? Presente.


The link led to a Google webpage with the title, Together, We Can Help Puerto Rico Recover, and a donate button at the top right:


The two main beneficiaries are Mercy Corps, which has worked with José Andrés’s World Central Kitchen to feed island residents, and the Hispanic Federation, which through its UNIDOS program has distributed funds to as many as 70 island non-profits. Both organizations have done much more to help Puerto Rico than what’s described here; scroll down for individual information on each.


There’s no limit on the number of donations you can make, but Google will stop matching after the $2 million mark is reached. If you scroll down on the main page, you’ll see a FAQ that should cover most questions you’re likely to have.


Here, again, is the main webpage for the Google effort for Puerto Rico:



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Here’s the main website for Mercy Corps:



Here’s Mercy Corps’s page on its efforts in Puerto Rico:



Here’s its story about working with José Andrés’s World Central Kitchen:



Like Mercy Corps on Facebook:



Follow it on Twitter:




See the Hispanic Federation’s page on the UNIDOS program for Puerto Rico:



Like the Hispanic Federation on Facebook:



Follow it on Twitter:




Follow Lin-Manuel Miranda on Twitter:




Read stories about Puerto Rico, nine months out from Hurricane Maria:



Read the original New England Journal of Medicine story that estimates that 70 times more Puerto Ricans died in and from Hurricane Maria than the official government estimate of 64:



Also read a June 1, 2018 Washington Post story that clarifies and provides nuance about the estimated death toll:



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Follow Sally Yates and Preet Bharara on Twitter

This OTYCD entry originally posted in October 2017.

Follow Sally Yates and Preet Bharara on Twitter.

Yates, the former Deputy Attorney General joined Twitter late in June. We at OTYCD have been looking for ways to support her. Following her is a good place to start.


Here’s her handle:



And here’s what she linked to in her first tweet, her Washington Post op-ed, called Making America Scared Again Won’t Make Us Safer:


Also, check out who she’s following. Cool people and entities lurk therein:


It won’t shock you to learn that one of the select few Yates follows is Preet Bharara, former U.S. Attorney General for New York. He was active on Twitter before Trump fired him and he updated his Twitter bio to tout that credential. His feed is smart, nimble, and pointed.


His Twitter handle is:


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Read Chuck Wendig’s Epic Advice for Our Rotten Era and Stay Inspired

This piece originally appeared on OTYCD in January 2018. 


Read Ways to Stay Motivated in This Shit-shellacked Era of Epic Stupid, an especially fine and useful blog post by author Chuck Wendig.


Our apologies–We at OTYCD missed this when Wendig first posted it in July 2017. It’s still shimmeringly brilliant and just as vital now.


The kinda NSFW title captures the soul-stirring nature of the kinda NSFW advice, which has been dispensed before and will be dispensed again, but Wendig does it better than most.


Not gonna spoil it. Just go read it:



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Here also is the main page for Wendig’s blog, Terrible Minds:



You can also read some of Wendig’s stories for free:



And buy his spiffy merch:



And follow him on Twitter:


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Follow Legal Expert Renato Mariotti on Twitter And Support His Campaign To Be Illinois’s Attorney General (Update April 8, 2018)

This OTYCD entry originally posted in November 2017.


Update, April 8, 2018: Mariotti did not win the Democratic primary for the state attorney general post. We at One Thing You Can Do thank him for running.


Follow legal expert Renato Mariotti on Twitter, and support his campaign to serve as Illinois’s next attorney general. 


When something happens in Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation, Mariotti, a formal federal prosecutor, tweets solid explanations that are blessedly light on jargon.


He’s quick on the draw, his takes make sense, and he’s careful to acknowledge when he’s forming an educated guess.


Since becoming a Twitter sage and a go-to legal expert for television shows, Mariotti has announced his candidacy for Illinois Attorney General. The election takes place in 2018. (Lisa Madigan, the Democratic incumbent, has decided not to run for a fifth term.) He faces six others in the Democratic primary. Please support his efforts.



See Mariotti’s campaign website:



Follow him on Twitter:




See his ‘Meet Renato’ page:



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Like him on Facebook:



Donate to his campaign:



Read an October 2017 Politico piece on Mariotti declaring his candidacy:

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Support Striking Teachers in West Virginia

Support the state-wide teacher’s strike in West Virginia by donating to a GoFundMe and following news about the situation.


Since Thursday, February 22, 2018, the state’s teachers have been on strike, demanding higher pay and better resolutions to concerns about their benefits.


They struck even though teachers’ strikes are illegal in West Virginia. A total of 55 counties and more than 275,000 students are affected.


They earned a victory on Wednesday, February 28, when Republican Governor Jim Justice offered a five percent pay raise instead of a two percent raise this year and one percent raises in 2020 and 2021.


The teachers kept striking because the gains are contingent on passage by both of the state’s legislative chambers, and the Senate has been an obstacle.


Unions need our support, and teachers need our support. Please help the West Virginia teachers by giving to their GoFundMe, staying on top of the situation, and spreading the word about it.


Donate to the West Virginia Teachers’ Strike Fund GoFundMe (as of March 3, 2018, it had raised more than $88,000 against its $50,000 goal):



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Read a Vox explainer piece about the strike:



Read a Washington Post piece on how West Virginia teachers’ salaries measure up to those in the rest of America:



Read a Today Show story on how the teachers are making sure their students, many of whom rely on school meals, are being fed during the strike:



Follow the American Federation of Teachers, West Virginia on Twitter to stay on top of things:




And follow WV Teachers:




Follow Jake Jarvis on Twitter for updates on the strike:




…as well as the hashtags #WVTeacherStrike and #55Strong



Read New York Times coverage of the West Virginia teachers’ strike: