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Help the Folks Who Toppled the Confederate Statue in Durham, N.C., Pay Their Legal Bills

Donate to the legal fund of the folks who toppled the Confederate statue that was on public land in Durham, North Carolina.

On August 14, a group of protestors pulled down a Confederate statue that was on public land in Durham. It had been there since 1924. This happened two days after the events of Charlottesville, Virginia, which had their origins in the community’s attempt to remove a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

For what it’s worth, the Durham statue was not dedicated to an individual. It was dedicated ‘in memory of the boys who wore gray,’ a reference to the color of the uniform of the Confederate soldiers, and sported the seal of ‘The Confederate States of America.’

Read about the toppling, and see it in the PBS link:

A few days after the statute was taken down, officials in Durham county began arresting those responsible on felony riot charges (despite there having been no actual riot) as well as some misdemeanors. As of August 20, when this post was written, the eight who were arrested had been bailed out, but they still have legal expenses. All are due in court on September 12, 2017.


You can help the eight pay their legal expenses through the Freedom Fighter Fund, set up by the Durham Solidarity Center:


You can read about the arrests and the charges against the eight here:


Also read about the Durham residents who offered themselves in a heartening and novel protest of the arrests of the eight activists. Many locals–we can’t seem to find a count or even an estimate, but the photos show long line–turned themselves in at the city’s jail in an ‘I am Spartacus’-style solidarity move to show support for the eight who removed the statue:


Also? Check this map from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Is there at least one Confederate monument in your community? Is it on public land? It’s time to take it down and destroy it, or move it to a more appropriate location, such as a museum or a Confederate cemetery.

The SPLC is recommending that you send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and ask for the monument’s removal, but we at OTYCD recommend you see if you can do more. Is there a local group that’s trying to get the monument removed? Join them and help them. Is there a local election coming up? Tell the candidates and incumbents that removing Confederate monuments on public land is important to you, and you won’t vote for anyone who won’t agree to take them away.


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Support Miry’s List, Which Assists Refugee Families Who Settle in Southern California

Want to help refugee families who have just arrived in America? Check out Miry’s List, which provides new arrivals to southern California with basic needs.

Miry Whitehill-Ben Atar launched Miry’s List in July 2016 after encountering a Syrian refugee family of five, with five-year-old twins and a five-month-old, who had just come to California and needed baby gear and groceries. After getting them set, she realized that she had unwittingly found a gaping hole in the social safety net, and created Miry’s List to fill it.

As of February 2017, Miry’s List had completely taken care of the needs of 60 refugee families in southern California. It is in the process of becoming a 501(3)c organization.


Join Miry’s List:


See the current Miry’s List roster of families needing help:


Donate to Miry’s List:


Like Miry’s List on Facebook:


Follow Miry’s List on Twitter:


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Hooray! We Defended Delaware’s Trifecta!

Update: Congratulations! Stephanie Hansen won her Delaware race, preserving its Democratic trifecta. Thanks to all who helped make this happen, with a double helping of thanks going to former Vice President Joe Biden.

The Democratic party claims only six “trifectas” nationwide–states where the party controls the governorship, the state senate, and the state house.

Delaware is one of the six, and it is in danger of losing its trifecta.

Do you live in Delaware? Do you have friends and family who do? Help elect Democrat Stephanie Hansen to the Delaware State Senate on February 25.

Bethany Hall-Long vacated the seat, in the 10th state senate district, when she rose to the post of Lieutenant Governor. If Hansen fails, the Democrats’ 40-year hold on the state senate would end.

Hansen faces two rivals: Republican John Marino, and Libertarian Joseph Lanzendorfer. Flippable reports that the 10th district is competitive, and could be nail-bitingly close. Hall-Long won by just 267 votes in her last race.


Learn more about the special election:


Donate to Stephanie Hansen’s campaign:


Sign up to phone bank (make calls for) Stephanie Hansen (yes, you can do this even if you don’t live in Delaware):


Like Stephanie Hansen’s Facebook page:


Read Flippable’s take on the Delaware senate race here, and learn about other upcoming state-level elections:





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Check The #GrabYourWallet Site and Avoid Giving Your Money to Trump

ICYMI: An excellent way to push back against the new administration is to avoid giving your money to Trump and his children.

Grab Your Wallet is a peerless resource. Created in October 2016, it tells you which Trump-entangled retail establishments to avoid, and others that you could choose instead.

It also tells you, in detail, why an entity is on the list; why others have since been removed from the list; and why still others don’t sink low enough to require a place on the list.

Grab Your Wallet also keeps a second list of companies with less direct links to Trump–owners or board members who raised money for his campaign, companies that have advertised on The Apprentice, and the like–that you might wish to boycott, too.

It has notched some notable wins lately. In early February, Nordstrom, which had been on the Grab Your Wallet list, announced that it would stop carrying Ivanka Trump products. (Nordstrom stated that it was dropping the line due to poor sales, and did not acknowledge any direct effect from the boycott, but think–why were the sales poor? Surely the boycott had some effect?)

Nordstrom’s move has since shown how effective boycotting Trump products can be. Trump complained about Nordstrom’s treatment of Ivanka in a tweet; Trump press secretary Sean Spicer characterized the action as a “direct attack” on Trump; and senior advisor Kellyanne Conway flouted government ethics rules by blatantly telling Fox & Friends viewers to “go buy Ivanka’s stuff.” The Trump team’s reactions showed their disdain for the free market and yielded more evidence that that they do not understand, or do not care, why the government has ethics rules against profiting from holding high office.

Grab Your Wallet is well-curated and updated constantly. Please bookmark it, consult it, and share it.


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Read This Incisive Report from Flippable on Four Months of Supporting State Elections

Read this incisive, clear-eyed report from Flippable on what its organizers have learned in its first four months. 

Flippable is one of many activist organizations that launched in the wake of the 2016 election. Its goal is to turn America Democratic one seat at a time, on every level–federal, state, and local. Its report on its first four months of existence makes for incisive reading and provides fuel for hope.

The biggest takeaway for you: Early money–and attention, and volunteer support–really is like yeast. Cheryl Turpin, who ended up losing her house seat race for Virginia’s 85th district, lost by only 362 votes and nearly erased the lead her Republican opponent had built.

Key quote from the story:  “When we asked Cheryl what would have made the difference for her—what would have secured her those extra 362 votes—she replied, “One extra week. And maybe not having a blizzard on election day.”

“Why such an emphasis on timing? Cheryl said, “The opposition, Rocky Holcomb, had started campaigning in June…Despite Rocky’s five-month advantage, he won by only 362 votes—in a place known as the second most Republican city in the country. I’m confident that with another week, we could have succeeded.”


Read the Flippable report:



Follow Flippable on Twitter:



Like Flippable on Facebook:


Donate to Flippable:







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Find Out If Your State Has Abortion Trigger Laws and Make Sure They’re Pro-Choice

Does your state have abortion trigger laws–laws that instantly go into effect if Roe vs Wade is overturned? Find out, and urge your state legislators to pass pro-choice laws if need be. 

Trump and the Republicans are hell-bent on overturning Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decision that ensured that women will have safe, reliable access to abortion on demand. Trump announced his intention to appoint anti-choice SCOTUS judges and, well, just look at the nonsense that so many Republicans have pursued lately on this front.

If Roe vs Wade is overturned, the power to regulate abortion access goes back to the states. It makes eminent sense, then, to see what laws your state has on its books. Many have put so-called ‘trigger laws’ in place–laws that will ban legal abortion instantly should Roe vs Wade disappear.

Is your state one of them?

First, you should learn how accessible abortion services are in your state right now. NARAL Pro-choice America has created an interactive map that will show you (scroll down a bit to find the map).

Mouse over your state to see if it offers strongly restricted access (red); restricted access (pinkish); some access (purple-pink); protected access (purple); or strongly protected access (blue).

Once you have learned how things are now, while abortion is legal on the federal level, go to the link below, find your local chapter of NARAL, ask whether your state has anti-choice trigger laws on the books, and ask what you can do to get them overturned.


You can also use a nifty tool created by the Our States web site that shows you at a glance whether your state is considering anti-choice legislation right now. Click the link below and click on ‘Reproductive Justice’:


Like NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Facebook page:


Follow NARAL Pro-Choice on Twitter:



Donate to NARAL Pro-Choice America:



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Listen to Pod Save America and the Crooked Media Family of Podcasts


Did you enjoy the podcast Keepin It 1600? Start downloading Pod Save America, the new broadcast from the same team.

Jon Lovett, Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor, and Dan Pfeiffer decided that the outcome of the election called for a more activist tone. They have ended Keepin It 1600 and launched Pod Save America, which covers politics as well as how to push back against Trump.

The first episode went up on January 9 and covered the Russian hacking scandals, Obama’s farewell speech, Trump cabinet nominees, and defending Obamacare. It also featured Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory, talking about the Women’s March on Washington, set for January 21.


Substantial update: Since writing the original post about Pod Save America and Pod Save the World, Crooked Media has launched three more podcasts. All are good.


The best of the new crop is Pod Save the People. Primarily hosted by DeRay Mckesson, it is an eye-opening look at the history and living reality of fighting for social justice.

Download Pod Save the People here:


Lovett or Leave It, hosted by Jon Lovett before a live audience, brings the funny. There’s rage, too, but funny rage. Warning: The theme song is infectious.

Download Lovett or Leave It:


With Friends Like These aims straight for the awkward in a gutsy, admirable way. Hosted by Ana Marie Cox, it dwells on “what divides us and what doesn’t.” It does not shy away from getting emotionally raw at times.

Download With Friends Like These:


Download Pod Save America, the original Crooked Media podcast, from iTunes or listen here:
Download its foreign policy spinoff, Pod Save the World, from iTunes or listen here:


Like Crooked Media on Facebook:


Follow Crooked Media on Twitter:



More on the launch of Pod Save America and Crooked Media, the company founded by three of the four ex-Keepin It 1600 co-hosts: