February 2021 Note from Sarah Jane: Why You’re Seeing Repeats

Hi all, Sarah Jane here. I’m the main writer and editor at One Thing You Can Do.

Subscribers and frequent visitors will have noticed that OTYCD runs repeats–reposts of past stories.

That practice might increase in 2021.

Yes, some of it is down to the fact that the work of the website falls almost exclusively on a single person, and that person has a full-time job and a family and is feeling all the feelings you’re experiencing. Trump is gone, and you helped send him packing. Never doubt your power! Ideas for new stories in the post-Trump era are proving more labor-intensive, generally. Your continuing patience in waiting for all-new material is appreciated.

Some of the need to post repeats is down to OTYCD having existed for four years and counting. Many things that desperately needed to be said? Have been said. Sometimes the one thing you can do is refresh yourself on points made earlier.

Some repeats will contain updates, but many won’t. If you see something you’ve seen before, it’s because we at OTYCD feel it’s worth repeating at that point.

All at One Thing You Can Do welcome any suggestions you have for coverage. We don’t guarantee we’ll run with the story idea you offer, but we will give it a look.

Email story ideas to:

onethingyoucando @ gmail.com

Thanks to all who read and share One Thing You Can Do. Keep fighting the good fight.