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GOOD UPDATE: Democrat Cheryl Turpin Wins a Seat In The Virginia State Legislature

YES YES YES! This was a bit of a nail-biter, but Cheryl Turpin defeated Rocky Holcomb by 51 to 49 to take a seat in the Virginia state legislature. She had lost to him in a January special election.

Read more here (scroll down for results in Turpin’s race, district 85:




Read the original blog text here:

Support Democrat Cheryl Turpin’s run for the Virginia state legislature. The election happens on November 7, 2017.

In addition to spotlighting five Virginia state-level candidates chosen by Flippable for the upcoming race in November, we at OTYCD are also devoting posts to six candidates chosen by 314 Action whose races fall in 2017. 314 Action is an organization that boosts hopefuls who have STEM backgrounds.

If Turpin seems vaguely familiar, she should. She ran for the Virginia state legislature in a special election in early January and lost, earning 47 percent of the vote to Republican Rocky Holcomb’s 53 percent. She faces him again in November.

Turpin has served as a high school science teacher for 24 years. She supports full-day public kindergarten, a living wage, and defending the environment. She wants to encourage young entrepreneurs by offering them loans to start small businesses. She wants to expand broadband access. She supports overhauls of the state’s criminal justice and mental health systems. She would promote recycling. She would increase spending on infrastructure to improve roads and alleviate traffic jams.


See Turpin’s campaign website:



See her About page:



Donate to Turpin’s campaign:



Like her on Facebook:



Follow her on Twitter:



See 314 Action’s Endorsed Candidates page:



Donate to 314 Action:



See her page on Ballotpedia:



See an old OTYCD post on Turpin and two other Virginia candidates in the January 2017 special election:



Read about the outcome of the January special election:


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GOOD UPDATE! Annette Taddeo WINS the Florida State Senate Seat, Flipping It From Red to Blue!

GOOD UPDATE! Annette Taddeo won the September 26 special election for the Florida State Senate race!

Taddeo won despite being up against a Republican who had name recognition from being on The Apprentice, and despite Governor Rick Scott’s refusal to reschedule the election after Hurricane Irma hit Florida.

Special thanks to Flippable and to those who wrote postcards to get out the vote for her!

Read about Taddeo’s win:




Original text of the post follows:

Help elect Democrat Annette Taddeo to the state senate of Florida on September 26, 2017, by sending postcards to GOTV, donating, or other actions.

Taddeo won the special primary election handily on July 25, claiming 70 percent of the vote. She is up against Republican Jose Felix Dias and Independent Christian “He-Man” Schlareth.

The seat, located in Miami-Dade county, opened in late April after the incumbent, Republican Frank Artiles, used a six-letter racial slur beginning with ‘n’ in a charged conversation that included two black Democratic state senate colleagues.

Our good friend Tony the Democrat has a postcard campaign to get out the vote for Taddeo. Participants receive addresses of individuals who have voted Democratic in the past. Please follow the rules and stick to the basic language that Tony will give you.


As always, you can text HELLO to Abby the Address Bot anytime. The number is:


484.ASK.ABBY aka 484.275.2229


You can request addresses via email as well:



Taddeo has earned the recommendations or endorsements of the Miami Herald and our friends at Flippable. She is a Colombian-born woman who runs her own translation business and has held high-ranking posts in the Democratic Party in Florida.

Taddeo opposes high-states testing and wants to protect public schools from having their budgets weakened and drained by initiatives from private, for-profit corporations. She wants to improve traffic in and around Miami-Dade by securing funding to improve the local infrastructure. She is committed to protecting the county’s drinking water from threats posed by fracking.


See Taddeo’s campaign site:



Read Flippable’s endorsement of Taddeo, and note its intel on the district, which they believe is trending blue:



Read the Miami Herald‘s recommendation of Taddeo (the piece covers several candidates, not just her):



Like her on Facebook:



Follow Taddeo on Twitter:



Donate to Annette Taddeo:



Read Ballotpedia’s entries on Taddeo and on Florida’s State Senate District 40:




Read about the meltdown that ended Frank Artiles’s state senate incumbency:



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Find Out If Your State Has Abortion Trigger Laws and Make Sure They’re Pro-Choice

Does your state have abortion trigger laws–laws that instantly go into effect if Roe vs Wade is overturned? Find out, and urge your state legislators to pass pro-choice laws if need be. 

Trump and the Republicans are hell-bent on overturning Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decision that ensured that women will have safe, reliable access to abortion on demand. Trump announced his intention to appoint anti-choice SCOTUS judges and, well, just look at the nonsense that so many Republicans have pursued lately on this front.

If Roe vs Wade is overturned, the power to regulate abortion access goes back to the states. It makes eminent sense, then, to see what laws your state has on its books. Many have put so-called ‘trigger laws’ in place–laws that will ban legal abortion instantly should Roe vs Wade disappear.

Is your state one of them?

First, you should learn how accessible abortion services are in your state right now. NARAL Pro-choice America has created an interactive map that will show you (scroll down a bit to find the map).


Mouse over your state to see if it offers strongly restricted access (red); restricted access (pinkish); some access (purple-pink); protected access (purple); or strongly protected access (blue).

Once you have learned how things are now, while abortion is legal on the federal level, go to the link below, find your local chapter of NARAL, ask whether your state has anti-choice trigger laws on the books, and ask what you can do to get them overturned.



You can also use a nifty tool created by the Our States web site that shows you at a glance whether your state is considering anti-choice legislation right now. Click the link below and click on ‘Reproductive Justice’:



Like NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Facebook page:



Follow NARAL Pro-Choice on Twitter:



Donate to NARAL Pro-Choice America:




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Call Your MoCs and Ask Them to Leave the Iran Nuclear Deal Alone

Call your members of Congress and ask them to leave the Iran nuclear deal as is unless the Iranians actually do something to violate it. 

True to his nature as a chaos orangutan, Trump decided on October 13, 2017 that the nuclear weapons crisis with North Korea wasn’t enough, and he wanted a matching set.

He refused to certify an accord that the U.S. and several other countries had negotiated with Iran to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons–this despite the fact that all parties involved, including the U.S. government, agree that Iran is in compliance. Aspects of the accord have to be reconfirmed every 90 days.

He evidently made this move with the approval of his national security team, who counseled him to decertify it without killing it. See this October 3, 2017 piece from The Hill for more:


As stated above, Trump really is kindling chaos here. He has articulated no real reason to do what he’s doing being just not liking the status quo. He has no good suggestion on what to do instead. And refusing to certify the deal is NOT, repeat, not, akin to cancelling it. His move won’t have any immediate effect, direct or indirect.

What Trump has done, in effect, is to kick the deal back to Congress, which can choose to impose sanctions on Iran. It shouldn’t impose sanctions because everyone agrees Iran is holding up its end of things. If it did impose sanctions, Congress would kill the accord.

If that happens, the Iranians would probably steam ahead with a program to build a nuclear weapon. This seems almost too obvious to mention, but no one wants a world in which Iran has nukes, and not just because it’s a bad idea to increase the number of countries that have them. If Iran gets a nuke, it’d probably drop it on Israel sooner or later, just because.

It’d probably also increase the likelihood of war with North Korea, because killing the Iran accord would make the U.S. look unstable and untrustworthy. If we walk away from Iran when it was doing what we asked it to do, why should anyone honor any other deal that our nation makes?

So, this is an odd one for OTYCD and for you all, in that we’re going to ask you to call your MoCs and ask them to… do nothing. Explicitly do nothing. If nothing happens, the Iran thing drifts back to Trump’s desk at some point, and he can recertify or not.


Sample script for your MoCs: “Dear House Rep/Senator (Lastname), I am (Firstname Lastname from town, zip code). I am calling to ask you to do nothing with the Iran nuclear deal, which Trump just kicked back to you by failing to recertify it. Just leave it be unless we get evidence that Iran is in violation of the deal. To date, the Iranians have complied. Please do not impose any sanctions. If we do that, we will hurt America’s reputation and make it that much more difficult for us to draw and enter international treaties and deals in the future. Thank you.”


Read about Trump’s refusal to recertify the Iran deal, the potential fallout from that refusal, and what might happen next:






Read an August 2017 New York Times piece on how nuclear inspectors agree that Iran is complying with the terms of the accord:


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Fight the GOP Tax Bill, December 14 Update (Plus Defending Net Neutrality)

Here’s your December 14 update on fighting the GOP tax bill.

Ok, first–We updated all our Doug Jones-related posts last night but we didn’t tweak the December 13 update on the tax bill, so let us first say




Roy Moore has yet to concede, but multiple outlets confirm that Jones won the December 12 special election for the open senate seat in Alabama by about 1.5 points–a small but solid win, and enough to avoid an automatic recount, which would have happened if the two leading candidates were .5 percent apart or less.

It also looks like Moore cannot request a recount, even if he funds it, according to this entry by Rick Hasen on the Election Law Blog:


So, Doug Jones will serve as Alabama’s junior senator until 2020 at least, and the Senate Republican count falls from 52-48 to 51-49, which will hamstring the GOP’s ability to push their agenda. Hooray!

The next step in helping Senator-elect Doug Jones is demanding that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seat him, or else delay the vote on the GOP tax bill until he can be seated.

There’s precedent for this. When Republican Scott Brown defeated Democrat Martha Coakley in a special election to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy in January 2010, Senate Republicans demanded that the pending vote on the Affordable Care Act be postponed until Brown could take his place. Their demands were honored.

Jeremy Slevin, who works with the Center for American Progress, did the Daily Show-style work to unearth video of McConnell and ‘Regular Order’ John McCain’s demanding that Brown be seated before taking the vote on the Affordable Care Act.

Go to @jeremyslevin to see those tweets.

Democrats can, and should, demand the same courtesy for Jones.

When you make your daily call to oppose the GOP Tax Bill, also tell them that they should support postponing the vote until Jones is seated.

Of course that doesn’t mean that Mitch McConnell will do the right thing. The man who held a Supreme Court seat open for the better part of the year will likely see no problem with shoving the GOP tax bill through before Alabama’s Secretary of State finishes the paperwork to certify the results of the special election.

On December 13, the Democrats did indeed call for a pause on the reconciliation process on the bill:


…but the Republicans might have figured things out. On December 13, Andy Slavitt (@aslavitt) tweeted:

UPDATE: GOP announcing Herve reached a tax deal. The rush is on.

But! Topher Spiro (@topherspiro) tweeted a good point around the same time on the same day:

Could they have a reason to say there’s a deal? Think about it for one second.

I mean, I could have predicted last night they would say they have a deal this morning.

But later in the day, the Washington Post reported that GOP Congressfolk had reached an ‘agreement in principle’ on the tax bill. Spoiler alert: It helps the wealthy and corporations more than it helps the middle class. Read the WaPo story:


Regardless of whether the GOP Congressfolk have an actual deal or not, the answer for you is the same:

Call, call, call and tell your members of Congress to vote NO. Ask your friends and family to call, too. Do it every day until this bill is dead, or passed.

And you’re following @Celeste_Pewter on Twitter, right? In case you’re not, here’s a December 13 tweet-thread you should see:

All, your calls need to be stepped up a notch.

If possible, please make it calls and not emails or faxes. Time is of the essence right now.

Here’s the page with scripts. Updates to come.

4. Your governor’s office may very well tell you: “This is a federal issue, etc.” Counterpoint: tell them how the bill will impact your state, and constituents, and why they need to put pressure on their federal colleagues.

(If there is enough pressure on a specific subject on an elected, they will feel pressured to speak out. I used to monitor the news AND constituent responses for my boss, and make recommendations on issuing statements on issues.)

5. Call/email five friends and family, and explain in straightforward terms, why you need them to do steps 1-3. Make it easy for them. Give them names, numbers, emails and scripts. Tell them exactly what to do and say (but personalize). Then tell them to do this w/ 5 friends.

FAQ, as usual: A. Only use social media to rally your followers. Do not use it to contact your electeds. Their staff can’t ID who you are or where you live via social, so your contact here is pointless.

B. The reconciled version has to go back to both House and Senate for a vote, so you should be contacting both. C. Ask for: 1. A no vote w/ all electeds 2. For the Senate, ask for the vote to not take place until Jones is seated.

D. But understand: 3. The GOP is desperate to pass something, 4. McConnell likely to say no to the Jones request. (But you should still be asking anyway, to see where your Senators stand.)

E. While we want this bill to collapse, if we can at least mitigate some of the damage by getting the worst amendments/language stripped out, it will still make a difference. Make your calls, and make them TODAY.

Details on the bills are still coming in, so if you’re calling now, you can keep it vague (but make sure you personalize). Scripts.


Some additional things to do: 1. If your specific field will be impacted (e.g. grad student) write an OpEd and send it into your local paper. Their opinion emails are generally public. 2. Make a video (or write a post) explaining how the tax bill will impact you.

3. Tag your electeds in that video/post. I’ve seen Democratic electeds accounts help boost videos, which helps spread the word. Make your calls TODAY. They’re looking at a vote next week.


Repeat text follows, but scroll down for additional information about how best to defend net neutrality.

Here’s a December 10 Twitter thread from tax expert Michael Linden that you should see, which lays out what makes this week important:

This coming week is make-or-break for the GOP tax scam. If you have any interest in fighting this disastrous bill, follow along for a state-of-play update. Short version: we CAN still stop this thing. 1/

Here’s where we are: Both the Senate & House have passed versions of the GOP tax scam. They have a lot in common (huge tax cuts for the wealthy & corporations, tax hikes on millions of middle class families) but aren’t identical. 2/

To become law, the House & Senate have to pass identical bills. So to come up with ONE new version that both chambers can pass, the GOP has sent their bills to a “conference committee.” 3/

That Conference Committee is, right now, behind closed doors, ironing out the differences between the House & Senate bill. The bad news is that the bill is much more likely to get worse than it is to get better. 4/

Once the Conference Committee creates a new bill that they think can pass both chambers, both the House and the Senate will have to vote AGAIN. That’s our last chance to . 5/

The Conference Committee is going to have precisely 1 “open” meeting (it’s not much more than a photo op), and that’ll be THIS WEDNESDAY, December 13th, at 2 PM. 6/

it’ll be only a matter of days before the FINAL vote in the House & Senate. Those votes could be as soon as Thursday, but likely will be early the week of the 18th. 7/

That means this week is CRITICAL. If we’re going to stop this bill, Congress needs to hear and feel the backlash. We can stop it either by flipping 10 GOP votes in the House or 2 GOP votes in the Senate. Tall orders, yes, but not impossible. 8/

Here’s a list of 50+ potentially flippable House GOPers. These all have some combination of the following characteristics: •From states that would be particularly hard hit •Voted against ACA repeal •Are in competitive 2018 races We need 10 of ‘em. 9/

In the Senate, our best bets are Susan Collins and Jeff Flake (and it would help if Doug Jones wins on Tuesday). Both were promised concessions that aren’t likely to be in the final bill. Both want to be thought of as “serious” and “independent.” 10/
So, what can you do? 1. Call EVERY day. Especially if you are in AZ, ME, or one of those 50 House districts, but call daily even if you aren’t (Congress needs to feel the backlash everywhere – & they talk to each other). 11/ <Note from OTYCD: Yes, this is one of those times when it is OK to call for days in a row on the same issue.>
2.If you are in the DC area, or can get here, come to the People’s Rally Against the Tax Scam at the Capitol on WEDNESDAY. This is our last best chance to make a lot of noise in DC. 12/
3. Go to a local protest or event. Check out and & for lists of local events. 13/
Bottom line: the GOP knows their tax scam is historically unpopular. They’re hoping that voters will forget about it by next November and beyond. Our best bet to stop the bill is by showing them we won’t forget. /end


And here are more things you might want to know:

There might be a GOP Tax Scam protest near you. Check this link to find out:



In her December 6 update on fighting the GOP tax bill, Celeste Pewter (@Celeste_Pewter) offered talking points that you can use with friends, family, and co-workers:

8. Here are talking points you can include in any contact you share w/ friends/family/colleagues. Key point is that the impact on the deficit could eventually result in cuts in entitlement programs.


The Senate has chosen its lineup for the Tax Conference Committee. They will represent the Senate when trying to reconcile the House and Senate versions of the GOP tax bill.

If any of these Republicans are your senators, it is super-extra-important for you to call and make your opposition known.

Orrin Hatch of Utah

Mike Enzi of Wyoming

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

John Cornyn of Texas

John Thune of South Dakota

Rob Portman of Ohio

Tim Scott of South Carolina

Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania


Before that, the House GOP named its tax conference committee members. If any of these folks are your reps, it is super-extra-important for you to call (again, all are Republicans):

Kevin Brady of Texas

Devin Nunes of California

Peter Roskam of Illinois

Diane Black of Tennessee

Kristi Noem of South Dakota


Rob Bishop of Utah

Don Young of Alaska

Greg Walden of Oregon

John Shimkus of Illinois




Here also are several other folks aside from @MichaelSLinden, @Celeste_Pewter, @TopherSpiro, and @aslavitt who you should be following on Twitter to stay on top of the GOP tax bill, which is morphing constantly, like a suspect science experiment in a horror movie. Some of these people are old friends from the Trumpcare fights. Some are tax experts.

Ben Wikler @benwikler

Seth Hanlon @sethhanlon

Sunjeev Bery @sunjeevbery

Lily Batchelder @lilybatch

Greg Leiserson @gregleiserson

Chad Bolt @chadderr


In addition, you can call your members of Congress (MoCs) to ask them to defend Net Neutrality–that vote could come on December 14.

We’ve been beating the Net Neutrality drum all year. Below is a post that explains why we need to keep it, and contains a script you can use when calling your MoCs:


Now, a refinement of this point. The vote that’s happening on December 14 is NOT a Congressional vote. It’s the five members of the FCC. Two are against repealing Net Neutrality, and three are believed to be for it.

Here are the email addresses of those three. Please email them and ask them to vote to keep Net Neutrality. As always, be clear and firm but unfailingly polite.

Ajit Pai, Chairman Ajit.Pai@fcc.gov

Michael O’Rielly, Commissioner Mike.O’Rielly@fcc.gov

Brendan Carr, Commissioner Brendan.Carr@fcc.gov


Here also are two more recent posts that relate to the GOP tax bill and its effects that you should see if you haven’t yet:




One last note, which we’ve stated before: Even if this bill ultimately implodes and never becomes law, we still need to vote out every Republican that we can in 2018. This whole process has been nothing less than legislative malpractice. They should be punished for aiding and abetting it. Period.

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Learn How to Fact-Check in the Age of Trumpism, Thanks to Laura M. Browning

Read Fact-checking in the Age of Trumpism, a concise primer by Laura M. Browning, creator of the One Small Thing newsletter. 

Just after the election ended, much was made of an NPR interview with an admitted purveyor of fake news (by which we mean stories deliberately made up to get clicks and earn ad revenue) who claimed that while right-wing folks swallowed any article that reinforced what they already thought about Hillary Clinton, no matter how ludicrous, left-leaning folks never seemed to fall for fake news focused on Trump.

Specifically, he said: “We’ve tried to do similar things to liberals. It just has never worked, it never takes off. You’ll get debunked within the first two comments and then the whole thing just kind of fizzles out.”

What’s our point? Don’t get cocky. You might have rudimentary skills for spotting and rejecting fake news, but you’re vulnerable to believing things you’d like to be true, but aren’t. You need to hone and maintain your bullshit detector if you want it to work properly.

Laura M. Browning, she of the One Small Thing newsletter, wrote Fact-checking in the Age of Trumpism for a January presentation about how to spot and avoid fake news. It’s not about fact-checking Trump or your MAGA-spouting uncle. It’s about controlling and cultivating your news feed and keeping it free of garbage.

Also, pay special attention to the paragraph about checking your emotions. Does this news flatter your worldview? That’s all the more reason to kick it, pinch it, and generally jump up and down on it to make sure it’s solid before you retweet and repost it and tell friends about it.

Browning’s primer is the difference between eating a free fish lunch and learning to fish. It’s a must-read any day of the year, and doubly so on April Fool’s Day.


Read Fact-checking in the Age of Trumpism:



Sign up for Browning’s newsletter, One Small Thing:



Follow Browning on Twitter:



Read that NPR interview with the creator of fake news who claimed that left-leaning readers were harder to trick:



And for the sake of it, here’s a link to Snopes:



…and a link to Politifact. Browning recommends both sites for fact-checking:


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Help OTYCD Build a Page of Resistance Market Links

Help us build a page of links to Resistance-themed merchandise that benefits worthy causes.

Recently we posted a story about “Nevertheless, She Persisted” products that directly benefit Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

We would like to build a page of links to merchandise–hats, t-shirts, pussy hats, tote bags, and the like–that devote 100 percent of their profits to Resistance-relevant causes. Examples of worthy beneficiaries would be the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

If you know of any products that fit the brief, please email:

onethingyoucando    @   gmail.com

…and let us know about them. We’d like to have a reasonably-filled-out page ready to post by Thanksgiving 2017.