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Call Your House Rep and Urge Him or Her to Override Trump’s Veto of Congress’s Termination of His National Emergency Border Declaration

Call your member of the House of Representatives and ask him or her to override Trump’s veto of Congress’s vote to terminate his bullshit national emergency declaration about the southern border.


Ok, a recap. Trump has been jonesing for his damn border wall since the campaign, when he claimed he’d get Mexico to pay for it.


Of course, Mexico refused to pay for it. So Trump tried to force taxpayers to pay for it.


Congress, rightly, said no. There’s no factual basis for a wall that stretches across the entire 2,000-odd mile border between the U.S. and Mexico. It’d be a waste of money, and it won’t do what Trump claims it will. (There are better and more efficient ways to address the legitimate points he has on this score.)


When Congress said no, Trump decided to trample the Constitution instead by declaring a “national emergency”.


Presidents can declare national emergencies, and until now, they’ve been judicious and responsible in their calls. None have resorted to calling a national emergency when they didn’t get their way on something.


In March 2019, Congress called Trump out again. The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives voted to terminate the national emergency, and so did the Senate, after much whingeing and weaseling.


Trump vetoed the Congressional termination.


Congress can override his veto, but both chambers have to muster two-thirds of their members to be successful.


The House had little trouble voting to terminate the national emergency order, but that succeeded with less than two-thirds of its members joining the effort.


The second time around is harder, by design.


If the House of Representatives can’t get two-thirds of its members to vote to override, the override vote cannot proceed to the Senate, and the national emergency takes effect.


We need 290 House members to vote to override.


On the first go-round, the vote to terminate succeeded by 245 to 182.


We need to hold those 245 and add 45 more.


This is where you come in.


We at OTYCD want you to call your member of the House of Representatives and urge that person to vote to override Trump’s veto.


It is harder to get to 290 than it is to get to 245. It means that almost four dozen Republicans have to switch sides.


We probably won’t succeed. But we have to try.


We at OTYCD expect to make this a daily action until the point is moot.


As always, you need to pick up the phone and call, because that’s what Congressfolk pay attention to. If you can’t call, send email.


Sample script:


“Dear (House Rep Lastname), I am (Firstname Lastname of town, zip code). I am calling to ask you to override Trump’s veto of the termination of the national emergency he called over the border wall.

As an elected official in Congress, I expect you to uphold the Constitution and fulfill your role as a check on Trump. With this act, he is trying to do an end run around our system of laws, and of checks and balances. [If your House Rep voted to terminate the national emergency on the first go round, say thank you here. If your House Rep supported Trump, say something like, ‘This is your chance to show that you will fulfill the oath you took when you were sworn in/sworn in again in January.’ This is bigger than Trump, and is bigger than any one person. Please do the right thing and override Trump’s veto.”


See a Business Insider story about the vote in the House to terminate Trump’s national emergency:



See an NBC News story on the vote in the Senate to terminate Trump’s national emergency, which led to his veto:



See a CNN story about Nancy Pelosi scheduling the House of Representatives vote to override the veto on March 26, 2019:



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Call Your House Rep and Demand Devin Nunes’s Removal as Chair of the House Committee on Intelligence

Call your House Rep and demand Devin Nunes’s removal from his post as Chair of the House of Representatives’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.


Yep, we’re making an exception to our rule on issuing one thing you can do, per day, to push back against Trump. We need to get news out about the next Families Belong Together protest, but this needs attention, too, and it needs it today.


Devin Nunes, who represents the 22nd District of California, has been a goddamn menace on the House Committee on Intelligence since Trump’s election. He’s seemingly made it his business to personally defend Trump instead of serving the American people.


He should have been removed from the chairmanship of the committee ages ago. Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, has consistently refused to do so.


With the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) July 21, 2018 release of the FISA documents relating to Carter Page, it is abundantly clear that Nunes absolutely, positively has to GO. The fact that Trump went on a tweetstorm about this on Sunday claiming that the DOJ and FBI ‘misled the courts’ makes it still more urgent.


While the documents are heavily redacted, every single knowledgable commenter on Twitter agrees that Nunes was stone cold wrong in his representations of what these documents contained, and his Democratic colleague, Adam Schiff, was correct.


Here is a selection of Twitter comments to that effect.


Caroline O (@RVAWonk):

An important takeaway from the Carter Page FISA documents released today: They prove without a shadow of a doubt that lied about the FISA warrant to try to discredit the Russia probe. And they also prove that told the truth.


Example: Nunes claimed the FBI cited a Sept. 2016 Yahoo News article to corroborate the Steele dossier. Schiff said no, the FBI cited the article to inform the court of Carter Page’s public denial of his Moscow meeting. (L) Today’s FISA docs show Schiff’s account is correct. (R) [She included a screen grab which we can’t reproduce.]


Devin Nunes won’t admit that he lied about Carter Page’s FISA warrant to undermine an ongoing investigation — but what about the rest of the GOP-led House intel committee, which largely went along with the Nunes memo? And what about , who could remove Nunes tomorrow?


Defending the Nunes memo in Feb, said: “This is about FISA abuse and…holding our govt accountable…and conducting oversight over the executive branch which…has been given great power over us at citizens. We need to make sure that that power is used correctly.” [She linked to a video of Ryan saying precisely this.]


So if cares about accountability & oversight, what’s he going to do to hold accountable for using his position as HPSCI chairman to lie to the American people, corrupt the oversight process, & undermine a federal investigation?




Julian Sanchez, another who is well-regarded in this realm and who tweets as @normative, said:


There’s a full page of discussion of Steele being hired to conduct political oppo research, and why the FBI regards his reporting as reliable anyway. Makes the Nunes claim that they tried to hoodwink the FISC about this look even more ridiculous.


It’s absolutely insane Nunes tried to claim FBI hid this information from the FISC. All this immediately follows the first mention of Steele (aka “Source 1”). [This is followed by a screen grab that we can’t reproduce.]


Also quite clear that, contrary to Nunes’ claims, the FBI was NOT using Michael Isikoff’s Yahoo News article as independent confirmation of Steele’s reporting, but as a source for Page’s denials he was working for Russia. [This is followed by a screen grab that we can’t reproduce.]


What this does make clear beyond any serious doubt is the brazen dishonesty of the Nunes memo. It is impossible to imagine a reasonable person reading this document and then making the claims in that memo in good faith.





The expert who tweets under the @pwnallthethings handle, in analyzing the Carter Page FISA documents, said:


Worth noting, for the record, that it was Rep. Trey Gowdy who went and read the FISA
application for the HPSCI majority when compiling the Nunes memo. So he has a lot to
answer for here.
Carrie Cordero (@carriecordero), a law professor, CNN analyst, and contributing editor to the Lawfare blog tweeted:
Let me be crystal clear: the Chairman of the House intelligence committee, Devin Nunes, set in motion a chain of events based on a bogus & politicized charge against DOJ’s use of
, that just upended 40 years of FISA practice that protected the nation’s secrets.
You can be for , and likewise lament that this case, for these reasons, is
the one that busted the system and will have profound consequences for protecting
national security information in cases involving going forward.



Rather than a tweetstorm, expert David Kris wrote a piece for the Lawfare blog on the documents. Key quote from that post:


The Nunes memo accused the FBI of dishonesty in failing to disclose information about Steele, but in fact the Nunes memo itself was dishonest in failing to disclose what the FBI disclosed. I said then, and I still believe, that the “Nunes memo was dishonest. And if it is allowed to stand, we risk significant collateral damage to essential elements of our democracy.”

Now we have some additional information in the form of the redacted FISA applications themselves, and the Nunes memo looks even worse. In my earlier post, I observed that the FBI’s disclosures about Steele were contained in a footnote, but argued that this did not detract from their sufficiency: “As someone who has read and approved many FISA applications and dealt extensively with the FISA Court, I will anticipate and reject a claim that the disclosure was somehow insufficient because it appeared in a footnote; in my experience, the court reads the footnotes.” Now we can see that the footnote disclosing Steele’s possible bias takes up more than a full page in the applications, so there is literally no way the FISA Court could have missed it. The FBI gave the court enough information to evaluate Steele’s credibility.


Full David Kris post is here:



So! We at OTYCD are asking you to call your House Rep and demand Nunes’s removal as chair of the House Intelligence committee.


Before you call, check the links below that show the full list of members of the committee. Is your House Rep one of them? If so, it’s extra-important that you call.



Majority members of the committee (all Republican):



Minority members of the committee (all Democrats):



Also, if your House Rep is Speaker Paul Ryan? Super-extra-mega-important for you to call.



Sample script: “Dear House Rep [Lastname], I am [Firstname Lastname from town, zip code]. I am calling to urge you and your colleagues to remove Devin Nunes as chair of the House Intelligence Committee. He has been unbelievably irresponsible with his power since Trump was elected, and on Saturday, we got proof of just how irresponsible he was. Every responsible intelligence expert who comments publicly agree that he misrepresented the Carter Page FISA documents. Some accuse him of ‘brazen dishonesty.’ Others accuse him of misusing his power and undermining national security to serve a political end. Regardless, it is long past time to remove him from his position on that sensitive committee before he can do even more damage. I urge you to urge your colleagues to prevail upon Speaker Ryan and do the right thing at long last.”



Once you’ve done that, please support Andrew Janz, the Democrat who’s running against Nunes and hopes to take his seat. Donate to his campaign, phone-bank for him, canvass for him, follow him on social media–anything helps.


See the OTYCD post on Andrew Janz and his campaign:



Read the NYT story on the document release:


Here’s a July 22, 2018 CNN article that cites Trump claiming the docs show the DOJ and FBI ‘misled the courts’ (they didn’t):




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Call Your House Rep and Demand That They Do Everything They Can to Stop The Push to Impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

Call your House Rep and demand that he or she does everything they can to stop the push to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. 


Surely you saw or heard tell of the ridiculous hearing that the House Judiciary Committee did with fired FBI agent Peter Strozk on Thursday. Strozk (pronounced ‘Struck’) was the guy who sent thousands of texts back and forth with FBI lawyer Lisa Page while working on investigations into Hillary Clinton’s emails and Russia’s potential interference in the 2016 presidential elections.


Strozk had, and has, a good reputation within the FBI. Conservatives seeking to attack the Trump-Russia investigation fixed on his texts and claimed some of them showed bias against the president. In a show of caution, Mueller removed Strozk from the Russia investigation once he learned about the texts. (This happened around December 2017).


Anyway. We mention the July 12, 2018 Strozk hearing because it happened a day before the Department of Justice announced twelve more indictments in the Trump-Russia probe. These target, by name, Russian hackers who worked for the military and who interfered with the 2016 presidential election.


If you want to refresh yourself on that news, read this Washington Post piece:



The larger point: The timing of the Strozk hearing could have been a desperate attempt to damage Mueller’s investigation before the new indictments went public on July 13, 2018.


We also know that Rosenstein briefed Trump about the coming indictments earlier in the week of July 9, before he departed for the U.K. Trump nevertheless continued to call the investigation “rigged” and a “witch hunt” on the day the news broke.


See a Business Insider piece that confirms that Rosenstein briefed the president about the coming indictments:



So! After all that happened, some House Republicans started making noise about impeaching Rosenstein.


According to a Politico story published that fateful Friday, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows apparently had the impeachment document in hand, on the floor of the chamber, as Rosenstein was giving the press conference about the indictments.


Evidently, a group of House Republicans have been plotting for weeks to impeach Rosenstein. They could file the document as early as Monday, July 16. They could also go with the less serious step of trying to hold Rosenstein in contempt of Congress.


Here’s the larger point: The Politico article says the group doesn’t yet have enough support from fellow House members to take these actions. It also notes that their mutterings make the chamber’s leadership uneasy. See these key paragraphs:


“It is unclear how much support conservatives will have in their effort. Rosenstein has become a punching bag for Trump and his allies as they vent frustration over the Russia investigation. Since Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself, Rosenstein has overseen the Mueller probe, which is also examining potential obstruction of justice charges against the president.

But House GOP leaders like Speaker Paul Ryan have clearly been uncomfortable with the notion of going after Rosenstein. It’s unlikely that will change anytime soon, especially so soon after the latest indictments. Ryan’s office was not immediately available for comment.”


Full Politico article is here:


This is where you come in.


Yes, it’s a weekend, and your House Rep’s offices will be closed.


We are recommending you call your House Rep anyway and leave a voice mail message.


You can also choose to wait until Monday to call about this, but we at OTYCD wanted to get this post out before then in case those House members move to impeach on Monday.


Now, can these House members succeed in impeaching Rosenstein? Probably not. They would need a House majority to vote in favor.


That’s why you should make calling a priority. A firm pushback from their own constituents should strengthen their resolve.


Scripts follow. Scroll down for more discussion of why impeaching Rosenstein probably won’t happen, and how you can push back against the twerps in the House who are pursuing this clownish nonsense.


“Dear House Rep [Lastname,] I am [Firstname Lastname from town, zip code.] I am calling to ask you to oppose any attempts by your colleagues to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein or hold him in contempt of Congress. Many of the same people who made fools of themselves at the Strozk [pronounced ‘Struck’] hearing on Thursday are trying to hobble Rosenstein. Like Thursday’s hearings, targeting Rosenstein is a politically motivated attempt to undermine Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and Trump’s Russian connections. Nothing more. Mueller and Rosenstein both must be left alone to do their jobs. I am asking you to firmly and publicly rebuke any attempts by this small group of House Republicans to besmirch Rosenstein without cause. Thank you for listening.”



An April 2018 story in USA Today considered the notion that the House might succeed in impeaching Rosenstein, and generally threw cold water on it. The article gives a good overview of what has to happen for the motion to succeed, and explains how rarely such impeachments happen.



While we at OTYCD do not have a full list of the people who are trying to impeach Rosenstein or hold him in contempt of Congress, we’re betting there’s a lot of overlap with the membership of the House Freedom Caucus.


All members of the House of Representatives are up for re-election this year. See this OTYCD article to learn who is in the House Freedom Caucus so you can help vote them out in November:



This is also a good time to remind you about the plans for mass protest if Trump provokes a constitutional crisis over the Trump-Russia probe.


If the House GOP actually gets anywhere with impeaching Rosenstein or holding him in contempt of Congress, that could trigger the mass protest plan. Here is the OTYCD post about the protest:



Here also is a reminder to check the website and note where your local protest venue is in case things go to hell and take that website’s servers with them:



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