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Call Your MoCs and Demand That Team Trump Make Reuniting Migrant Families Their Top Priority. Also Urge Your Electeds to Keep Resisting

Call your MoCs and demand that Team Trump make reuniting the 2,000-odd migrant children with their families their top priority. Job one, dammit. And keep urging your electeds to resist this fucked-up family separation policy, which is nowhere near dead yet, regardless of what Team Trump wants you to think.


You are well aware that Team Trump tried to push an insanely harsh and utterly indefensible policy of breaking up migrant families at the southern border of the United States. Since they started enforcing their sick new policy, more than 2,000 kids have been parted from their parents, and some have been sent more than 1,000 miles away from where they entered the country.



Trump tried to take the heat off himself by signing an executive order that would supposedly keep the families together. What it actually does is flout an existing protocol that stops the government from detaining families with minor children for more than 20 days. What Team Trump evidently wants is the power to hold migrant families indefinitely, which, no. Just, no.

Read a June 19 Washington Post Fact Checker piece that explains the Flores ruling, which imposes the 20-day limit (you have to scroll down to the bullet point that begins, ‘A 1997 consent decree…’:



Anyway. Trump lashed out soon after signing the EO by pulling a ridiculous stunt showcasing who he called “Angel Families”–survivors of people who were killed by immigrants, evidently in an attempt to bolster his notion that immigrants are more likely to commit crimes.

If you really want to know more about this Angel Families event, read this June 22, 2018 Washington Post piece:



This flies in the face of what we know. Undocumented immigrants actually commit fewer crimes than native-born citizens. When you think about it, it makes sense–they can’t afford to make even one tiny mistake for fear of being deported.

Read a June 19, 2018 Washington Post piece on the matter:



The larger point here: More than 2,000 kids are still without their parents, and Team Trump is not giving the matter the concern it deserves. Reuniting the kids with their parents should be Job One right now. That’s not how they’re acting.



The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has said the afflicted families won’t be reunited anytime soon, according to this June 20, 2018 Washington Post story:



Another good Washington Post story, which will continue to be updated, attempts to track where the immigrant kids might have gone:



With Team Trump fumbling things again, it’s left to orgs such as the Texas Civil Rights Project and RAICES TEXAS to fix what they broke. Here’s another Washington Post story from June 21 that describes the ongoing effort and mentions TCRP:



Also stepping up are at least two genetic testing companies that are donating DNA testing kits to help match immigrant parents and kids, according to this June 22, 2018 piece in the National Review:



And other news is putting the lie to the notion that Team Trump will stop separating parents and kids. It appears that the Department of Defense is preparing to receive and hold as many as 20,000 immigrant kids on military bases in the months to come. See this June 21 Washington Post story for more:



So, where do you come in?



First, if you haven’t committed to a Families Belong Together protest near you on Saturday, June 30, 2018, do that. More are being added all the time:



Second, consider giving to an organization that’s helping immigrant families. Below is a link to a fuller post OTYCD did on these orgs, but here are shortcuts to donation links for…


The Texas Civil Rights Project:


…and RAICES TEXAS’s immigrant bond fund:


And here’s the full OTYCD post on orgs helping immigrants at the border:



Third, if you haven’t yet called your MoCs to support Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Keep Families Together Act (S.3036), do that. Remember, though, that all 47 Democratic Senators and both Independents have signed on. No Republicans have. Thank or berate your Senators accordingly when you call:

Once you’ve done that, then tell your MoCs that you want the government to prioritize reuniting immigrant families. Tell them that’s more important than stopping immigrants and asylum seekers who are trying to cross the border. Tell them you want the government to divert resources as needed to make this happen, and tell them nothing else should happen, border-wise, until EVERY kid is back with his or her parents.



And while you are still on the phone with your Senators, use this Celeste Pewter script to talk about Trump’s EO, updating it accordingly (he signed the thing on Wednesday June 20):



Here’s Celeste Pewter’s script on the EO for your House Rep. Again, update accordingly:

And here are general talking points to hold in mind about the EO, also from Celeste

If you’re up for making more calls after that, here’s a script to use with your state’s
governor (also from Celeste Pewter; scroll down for info on how to support her work).
Before you call, though, you should check your governor’s social media feeds to see if he
or she has already done something to fight back. If they have, thank them:

Then call your state Attorney General and ask him or her to join a lawsuit against the Trump administration to force it to reunite immigrant parents and children (but, again, check your AG’s social media feeds first. If the AG is already on board, say thanks):


And you can ask your mayor, your city council, etc., to publicly condemn Team Trump’s family separation policy:



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After you call your elected representatives on these two topics, tweet about the

experience using the #ICalledMyReps hashtag.