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Check out All the President’s Profiting, a Project of at the Center for Responsive Politics

Visit and bookmark All the President’s Profiting, a truly astonishing project by at the Center for Responsive Politics.


The Founding Fathers were pretty damn clear–they didn’t like the idea of the president using the office for personal gain. Most Americans agree. The notion that Trump might be profiting from serving as president rankles anyone who isn’t a fully marinated member of Cult 45., a website operated by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics (CPR), has tracked payment records to assemble a startling picture of how Trump might be reaping personal gains from his rarified position.


Titled All the President’s Profiting, it contains 657 entries that detail payments to Trump properties; payments from Trump-related committees; payments from the Republican Party, its candidates, officials, and leadership PACs; and also payments from Democrats.



See All the President’s Profiting:



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Call Your MoCs to Demand They Step Up and Do Something About Trump’s Dumpster-fire of a Performance at the 2018 G7 Summit

Call your members of Congress and ask them to do something–not just make a statement–to appropriately react to Trump’s Dumpster-fire of a performance at the 2018 G7 summit.


We were all bracing ourselves for the 2018 G7. We knew Trump wasn’t going to cover himself in glory. But it was worse than we expected.


He came late and left early.


He had the unmitigated, uneducated gall to ask the others to re-admit Russia to the group. The G-force booted Russia for cause four years ago, after it messed with Ukraine and invaded Crimea. Unsurprisingly, and correctly, the other Gs told Trump ‘no’. Because they are diplomats, they did not say, ‘No, fuck you, no, and also, fuck you.’


Bizarrely, the noted fan of tariffs suggested getting rid of all tariffs, while insisting that the tariffs he had just imposed were necessary.


He endorsed the G-7 joint statement and then un-endorsed it later on Twitter.


He shat upon our allies repeatedly, for no good reason.


When he pulls stone cold nonsense like the G7 beclownment, Trump swings a wrecking ball into America’s international reputation. The longer he’s in the Oval Office, the more damage he will do, and the harder it will be to repair.


Our friend Celeste Pewter (who you should be following on Twitter at @Celeste_Pewter) suggested we should call or leave voicemails for our MoCs, asking them to do something. Not just speak out, but do something. On June 9, 2018, after news broke of Trump’s takeback on the joint G7 statement, she tweeted:


A good thing to do at the moment? Leave a VM [voicemail] with your electeds and ask how they can stand by and watch Trump torpedo our most critical international relationships.


This is one of those times when a mere statement or tweet from an elected isn’t enough. Ask them what they plan to do, and tell them you expect actual action steps.


Also: I know this comes off as typical behavior for Trump, but it’s different because he’s reneging on an agreement w/ multiple international countries, after saying the US would sign on.


Today’s move gives the international community zero reason to trust the United States for *anything* in the future. Because they’ll always, always be risking Trump backing out, and insulting them to boot.


Trump voters: I hope you understand that isolationism does nothing to help our country. It sets our economy back. It sets advances in critical fields back. It will absolutely decrease our global standing, in many ways that are potentially irreversible. Everyone else: [she tweeted three phone emojis, indicating we should CALL]


She also retweeted @mikechenwriter, who said:

Do this especially if you live in a red state. There is no practical reason to sabotage our relations with out allies. This is purely driven by ego. GOP electeds need to hear it.


…and responded to this subsequent tweet from @mikechenwriter:

Seriously, if you have any conservative friends who are willing to listen, ask them if President Romney or McCain would be doing this. Then urge them to call their electeds.

@Celeste_Pewter responded:

This is an important point. I dislike conservative politicians. But Romney, McCain, Kasich all know how to behave like adults with international allies, even if we disapprove of what they’re saying/doing. What we have ATM [at the moment], is playground-style bullying at the highest level.

She went on to tweet:


Sample script: “Dear [Senator/House Rep Lastname,] I am [Firstname Lastname, from
town, zip code.] I am calling because I am disgusted by the way President Trump acted at
the G7 Summit. I was embarrassed, and you should be embarrassed. He called for the
group to re-admit Russia, though it has not atoned for the acts that got it thrown out–
meddling in Ukraine and invading Crimea. He needlessly insulted our allies through his
words and his actions. He came late and left early. He acted like a fool, and he made us
look foolish. He took a sledgehammer to our international reputation, and it’s going to
take a long time to repair the damage.
Barack Obama did not act this way. George W. Bush did not act this way. Bill Clinton did
not act this way. Every other president in living memory did not act this way because
regardless of their politics, they had reached the baseline level of maturity and personal
restraint needed to navigate a high-level meeting of this type. I don’t just want you to
make a statement about the G7 disaster. I want you to do something that makes it damn
clear that Trump’s G7 behavior is not acceptable. And I want you to do it now, before we
ruin our oldest international friendships just so Trump can salve his ego and please
Vladimir Putin. Thank you for listening.”

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Some cites about Trump and the 2018 G7:


Stories on Trump pulling the U.S. out of the G7 joint statement because he got shirty over stuff Trudeau said:



Trump suggests re-admitting Russia to the Gs, with no mention of the behavior that got them booted in the first place:




Pieces on how Trump suggested eliminating all tariffs:



Stories on Trump pulling the U.S. out of the G7 joint statement because he got shirty over stuff Trudeau said:

In addition to following Pewter on Twitter (again, her handle is @Celeste_Pewter) you

can support her in other ways.


After you call your elected representatives on these two topics, tweet about the

experience using the #ICalledMyReps hashtag.


Pewter founded The Road to 2018, an organization devoted to defending Democratic

Senators who are vulnerable and up for re-election this year. See our post on it:


Subscribe to Pewter’s peerless newsletter, It’s Time To Fight:




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Remember: Even If He Ends Up Working with Democrats to Pass Good Legislation, Trump Himself Needs to Go

This OTYCD entry originally posted in November 2017.


Remember: Even if Trump carries through and works with the Democrats to pass genuinely good legislation, Trump still needs to go.


We at OTYCD are skeptical this will actually happen but we’re going to write this post anyway.


It also feels weird to preventatively write a post that basically says, “Hey, don’t forget, but Trump is bad, mmmmmkay?”


We’re moved to do this based on this October 7, 2017 Vox story based around a Trump tweet with the same date that said:


I called Chuck Schumer yesterday to see if the Dems want to do a great HealthCare Bill. ObamaCare is badly broken, big premiums. Who knows!



See the Vox story here:



This isn’t the first time Trump has worked with Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Back in mid-September there were mutterings about Trump striking a deal with Schumer and Pelosi on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program:



Trump is doing this because he values wins, period, full stop, and he does not care who gets them for him.


If Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan can’t give him the wins that he craves, Trump has no problem turning to the Democrats for help instead.


So let’s say Trump works with the Dems and gets his wins–things that the Dems would regard as wins as well.


And let’s say things stay on track for 2018, and we get the blue wave that has been widely predicted, and the Democrats retake the House of Representatives. As of October 2017, it looks unlikely for the Dems to take the Senate, but hey, who knows? Maybe they’ll succeed in defending all their seats and picking up a few.


If by then the Democratic leadership and Trump are–we know this is hard to imagine, but hey, indulge us–chummy, and legitimately useful stuff is getting done, we still need to press for Trump’s removal.


He will have become no less incompetent, unfit, or dangerous.


Even if Trump becomes “useful” to the Democratic Party, he still needs to go, for the good of the nation.


What form Trump’s departure should take is debatable. Maybe Mueller’s probe will reach maturity by or just after the midterms, and it’ll deliver thumpingly clear evidence for impeachment. Maybe Trump’s flouting of the Constitution’s emoluments clause will become too obvious for even the most thick-headed Republican to ignore. Maybe he’ll try to drop nukes on North Korea and is stopped only by John Kelly tackling him, and that leads to invoking the 25th amendment. (Please oh please let it not come to that.)


Regardless, we have to hold firm on Trump’s fundamental unfitness to serve as the president of the United States, and hold firm on the need for his removal.


We cannot bend on this, or be seen as bending on this, if Trump starts doing things that the Democratic Party wants.


Just sayin’.


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Never Stop Demanding That Congress Investigate Trump’s Ties to Russia and His Violations of the Constitution

This OTYCD entry originally posted in March 2017.

Trump and his minions have done, or tried to do, any number of horrible things. Most of them demanded an immediate answer. Others demanded ongoing attention.


Several people are speaking up to say the daily shenanigans are distracting us from focusing on the two issues that have the power to force Trump from office: His financial conflicts of interest, and the Russian hacking scandal, which should shed light on Trump’s curious connections to Putin.


To be fair, these issues have not been forgotten, just overshadowed. A team of lawyers from the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is suing Trump over his violations of the Constitution’s Emoluments clause. Jerry Nadler, a house rep from New York who sits on the house judiciary committee, recently filed a resolution of inquiry into Trump, an early step on the road to impeachment. Members of Congress are pursuing bipartisan investigations into the Russian hacking scandal, despite Republican attempts to keep such queries under its party’s control (which would let them soft-pedal the findings).


But the blogger behind The Liberal Yell rightly points out that it’s on us, the citizens, to keep pressing Congress to stay on the two issues that could end Trump’s presidency, and we should support their efforts to do so.


See the blog below.


To summarize: TLY asks us to stay firmly on these two issues, regardless of what other evils Trump looses. No matter what happens, do not lose sight of the need to look into Trump’s Emoluments clause violations and the importance of getting to the bottom of the Russian hacking.


Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the post for a great tool–a custom postcard demanding investigations into both issues, which you can download and print and mail and hand out to others.



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Read about bipartisan efforts to investigate the Russian hacking scandal, and Republican resistance to it:



Learn about New York House Representative Jerry Nadler’s filing of a resolution of inquiry into Trump, and its implications:

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Check Out Gallup’s Presidential Job Approval Center

This OTYCD entry originally posted in June 2017.

Check out the Presidential Job Approval Center on Gallup’s web site, which lets you see how popular many 20th and 21st century presidents were on specific weeks of their terms.

The Presidential Job Approval Center is weirdly fascinating and includes everyone from Harry Truman to Donald Trump. But we’re going to direct you to something very specific.

When you visit the site (the URL is posted below), scroll to the bottom. Select “All Presidents,” and select “Richard Nixon.”

Then look to the right, pull up “All Adults,” and select “Republican.”

Now click on the right extreme of the red line.

That will show you how popular Nixon was among Republicans during August 2-5, 1974–the week that he chose resignation over certain impeachment.

Even then, Nixon had the support of 50 percent of Republicans.

Turn that over in your mind for a bit. Even as Nixon was readying to board that helicopter and leave the White House for the last time as president, half of all Republicans still supported the guy. FWIW, Nixon also had the support of 22 percent of Independents and 13 percent of Democrats in his final week as president.

What can we learn from this?

We don’t have to wait for the goddamn Republicans to come around to our levels of distaste for Trump. We can agitate for impeachment while he still remains popular with his party, if it is clear–and it is increasingly so–that the evidence supports impeachment.

This is not to say that we should agitate for impeachment in mid-2017, however. Let Mueller and his team do its work. Let Comey’s testimony sink in. Let the Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington’s lawsuits carry forward.

Stay strong. Stay alert. Keep calling your MoCs, and keep asking your friends to do the same. Keep marching. Keep protesting. Keep writing those postcards. Keep fighting the good fight. It matters.

See the Gallup Presidential Job Approval Center’s interactive tool:


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Join Your Nearest Trump Tax March on April 15

Those who lived through the 2016 presidential campaign know all too well that Donald Trump does not feel shame. But those who joined the Women’s March protests on January 21 know that he feels some uncomfortable emotion that he can’t name, and feels it keenly, when exceptionally large groups of people gather all over everywhere to push back against his nonsense.

Join the Trump Tax March happening near you on Tax Day, April 15.

The march is a social media wish that came true, but Trump himself willed it into being by promising to release his tax returns when on the campaign trail and refusing to do so once he was in office. He continues to insist that the public does not care that he hasn’t released his tax returns.

Trump clings to this delusion despite all evidence to the contrary, including a petition asking him to release his tax returns that tallied the required 100,000 signatures to trigger a response in under two days. As of February 4, 15 days short of the deadline to sign, it had racked up almost half a million signatures. It is the most popular petition in the history of the site, which was created by the Obama administration.

Clearly, people want Donald Trump to fulfill his promise and release his tax returns. Joining the April 15 marches just might prod him to do that.


View the page and sign up to receive alerts about the march:


Find the Tax March taking place nearest to you:


Like its Facebook page:


Follow its Twitter account:


And if you’re seeing this before February 20, sign the petition asking Trump to release his tax returns in full (and make sure to UNCHECK the box that lets the White House email you messages and updates):