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Read “Call the Halls”, Follow Author Emily Ellsworth

This OTYCD entry originally posted in January 2017.


Read Call the Halls, a guide to effectively contacting your members of Congress, and follow its author, former Utah Congressional aide Emily Ellsworth.


Within days of the election, Ellsworth was tweeting advice on what worked and didn’t work when talking to your Congressional delegation. That led her to write Call the Halls, which you can download here (if you can give a donation, please do; if you can’t, no worries–she deliberately created a free option):


She seems to be the first to stress the fact that calling is the best way to speak to your Congressional reps. This blog would not exist without her and her early work.



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She also posts relevant stories to Medium every now and again. 

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Support Emily Ellsworth, Author of Call the Halls, Who’s Running for Utah State Senate as a Republican

Support Emily Ellsworth, author of Call the Halls, who’s running for Utah state senate as a Republican.


We at OTYCD devoted one of our earliest blog posts to Emily Ellsworth and her downloadable guide, Call the Halls. Soon after the 2016 election, Ellsworth compiled a reference with vital advice for contacting members of Congress.


Since then she has continued to dispense advice over her Twitter feed. Recently, she took a big step–she announced she’s running for Utah state senate, in district 15.


She’s facing a fight. The current incumbent, Republican Margaret Dayton, won the 2014 election with more than 80 percent of the vote. Ellsworth needs help nowrightnow because she needs to get her name out there before Utah holds its primary on June 26, 2018.


Obligatory warning, with apologies for bonking you all on the head about this fact: Ellsworth is running as a Republican, which means she probably holds at least some political beliefs that differ from your own. That means she might sometimes say things and do things that don’t match your beliefs, and which might piss you off well and thoroughly. That’s OK. Really, it’s OK. You’re being asked to look at what she’s doing and support what you like, not endorse every last little everything she does. She understands the danger of Trump–that’s the key thing. One of the reasons this country is so borked right now is we’re fiercely polarized and, in avoiding jerks who disagree with us, we end up avoiding decent people who happen to disagree with us. That’s got to stop if we want to make things better.



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BONUS: If You’re Affected by #StellaBlizzard, Dial Your MoCs’ Washington, D.C. Offices

Bonus post: If you live in the area affected by the March 14 blizzard, and you want to call your members of Congress to oppose the GOP health care bill, dial their Washington D.C. offices first. They may have closed their district (home state) offices due to the storm.

This is per Emily Ellsworth, author of Call the Halls.

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