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Thank House Rep. John Lewis and Senator Cory Booker

Thank members of Congress John Lewis and Cory Booker for speaking out against Trump and his cabinet nominees.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker testified against against Jeff Sessions, nominee for the United States Attorney General, during his Judiciary Committee hearings earlier this week. This was an especially brave act. It might be the only time that a sitting U.S. senator has testified against another sitting U.S. senator.

John Lewis, a civil rights hero who stands for Georgia’s Fifth District in the House of Representatives, also testified powerfully against Sessions at the Judiciary Committee hearings. Text for his remarks and a tape of Booker’s speech is below.

Side note: Know also that Lewis is under fire for saying on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd why he won’t be attending the upcoming presidential inauguration–the first he’s skipped since becoming a Congressman: “I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president. I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected, and they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton… I think there was a conspiracy on the part of the Russians and others to help him get elected. That’s not right. That’s not fair. That’s not the open democratic process.” A clip of the appearance, in which Lewis speaks this quote, is below; the full interview airs on the morning of Sunday January 15.

Lewis has received a lot of support on social media, but he’s also getting flak from Trump and his nastier minions. (You read that right–Trump wasn’t smart enough to avoid attacking John Lewis on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend.)

If either man is one of your members of Congress, call their offices on Tuesday to thank them. If they are not, send a thank-you postcard to these addresses (And if you’re upset about Booker’s vote against importing pharmaceutical drugs from Canada, send a second finger-wagging postcard–best to have one message per card) :


Senator Cory Booker

One Gateway Center

23rd Floor

Newark, NJ 07012


House Representative John Lewis

100 Peachtree St NW

Suite 1920

Atlanta, GA 30303


You can also tweet your thanks to Booker:



And you can tweet Lewis or leave a message on his Facebook page:



See Cory Booker’s testimony against Jeff Sessions:


Read John Lewis’s testimony against Jeff Sessions:

Click to access Testimony%20of%20Congressman%20John%20Lewis%2011%20January%202017.pdf


See a clip from Lewis’s appearance on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd (the full interview airs on Sunday January 15):

John Lewis: Donald Trump not ‘a legitimate president’


More on Lewis’s statement and Trump’s response on Twitter:


And here’s a piece on the vote that Booker and 12 other Democrats took against the Sanders-Klobuchar amendment on importing prescription drugs. Twelve Republicans voted in favor. This occurred during the early-morning January 12 “vote-a-rama”.





Health Care · Marches and Protests

Join Bernie Sanders’s Rally to Save Health Care, and Tell Your Local Paper to Cover It

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is holding pro-health care rallies across the country on Sunday, January 15.

These events will protest the Republicans’ plans to destroy the Affordable Care Act (ACA), defund Planned Parenthood, and enact cuts to Medicaid.

The link below lists all the rallies planned to date:

If you don’t see an event scheduled near you, keep checking the link. Sanders staffers are adding more as they are finalized.

The link also features buttons you can use to spread the word about the rallies on Facebook and Twitter, as well as graphics that you can download and share.

If you can’t go, and even if you can, please ask your local newspaper to send someone to cover the rally. Do this even if you think your paper stinks. If enough local people ask it to cover a news event, it will send a reporter.

You will want to make your request to a specific person at the paper. Find your local newspaper’s web site and scroll to the bottom of the page for the link to the ‘Masthead’ or ‘Contact Us’ section. It should give you a list of names and contacts for editors and reporters, as well as their email addresses and social media accounts.

Scan the list for someone who seems most likely to help. Look for titles such as: “Managing Editor, Days” or “General Assignment Reporter.”

Email or tweet your coverage request to that specific person. Keep it brief.

Sample script:  “Please cover Bernie Sanders’s pro-health care rally on Sunday, January 15 at 1 pm at Faneuil Hall in Boston. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey will appear, as will many other notable people. I will check the Sunday paper in hopes of seeing a story.”

If you belong to a local group that will attend or speak at the rally, let the reporter know, and give contact info for the group–its web site, social media accounts, and the name of the group’s head. Covering a local group gives the reporter a local angle to pursue.

And if you don’t subscribe to your local paper, start. The death of print has been greatly exaggerated. Newspapers matter, and they want to give their readers what they want. Show your paper that you want it to cover anti-Trump protests.