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Help Liberal Moms of Roswell and Cobb Help Jon Ossoff #FlipThe6th

Help Liberal Moms of Roswell and Cobb (LMRC) continue their efforts to help Democrat Jon Ossoff #FlipThe6th and win the open House of Representatives seat on June 20.

Founded in November 2015 by a local liberal mother in East Cobb, LMRC now boasts 1,000 members, many of whom devoted themselves to getting the vote out for Jon Ossoff. Your donations and purchases from the LMRC shop will fuel their efforts to canvas for Ossoff a second time. If you know someone who lives in Cobb or Roswell counties who might like to join LMRC, tell them about it!


Visit the LMRC web page:


Donate to LMRC:


Purchase from the LMRC online shop (profits benefit the org):


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Read a Slate piece on grassroots progressive efforts in Georgia’s 6th District that mentions LMRC:



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If Jon Ossoff Gets At Least 51 Percent of the Vote TODAY, He WINS Tom Price’s Old House Seat. Help #FlipThe6th NOW.

Help Democrat Jon Ossoff win the house of representatives seat that Tom Price vacated in Georgia.

Big update, which we weren’t aware of before: If Ossoff gets at least 51 percent of the vote on April 18, he WINS THE SEAT OUTRIGHT. No runoff. No head-to-head contest. It’s his.

Key passage from a March 30 Politico piece (we added the bold):

“Ossoff is one of 18 candidates thrown together in a primary in which all the candidates — regardless of party — will appear on the same ballot. A candidate who receives more than 50 percent of the vote will win the race outright. If no candidate reaches 50 percent, there will be a runoff on June 20 between the top two vote-getters.”

So people, GET ON IT. Give him money. Phone-bank for him. Get your Georgia friends who live in the 6th district out to cast a ballot. We can do this!

Full Politico story is below. Original post text is under that.


The silver lining of Tom Price becoming the head of Health and Human Services is he had to leave his seat in the house of representatives. Georgia’s sixth district will hold a special election to fill it, with the primary scheduled for Tuesday April 18. It will be the first federal Congressional election since Trump took office.

The race will be tough, but not impossible. Democrats last held the house seat in 1978, but Trump won the district by only one percent in November. It could go blue.

The Georgia preliminaries take the form of a “jungle primary,” where as many who wish to compete can sign up, and whoever gets more than 50 percent of the vote wins. If no one crosses the 50 percent threshold, the top two vote-getters move on to compete against each other, regardless of their party affiliations. (The head-to-head contest would take place on June 20.) A total of 18 candidates have registered: eleven Republicans, five Democrats, and two Independents.

Democrats have quickly fallen in behind Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old documentary filmmaker and former intern of Georgia house rep John Lewis, who has endorsed him. So too has neighboring Georgia house rep Hank Johnson. Ossoff served as a deputy communications chief during Johnson’s 2006 campaign and as a legislative aide after Johnson won.

Ossoff’s fundraising prowess has been crazy-strong. As of February 28, his campaign claims to have raised almost $2 million in less than two months, with about $1 million coming via the Daily Kos web site.

Ossoff’s keenest Republican opponent is likely to be Karen Handel. She’s a former secretary of state for Georgia, and she was forced to resign from the Susan G. Komen For The Cure for leading a controversial and ultimately failed effort to stop funding Planned Parenthood.

Right now, you can help Ossoff by donating to his campaign and urging friends in Georgia’s sixth district to vote for him. OTYCD will update this post with info on how to phone-bank for him when the time comes.


See Jon Ossoff’s campaign web site:


Read more about Jon Ossoff and the race for the Georgia house seat:–regional-govt–politics/newcomer-with-war-chest-gives-democrats-hope-georgia-6th-district/m6cqizE9Ie0UYX1wHPjC1M/–regional-govt–politics/running-fill-price-house-seat-but-trump-could-drive-vote/l1MNkscmQQ2vNYKlka9OwL/,_2017









Follow Michael McDonald for Updates on Early Voting Figures for Jon Ossoff’s House Race in Georgia’s Sixth District

Follow Professor Michael McDonald for periodic updates on early voter turnout for Jon Ossoff and others running in the Georgia special election for its 6th District House of Representatives seat.

Dr. Michael P. McDonald is an associate professor of political science at the University of Florida. He runs the United States Election Project, which tracks American voter turnout.

Future posts will talk about the United States Election Project and its implications. Right now, we want you to know about McDonald’s Twitter feed, because he’s tracking and posting information about the early vote totals in the special election for the open house seat in Georgia’s 6th District, which Jon Ossoff hopes to win. If Ossoff can draw at least 51 percent of the vote, the seat becomes his, with no need for a head-to-head contest or a runoff.

According to his tweets on Sunday April 1, slightly more than 8,000 ballots were cast and accepted since early voting began on Monday, and the Democrats have the lead.

Follow Professor McDonald on Twitter:


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DEADLINE IS PAST: Use the Power of Postcards to Help #FlipThe6th

Update: April 12 is the deadline for mailing postcards WITHIN Georgia.

April 13 is the deadline for mailing postcards within Georgia’s 6th District.

If you live outside of Georgia, time’s up. But rest assured we’ll be scouting for future postcard campaigns of this nature and we’ll get a blog post up right away.


Like to write and mail postcards? Want to help the Democrats claim the open house rep seat in Georgia’s 6th District on April 18? Join the Postcards to Flip the 6th Project.

When you email Tony, the organizer, you will receive five street addresses belonging to qualified Democratic households.

You agree to mail five heartfelt, hand-written postcards to Democratic constituents in Georgia’s 6th District, asking them to come out and vote.

As of April 8, more than 57,000 voters in the counties of DeKalb, Fulton, and Cobb had received postcards from those who joined the project.

We apologize for not writing about this earlier, but we only learned about it on April 9. If you want to do this, email Tony TODAY and get to work on your postcards once you get your addresses.

IMPORTANT: This is a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) effort. The language on your postcards should urge the recipient to do just that–get out and vote. Do not mention any candidates by name. Don’t pick up your pen until you’ve read the Easy Rules and the Suggested Talking Points and have agreed to abide by them.


To receive your first five street addresses, email:

TonytheDemocrat     at


Read a blog post about the Postcards to Flip the 6th Project:

Change is possible.


Not convinced it’ll work? See this screenshot of mailed postcards and the reactions of their recipients:

Screenshot of reactions of people who received Postcards to Flip the 6th