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Help John Oliver Keep Up The Great Work By Subscribing to HBO

This OTYCD entry originally posted in June 2017.


Support the work of John Oliver and his team at Last Week Tonight by subscribing to Home Box Office (HBO) and telling HBO that you signed on specifically to get his show.


Comedian John Oliver, alumnus of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, has done powerful and impressive work before and since the election of Donald Trump. If we manage to save net neutrality, he and his #GoFCCYourself campaign will deserve a big slice of the credit.


While the 2016 presidential campaign was still live, Oliver called attention to the madness of the presidential primary process and asked us to reserve February 2, 2018, as the day to ask our legislators to fix it.


He’s aimed his guns at income inequality, payday loans, the rank injustices of the prison system, student debt, civil asset forfeiture, and dozens of other vital issues.


You’ve learned a lot from him, admit it. So forgive us for asking, but do you watch his segments for free online, or do you subscribe to HBO?


If you don’t, well, it’s past time for you to subscribe to HBO. And when you do, please go out of your way to tell HBO that you signed up specifically because it runs Last Week Tonight, and you want Oliver and his team to carry on with their good work.


Sign up for HBO, with or without cable:


Once you’ve done that, contact HBO and tell them you subscribed expressly to support John Oliver and Last Week Tonight:


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Follow John Oliver on Twitter:



Read about Last Week Tonight‘s #GoFCCYourself campaign and how effective it’s been:


Read about how the efforts of John Oliver and Last Week Tonight have boosted other worthy anti-Trump and pro-democracy causes:


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Call Your Senators TODAY, Monday October 2, And Urge Them To Vote Against Giving Ajit Pai A Five-Year Term at the FCC

Call your senators TODAY, Monday October 2, 2017, and urge them to vote NO on giving Federal Communications Commission chair Ajit Pai a full five-year term.

This is admittedly a long shot, but we’re rescheduling things to do this as our new post because the vote is scheduled for today.

Pai is hell-bent on destroying net neutrality, the policy that forces the powers that be who govern the Internet to treat all traffic the same, no matter how much they pay. If net neutrality is destroyed, providers can reserve better, faster service for those who they charge for the privilege, and stick the rest of us with poky service for no reason beyond the fact that we can’t or won’t pay for what we used to get as a matter of course.

Trump re-nominated Pai to the post in March. Senator Maria Cantwell, a Democrat from the state of Washington, is determined not to let Pai’s renomination pass without a fight.

Read this story for more on Cantwell’s opposition:

Here’s a script for calling your senators today on this:

“Dear Senator (Lastname), I am (Firstname Lastname, from town, zip code). I am calling to ask you to vote no on giving FCC chair Ajit Pai a full five-year term at the agency. He wants to destroy net neutrality and deregulate the broadband industry. If he succeeds, he would split the Internet in two, making a version that favors the wealthy and another version that punishes the less wealthy. There is no good reason to do this and it would make the Internet experience worse for everyone. Please vote against re-upping Pai’s tenure. Thank you.”