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We know you love mailing postcards. The organization Postcards from Kate scratches your postcard itch and lets you do good at the same time. From the PFK ‘About’ page (bold is theirs):


“Every day or once a week, we’ll email the names and mailing addresses of at least one person deserving of our wholehearted thanks for taking an action which reinforces or supports our progressive values. We believe in equal rights, access to healthcare, just and fair governance, and freedom. We don’t think any party owns American values. And we believe kindness is the best policy.


Postcards from Kate is named for Katharine Lee Bates, who wrote the song America the Beautiful.


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Download and Enjoy Postcard Designs for the Resistance

Download and enjoy a great group of Resistance-themed postcard designs by Beverly Stokes.


You’ve shown OTYCD that you love postcard campaigns. Beverly Stokes, an American singer-songwriter, has designed many great postcard and is offering them as PDFs that you can download for free (or for a donation if you wish).


You can also suggest ideas for new postcards.


Her designs showcase on-point phrases such as, “America is Great, But This Is Some Bullshit,” “Proud Snowflake,” “Facts Are Non-Partisan,” “Remember the Bowling Green Massacre? Yeah, Me Neither.”


Stokes also did a series of postcard Valentines for public officials, such as “Keep Crushing It, Kirsten,” for Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, “I Love the Way You Represent Me,” for Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and “You Can Be Mine When You Grow a Spine,” for Republicans who need to feel the heat of constituent disapproval.



See Stokes’s website, Progressive Postcards (look to the lower left to find the donation form; scroll down if you want to find the form for sending her a design suggestion):



Learn what Stokes does with your donations (scroll down to subscribe to her e-newsletter):



See the ‘About’ page from the page for her musical career:



And! We spotted the Progressive Postcards page in the sidebar of Links at Speaking Truth to Power, a fine blog and friend of OTYCD, which you can check out here:

Patience and Persistence



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Thank These Lawyers for Suing Trump

This OTYCD entry originally posted in January 2017.

Numerous ethics experts and lawyers warned that Donald Trump’s business entanglements would place him in violation of the Constitution the instant that he took office as president.

On Monday, January 23, the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) brought suit against the newly sworn-in president. Please send thank-you postcards to the team that is pursuing the case.

The New York Times story on the suit is below, and the addresses are below the link. Note this intriguing paragraph, which appears deep in the article:

“Mr. Eisen said the legal team intended to use the lawsuit to try to get a copy of Mr. Trump’s federal tax returns, which are needed to properly assess what income or other payments or loans Mr. Trump has received from foreign governments.”

So, this lawsuit might achieve another worthy goal, too–forcing Trump to release his tax returns, which his senior advisor Kellyanne Conway recently said he would not do, despite the fact that almost 600,000 people have signed a petition asking him to do so. (If you want to sign the petition, which closes on Feb 19, go here:


Please send thank-you postcards to:


Erwin Chemerinsky

Norman Eisen

Deepak Gupta

Richard W. Painter

Zephyr Teachout

Laurence H. Tribe

c/o Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)

455 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Sixth Floor

Washington, DC 20001





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Tell Trump You Care About His Tax Returns

This OTYCD entry originally posted in January 2017.

During his January 11, 2017 press conference, Trump claimed that only reporters cared about his tax returns.

After repeating the claim that he could not release the information because it was under IRS audit, this exchange ensued:

Trump: “You know, the only one that cares about my tax returns are the reporters, OK? They’re the only ones who ask.”

Question (Unnamed Reporter): “You don’t think the American public is concerned about it?”

Trump: “No, I don’t think so. I won, when I became president. No, I don’t think they care at all. I don’t think they care at all.”


Prove Trump wrong by telling him you care about his tax returns.


You can mail a postcard to:


Donald Trump

c/o Trump Tower

721 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY, 10022


Write a succinct, polite, direct message:


I care about your tax returns.

I am not a reporter, and I care about your tax returns.

I am a concerned citizen, and I care about your tax returns.

I care about your tax returns (written out as many times as will fit on the postcard)

Please release your tax returns.


Postcard stamps cost 34 cents. Buy them online through the USPS store:



Earn OTYCD style points for mailing Trump a postcard that features Norman Rockwell’s timeless Four Freedoms series image, Freedom of Speech. You can buy them for $1 apiece through the Norman Rockwell Museum Store online:


Earn double OTYCD style points for buying a 100-count roll of postcard stamps, a big mess ‘o postcards, and inviting as many like-minded friends as you can to join you for a postcard-writing party. Maybe plan it for January 20. Why not?

Encourage as many people as you can to mail postcards to Trump. The more, the better. If it appeals to you, go ahead and mail a postcard every day until he relents and reveals his tax returns. (Be warned that if you follow that path, you may need to buy more 100-count rolls of postcard stamps.)


If you have a Twitter account, you can tweet Trump at:




Be succinct, polite, and direct. Boring, even. Make your point and get out: “I care about your tax returns.” Include the hashtag #TrumpTaxes.

Tweet your message as often as you like and as often as your followers will put up with it, or until Trump reveals his tax returns.


This New York Times article contains a full transcript of the January 11 press conference. Scroll down about 40 percent of the way to find the exchange about tax returns:

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Stock Up on Postcards and 35-cent Stamps

This OTYCD entry originally posted in January 2017.


Stock up on postcards and 35-cent stamps.


When a Congressional representative from another state does something that delights you or annoys you, don’t call their offices.


Jamming their lines only makes it harder for their own constituents to get through, and they only listen to their own constituents.


Instead, see if you have friends in that state and urge them to contact their reps. Help them find their reps’ contact info if they need it (See the first blog post, ‘Self-advocacy 101: Find Your Congressional Representatives’, for tools to help you do this.)


If you still want to say something to the out-of-state rep that made you happy or mad, send a postcard. Your opinion will show up in a physical way while leaving the rep’s phone lines free.


It also sets a price on your emotions: OK, you’re mad, but are you 34 cents’ worth of mad? Yes? Then have at it.


Good ‘happy’ example: Sending thank-you postcards to Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer, Jack Reid, and John McCain for calling for a bipartisan investigation of the Russian hacking scandal.


Good ‘mad’ example: Sending a postcard to Ohio governor John Kasich, asking him to veto both of those Ohio anti-abortion bills.


IMPORTANT: When you write your postcard message, you need to leave room for your name and your full address. This is per Emily Ellsworth, author of Call the Halls. Initials and a zip code are NOT enough. If your postcard lacks a full address, the MoC’s office folk will probably trash it. If you can’t fit your address and your message on a postcard, best to send an email or a letter instead.


Here is a link through which you can purchase postcard stamps:



This “Fanciful Flowers” stamped card is the closest thing to a pre-stamped postcard that the USPS sells:



Many venues sell postcards. If you live in a touristy area, you’re set–try your local Visitor’s Center and souvenir shops.


You can also try stationery and paper goods stores; museum gift shops; big pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS; and any place that sells tchotchkes, knick-knacks, keepsakes, and assorted shelf-clutterers.


The Norman Rockwell Museum Store sells postcard versions of his Freedom of Speech painting for a buck each (Item no. P057):


The first action that the Women’s March organizers asked in their 10 Actions/100 Days campaign is to send a postcard to your senators about the issues that matter most to you, and say how you will fight for them. They included a postcard design that you can download and print:



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If you’d like a fine, subtle, albeit pricey way to troll Trump, stock up on postcards of Titian’s painting of Danae.


Danae is a mortal princess from Greek mythology who was impregnated by the god Zeus when he visited her in the form of–no joke–a golden shower.


Here’s the link through which you can order the Danae postcards (warning–the company is in the UK, so the postcards and the shipping will be on the expensive side of things):



And here is the story of Danae:



And if you’re crafty, visit Michael’s or A.C. Moore and buy card stock, paper cutters, and rubber stamps and make your own postcards.


Thank-you Thursdays: Jeff Merkley; Any Senator Who Filibustered and Voted Against Gorsuch for SCOTUS: H. Scott Wallace of the Wallace Global Fund

Here’s a running tally of people, companies, and others to thank for pushing back against Trump. The most recent thank-you actions are at the top.


Thank Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley for fighting against Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) by speaking on the Senate floor for more than 15 hours.

If you’re not college-age, doing anything for 15 hours is tough on the body, no matter what it is. Merkley is 60 years old. That is a feat, people. He deserves thanks.

Send him a thank-you postcard (remember to put your full return address on it or it will be junked):


Senator Jeff Merkley

405 East 8th Avenue, Suite 2010

Eugene, OR 97401

If you are his constituent, call him to say thanks: 541.465.6750


Read about Merkley’s epic filibuster-that-wasn’t-a-filibuster:


Did your senator vote against Gorsuch and support the filibuster? Thank them.

First, check this New York Times interactive list that shows how each senator voted:

…then, if you don’t have your senators’ contact info handy, consult:

…and find their office phone numbers that way. You’ll find it easier to get through to their district (state) offices than their Washington offices.


Thank H. Scott Wallace, of the Wallace Global Fund, for firing a law firm for enabling the chicanery of Donald Trump. The firm had evidently advised Trump on how to separate himself from his globe-spanning network of businesses in a bid to comply with the Emoluments clause of the Constitution.

Wallace took calm, clear aim at the firm with both barrels in his letter, saying, “We believe that the legal advice given to him by your partner is not just simplistic and ill-founded, but that it empowers and even encourages impeachable offenses and undetectable financial conflicts of interest by America’s highest official, and thus is an unprecedented invitation to corruption and assault on our democracy.”

Send a thank-you postcard to Wallace for doing the right thing, loudly and clearly:


H. Scott Wallace

Wallace Global Fund

2040 S Street, NW

Washington, DC 20009


Read the full letter, which Politico has posted:


Read a Slate story about Wallace’s letter:


Thank Illinois Senator Dick Durbin for calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. In particular, he said he felt that the ongoing probe run by the Senate Intelligence Committee isn’t enough–that we need someone who’s explicitly independent to look into this mess. He suggested that someone such as Colin Powell, who served as secretary of state under George W. Bush, or the retired Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor would have the stature and reputation to lead such a commission.

Send Durbin a thank-you postcard here (please include your full return address):

Senator Dick Durbin

230 S. Dearborn St, Suite 3892

Chicago, IL, 60604

If you live in Illinois, you can call and thank him: 312.353.4952

Read a Bloomberg story about Durbin’s statements:


Thank former president George W. Bush for pushing back against Trump in public, on television. During an appearance on the Today Show, he defended the role of a free press, defended religious freedom, endorsed the notion of investigating Trump’s Russia ties (but stopped short of supporting the appointment of a special prosecutor), and refused to endorse Trump’s travel ban executive order.

It’s awkward for an ex-president to criticize the sitting president. It’s extra-awkward when both are Republicans. It’s also notable because Bush has said little on record about politics since leaving office in 2004, and he made his critical remarks on television, the only medium Trump seems to care about. Please thank Bush for speaking up.

Send a thank-you postcard to (and include your full return address please):

George W. Bush Presidential Center

2943 SMU Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75205


Read a story on Bush’s Today Show remarks here:


Thank Democratic New York Senator Chuck Schumer for calling for U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from Russia-related investigations of Trump.

Back on February 21, the Washington Post published an op-ed from Schumer in which he asked Sessions to disengage from any investigation into the actions of national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Sessions has since finally said he is open to recusing himself from DOJ investigations of Russia “if necessary,” but only after a few weeks of pressure that primarily came from Democrats.

Send a thank-you postcard to Chuck Schumer (make sure to include your full return address, even though it’s a postcard):

Leo O’Brien Building, Room 420

Albany, NY 12207

If you live in New York state, call him to say thanks: 518.431.4070

Read Schumer’s Washington Post op-ed asking for Sessions to recuse himself:

This is the same Bloomberg story cited above, but it includes an aside that quotes Sessions saying he will recuse himself from Russia-related investigations “if necessary”:


Thank Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island and Democratic Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico for calling out the president for his exceptionally public mishandling of sensitive information, and for demanding that their Republican counterparts do something about it.

The senators’ joint statement, released on February 13, read in part:

“During the campaign, we listened to month upon month of Donald Trump complaining about the handling of important national security information.  We’ve had years of inconclusive investigations by House Republicans over emails and classified documents.  Now we have unknown and unvetted Mar-a-Lago members looking over the President’s shoulder as he conducts our foreign policy.

“This is America’s foreign policy, not this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live.  We urge our Republican colleagues to start taking this Administration’s rash and unprofessional conduct seriously before there are consequences we all regret.”

Contact information for Sheldon Whitehouse:

170 Westminster St., Ste. 200

Providence, R.I. 02903

401.453.5294 (Constituents only, please)

Contact information for Tom Udall:

400 Gold Ave., SW, Suite 300

Albuquerque, NM 87102

505.346.6791 (Constituents only, please)

See the joint statement from Whitehouse and Udall here:


Thank New York House Representative Jerrold Nadler for filing a resolution of inquiry against Donald Trump. Nadler sits on the House Judiciary Committee, which is the body that handles such requests. A resolution of inquiry is an early step on the road to impeachment.

Nadler’s resolution includes this statement (care of

“Donald Trump has refused to step away from his business interests in any meaningful way. His foreign entanglements are likely unconstitutional, he has repeatedly refused to disclose his financial assets, and he is clouded by the specter of Russian intervention in the election and his Administration.”

Nadler’s contact information:

6605 Fort Hamilton Parkway

Brooklyn, NY 11219

718.373.3198 (Constituents only, please)

See the item on Nadler’s action:


Thank Utah House Representative Jason Chaffetz and Maryland House Representative Elijah Cummings for asking the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) to discipline Kellyanne Conway for asking citizens to purchase Ivanka Trump products. 

Chaffetz is the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee; Cummings is his Democratic counterpart. It is extra-important to thank Chaffetz for making this move because he has shown reluctance to go after Trump’s conflicts, despite having vigorously pursued investigations into Hillary Clinton. But you should send thank-yous to both.

Contact information:

Jason Chaffetz

51 S University Ave.

Suite 318

Provo UT 84601

801.851.2500 (Constituents only, please)

Elijah Cummings

754 Frederick Road

Catonsville MD 21228

410.685.9199 (Constituents only, please)

Read this Vox story about Conway’s ethical error:

See the bipartisan letter to the OGE:

Click to access Letter-to-OGE-re-Conway-Endorsement-FINAL.pdf


Thank Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski and Maine Senator Susan Collins for voting against Betsy DeVos to head the Department of Education.

Democrats fought hard against DeVos’s confirmation; all 48 voted against her. Remarkably, two Republicans joined them. Collins and Murkowski voted no because their constituents called and emailed and asked them to do so.

Unquestionably, they came under a lot of pressure from Mitch McConnell and their party colleagues to vote yes. But they listened to the people who voted for them, and they put them first.

Please thank both of them for their bravery.

Lisa Murkowski

Federal Building

101 12th Avenue, Suite 329

Fairbanks, AK 99701

907.456.0233 (Constituents only, please)

Susan Collins

68 Sewall Street, Room 507

Augusta, ME 04330

207.622.8414 (Constituents only, please)

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Send Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, The Notorious RBG, Birthday Wishes on March 15

Send birthday wishes to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who turns 84 on March 15.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the queen of judicial badasses. She inspired the “Notorious RBG” meme. She’s served on the Supreme Court with wisdom and dignity since 1993, when she became only the second female justice appointed to the august body.

She turns 84 on March 15. Let’s show her some love, shall we?

Send letters and postcards (and include your full return address please) to:


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Supreme Court of the United States

1 First Street, NE

Washington, DC 20543

Postcard Campaigns

Dump Postcards on Trump on March 15, #TheIdesOfTrump

Are you stocked up on postcards and 34-cent stamps yet?

Consider mailing a few postcards to President Trump on March 15, which organizers are calling the Ides of Trump.

The goal of the movement is to get more than a million postcards off to Trump on March 15, none of which have anything good to say.

Postcards should go to:

President Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington D.C. 20500

The Ides of Trump folks encourage you to take a photo of your postcard before mailing and put it up on social media. If you post to Twitter, use the hashtag #TheIdesofTrump

Here is a link through which you can purchase postcard stamps:


While we at OTYCD urge you to be civilized, the postcard messages should make clear that you are not happy with Trump.

Some messages that could work:

“Nevertheless, we persist.”

“John McCain was much funnier than you on his episode of SNL.”

“Release your tax returns.”

If you’d like a fine, subtle, albeit pricey way to troll Trump, you can purchase postcards of Titian’s painting of Danae.

Danae is a mortal princess from Greek mythology who was impregnated by the god Zeus when he visited her in the form of–no joke–a golden shower.

Here’s the link through which you can order the Danae postcards (warning–the company is in the UK, so the postcards and the shipping will be on the expensive side of things):


And here is the story of Danae:

Thank You Actions

Thank House Rep. John Lewis and Senator Cory Booker

Thank members of Congress John Lewis and Cory Booker for speaking out against Trump and his cabinet nominees.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker testified against against Jeff Sessions, nominee for the United States Attorney General, during his Judiciary Committee hearings earlier this week. This was an especially brave act. It might be the only time that a sitting U.S. senator has testified against another sitting U.S. senator.

John Lewis, a civil rights hero who stands for Georgia’s Fifth District in the House of Representatives, also testified powerfully against Sessions at the Judiciary Committee hearings. Text for his remarks and a tape of Booker’s speech is below.

Side note: Know also that Lewis is under fire for saying on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd why he won’t be attending the upcoming presidential inauguration–the first he’s skipped since becoming a Congressman: “I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president. I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected, and they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton… I think there was a conspiracy on the part of the Russians and others to help him get elected. That’s not right. That’s not fair. That’s not the open democratic process.” A clip of the appearance, in which Lewis speaks this quote, is below; the full interview airs on the morning of Sunday January 15.

Lewis has received a lot of support on social media, but he’s also getting flak from Trump and his nastier minions. (You read that right–Trump wasn’t smart enough to avoid attacking John Lewis on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend.)

If either man is one of your members of Congress, call their offices on Tuesday to thank them. If they are not, send a thank-you postcard to these addresses (And if you’re upset about Booker’s vote against importing pharmaceutical drugs from Canada, send a second finger-wagging postcard–best to have one message per card) :


Senator Cory Booker

One Gateway Center

23rd Floor

Newark, NJ 07012


House Representative John Lewis

100 Peachtree St NW

Suite 1920

Atlanta, GA 30303


You can also tweet your thanks to Booker:



And you can tweet Lewis or leave a message on his Facebook page:



See Cory Booker’s testimony against Jeff Sessions:


Read John Lewis’s testimony against Jeff Sessions:

Click to access Testimony%20of%20Congressman%20John%20Lewis%2011%20January%202017.pdf


See a clip from Lewis’s appearance on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd (the full interview airs on Sunday January 15):

John Lewis: Donald Trump not ‘a legitimate president’


More on Lewis’s statement and Trump’s response on Twitter:


And here’s a piece on the vote that Booker and 12 other Democrats took against the Sanders-Klobuchar amendment on importing prescription drugs. Twelve Republicans voted in favor. This occurred during the early-morning January 12 “vote-a-rama”.