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GOOD UPDATE! Annette Taddeo WINS the Florida State Senate Seat, Flipping It From Red to Blue!

This OTYCD entry originally posted in September 2017.


GOOD UPDATE! Annette Taddeo won the September 26 special election for the Florida State Senate race!


Taddeo won despite being up against a Republican who had name recognition from being on The Apprentice, and despite Governor Rick Scott’s refusal to reschedule the election after Hurricane Irma hit Florida.


Special thanks to Flippable and to those who wrote postcards to get out the vote for her!


Read about Taddeo’s win:



Original text of the post follows:


Help elect Democrat Annette Taddeo to the state senate of Florida on September 26, 2017, by sending postcards to GOTV, donating, or other actions.


Taddeo won the special primary election handily on July 25, claiming 70 percent of the vote. She is up against Republican Jose Felix Dias and Independent Christian “He-Man” Schlareth.


The seat, located in Miami-Dade county, opened in late April after the incumbent, Republican Frank Artiles, used a six-letter racial slur beginning with ‘n’ in a charged conversation that included two black Democratic state senate colleagues.


Our good friend Tony the Democrat has a postcard campaign to get out the vote for Taddeo. Participants receive addresses of individuals who have voted Democratic in the past. Please follow the rules and stick to the basic language that Tony will give you.



As always, you can text HELLO to Abby the Address Bot anytime. The number is:


484.ASK.ABBY aka 484.275.2229


You can request addresses via email as well:



Taddeo has earned the recommendations or endorsements of the Miami Herald and our friends at Flippable. She is a Colombian-born woman who runs her own translation business and has held high-ranking posts in the Democratic Party in Florida.


Taddeo opposes high-states testing and wants to protect public schools from having their budgets weakened and drained by initiatives from private, for-profit corporations. She wants to improve traffic in and around Miami-Dade by securing funding to improve the local infrastructure. She is committed to protecting the county’s drinking water from threats posed by fracking.



See Taddeo’s campaign site:



Read Flippable’s endorsement of Taddeo, and note its intel on the district, which they believe is trending blue:



Read the Miami Herald‘s recommendation of Taddeo (the piece covers several candidates, not just her):



Subscribe to One Thing You Can Do by clicking the blue button on the upper right or checking the About & Subscribe page. And tell your friends about the blog!



Like her on Facebook:



Follow Taddeo on Twitter:




Donate to Annette Taddeo:



Read Ballotpedia’s entries on Taddeo and on Florida’s State Senate District 40:



Read about the meltdown that ended Frank Artiles’s state senate incumbency:

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GOOD UPDATE on a Postcard GOTV Campaign! Kevin Cavanaugh WON That New Hampshire State Senate Seat!

This OTYCD entry originally posted in July 2017.


Good news, everyone! Kevin Cavanaugh, the Democrat who ran for the open New Hampshire state senate seat in the special election held on July 25, 2017.


Congratulations to Cavanaugh and to everyone who wrote postcards to get out the vote for him!


Read coverage of Cavanaugh’s win, which is regarded as an upset:


This story cites the success of the GOTV effort in the first sentence:



Original text of our post on this campaign is below:


Ready to send more postcards? Democrat Kevin Cavanaugh needs you to get out the vote (GOTV) for him in a July 25 special election for the New Hampshire state senate. 


Democrat Scott McGilvray became the first Democrat to win state senate district 16 in quite a while last November. He defeated his Republican challenger 51 percent to 48 percent. Sadly, McGilvray fell ill and died in March 2017. New Hampshire has scheduled the special election to fill his seat for July 25, 2017.


Ballotpedia identifies state senate district 16 as a pivot county–it went for Barack Obama twice before going to Donald Trump last year.


Sending postcard to New Hampshire democrats and asking them to come out and vote could help keep the newly flipped seat blue.


Our friend Tony the Democrat is leading the charge.


To get as many as 15 addresses at a time, text Abby the Address Bot at:



If you want even more than that, email:


Postcards    @



Subscribe to One Thing You Can Do by clicking the blue button on the upper right or checking the About & Subscribe page. And tell your friends about the blog!



A few things to remember:

Be careful how you address your cards. Say “Dear Voter,” “To the Fine Voters at,” “Best Voters Ever,” etc., taking care not to assume a party affiliation as your postcard might go to a mixed household



Here are some points to get across on all your Cavanaugh postcards:



Democrat Kevin Cavanaugh is running in district 16 for New Hampshire state senate.

The special election is July 25.

Kevin was born and raised in New Hampshire where he has been a blue collar IBEW union member for 32 years.


Please mail your postcards within three days of writing them.


The deadline for getting postcards in the mail is Tuesday July 17.



See Tony the Democrat’s mailing on the Cavanaugh campaign:



See Cavanaugh’s campaign web site:



Read the Ballotpedia page on New Hampshire’s special election in state senate district 16:



Read the Ballotpedia page on New Hampshire state legislative special elections, which talks about pivot counties:,_2017



Like the Postcards to Voters page on Facebook:



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See the Scorecard for Tony the Democrat’s GOTV Postcard Campaigns (Complete Update, with Notable Extras, December 24, 2017)

See the scorecard for the GOTV postcard campaigns led by Tony the Democrat, and you’ll see that you matter, and your efforts matter.


Tony the Democrat and his team have been leading postcard campaigns to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) for worthy Democrats on all levels–local, state, and federal elections–as of early 2017. Since then he has recruited more than 4,000 people to participate and help the chosen candidates.


Someone emailed OTYCD to suggest that we publish a running scorecard of the Tony the Democrat campaigns, and we thought it was a good idea. This tally is accurate as of October 1, 2017, and is in chronological order. We’ll update it periodically.


Also, look under the ‘Postcard Campaigns’ heading on OTYCD to see past postcard campaigns and learn about new ones. OTYCD has not managed to cover all of Tony’s postcard campaigns–sometimes we learn about them too late to get a post up in time to help–but we did write about those for Ossoff, Parnell, Gaddis, Cavanaugh, Patterson, Keys-Gamarra, Taddeo, and Jones, and we look forward to writing about more.



See the Tony the Democrat GOTV Postcard Campaign Scorecard:



As of December 24, 2017, the T the D team had done 56 GOTV postcard campaigns.

A total of 32 candidates won their races, and three more proceeded to runoffs. There were 21 losses.



See the main website for Tony the Democrat here:



Learn how to volunteer to write GOTV postcards:



Subscribe to One Thing You Can Do by clicking the button on the upper right of the page. And tell your friends about the blog!



Here’s the FAQ page for Tony the Democrat:



Here’s the final tally on the GOTV postcard campaign for Doug Jones in Alabama, which was the team’s biggest challenge to date:



Donate to the efforts of Tony the Democrat and the postcard-writing army:



In addition, Tony McMullin, aka Tony the Democrat, did an AMA on Reddit on September 29, 2017. See it below:





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Join the Postcards to Voters Facebook Page and Get the Drop on New GOTV Postcard Campaigns

This OTYCD entry originally posted in August 2017.

Like the Postcards to Voters Facebook page and learn about Tony the Democrat’s GOTV postcard campaigns before anyone else.

If you like OTYCD, you like postcard campaigns. Most of our best-read and most-liked posts are about postcard campaigns that you can jump on.

Tony the Democrat is the modern god of get out the vote (GOTV) postcard campaigns for Democratic candidates. He lead a GOTV postcard campaign for Jon Ossoff during the primary, as well as campaigns for Archie Parnell in South Carolina and several state-level legislative candidates.

All the campaigns are designed to remind area Democrats about upcoming special elections and encourage them to go out and vote.

Tony and his friends have since set up a Facebook page through which you can learn about new postcard campaigns first and enjoy posts from your fellow postcard warriors. Please check it out!


Like the Postcards to Voters Facebook page:

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Sponsor Those Who Write GOTV Postcards for Tony the Democrat

This OTYCD entry originally posted in December 2017.

Sponsor those who write GOTV postcards for Tony the Democrat’s campaigns.

So you’ve heard about Tony the Democrat’s Postcards To Voters campaigns, and you love the idea. But you can’t participate–you just don’t have the time.

If you’d rather donate money to sponsor the costs of running a GOTV postcard campaign, and pay for postcards and stamps for postcard-writers, you can do that!

Donors have several options.


For one-time gifts, use:



For recurring gifts, you can set up secure recurring credit card payments at GivingFuel:



And, if you’d rather send a check or money order:

Tony McMullin

2774 Cobb Pkwy NW #109-199

Kennesaw, GA 30152-3469


Thanks! Every contribution helps!

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Mail Postcards to GOTV for Alabama Senate Candidate Doug Jones. GREAT UPDATE! Doug Jones WON! Thank you!

Mail postcards to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) for Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate for the open Senate seat in Alabama. Tony the Democrat is calling all hands on deck–this means you, plus your friends, too.

Final update: Around 10 pm EST on the night of December 12, media outlets began calling the special election for the open Alabama Senate seat for Democrat Doug Jones. Wow, it feels good to type that. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Progress report, November 12: Today, Tony the Democrat tweeted on the @DemocratWit account that over the past 10 days, 1,660 writers have mailed more than 56,000 GOTV postcards for Doug Jones.

It’s unclear how much of a dent this makes in the list, which covers Democratic voters in the entire state. Tony joked there were ‘billions and billions’ on it (if you get this Johnny Carson/Carl Sagan reference, Sarah Jane loves you).

In related news–Harry Enten, a senior political writer and analyst for 538, tweeted (his handle is @ForecasterEnten) that a new poll would appear on Monday November 13 at 11 am Central time that would show Doug Jones with his first lead over Roy Moore:

I can report (unless my sources have failed me) that tomorrow will showcase the first public poll to show Doug Jones with a lead in the AL-Senate race. This race is very real.

Per Tony the Democrat, we have 24 viable writing days until the special election on December 12. Please join the postcard-writing team, and please recruit friends to join you!

Original post text follows:

Alabama voters are faced with a stark choice on December 12, 2017: elect a man who put two Ku Klux Klan terrorists in jail for the infamous 1963 bombing at a Birmingham church, or elect the former judge who was booted from the state’s Supreme Court twice for flouting the rule of law. (The first time, he defied federal court orders to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the grounds of the Alabama Judicial Building. The second time, he told state judges to continue banning same-sex marriage though it had been ruled unconstitutional.)

Jones is putting up a heroic showing against Moore. A Fox News poll taken on October 17, 2017 showed each man with 42 percent of the vote–tied! In blood-red Alabama! (To be fair, other polls, which all sampled “likely voters” from Alabama instead of registered voters, show a six- to eleven-point gap between the candidates.)

Jones is accepting the help of the 4,000-strong postcard-writing army raised by Tony the Democrat, but Tony needs an even bigger army for this task, the first general statewide Congressional campaign he and his compatriots have tackled.

Tony is asking every member to write and mail five postcards AND recruit five friends to write five postcards each to GOTV for Doug Jones.


If you want to receive a handful of addresses, text HELLO to Abby the Address Bot:

484.ASK.ABBY aka 484.275.2229

If you want a lot more than five addresses at a time, or texting isn’t convenient for you, email:

Postcards    @


General rules that apply to all Tony the Democrat postcard campaigns:


Write legibly.

Choose your postcard designs wisely. Stick to neutral, benign imagery.

Mail completed postcards daily.

Best not to sign your postcards at all, but if you must, use your initials or your first name.

Only write to each voter once.

If you photograph your finished postcards to post on social media, always make sure to cover up or blur the addresses.

Stick to homegrown-looking postcards. Don’t use the candidate’s campaign graphics or imagery.

Stick to the talking points.

Contact Tony and his team if you have questions.

When addressing the postcards, don’t assume that every voter in the household is a registered Democrat. Stick to greetings such as ‘Important Voter’ or ‘Best Voter Ever’.


Every postcard for Doug Jones needs to say the following phrases:

Democrat Doug Jones is running for U.S. Senate.

Election Day is Tuesday, December 12.

Liberty and justice for all have been Doug’s life’s work.


Again, please send postcards daily, as you complete a batch, but know that the deadline for mailing tends to be a week before the election.


Read about the October 2017 Fox News poll that shows Moore and Jones as tied:



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Join the Postcard GOTV Campaign for Democrat Dr. Kathie Allen, Who’s Running for Jason Chaffetz’s House Seat

Join the get out the vote (GOTV) postcard campaign for Democrat Dr. Kathie Allen, who’s running for the Utah house seat being vacated by Republican Jason Chaffetz.

We wrote about Dr. Allen back in April (she announced her candidacy well before Chaffetz quit–scroll down for a link to the OTYCD post on her) and we’re thrilled that she was chosen as the focus for one of Tony the Democrat’s GOTV postcard campaigns!

The special election for Chaffetz’s house seat, in Utah’s 3rd District, will be held Tuesday, November 7.

If you want to receive a handful of addresses, text HELLO to Abby the Address Bot:

484.ASK.ABBY aka 484.275.2229

If you want a lot more than five addresses at a time, or texting isn’t convenient for you, email:

Postcards    @

All postcards should be in the mail no later than October 31, but given the way that Tony’s army of postcard-writers is growing, they might burn through the whole address list well before Halloween.

You’ll receive a full set of guidelines with your rack of addresses, but know that all postcards should include the following information:

Elect Democrat Kathie Allen to Congress for Utah’s 3rd District.

Vote Tuesday, November 7th.

Dr. Allen is trained to consider facts, diagnose problems, and find solutions.


If you have room, you can add something like:

Ask your friends and family to vote Democrat in this special election.

When we vote, we win.

Thank you for your time and your vote!


Read the April 2017 OTYCD post on Dr. Kathie Allen’s run for Chaffetz’s now-vacated House seat:


Since we wrote that post and loaded it with links, Dr. Allen launched a spiffy campaign web site:


Here’s her Meet Kathie page:


Here’s her Issues page:


Donate to Dr. Allen’s campaign:


Volunteer for Dr. Allen:


Like her on Facebook:


Follow her on Twitter:



Since we first wrote about Dr. Allen, she gained the endorsement of 314 Action, one of our favorite orgs. Here’s her 314 Action page:


Here’s a profile story on Dr. Allen from Vogue:






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Send Postcards to Help GOTV for Phoenix Democrat Kevin Patterson

Update with Results: Patterson pulled in 47.93 percent of the vote to his opponent’s 52.07 percent. This represents an increase in the Democratic vote of 4.3 percent, or 1,300. The margin between the two candidates was less than 1,500. That’s an impressive result for a guy who went up against an eight-year incumbent who outspent him five to one.

Update: Tony the Democrat and the postcard-writing volunteers completed mailings to the full list of addresses in Phoenix, so this campaign is closed. Please look for the post on Karen Keys-Gamarra’s campaign for the Fairfax County School Board in Virginia. We’ll update this post after August 29 to let you know how Kevin Patterson did.

Join a postcard campaign to help get out the vote for Democrat Kevin Patterson, candidate for city council in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Tony the Democrat’s latest postcard campaign is on behalf of Democrat Kevin Patterson, who is running for City Council from District 6 in Phoenix. The special election takes place Tuesday, Aug 29.


To obtain addresses, text HELLO to Abby the Addressbot:

484 ASK ABBY aka 484 275 2229


If you want more than 15 addresses at a time or you don’t do texts for whatever reason, email:

Postcards     @


Your handwritten cards will go to people in District 6 who have voted Democratic in the past.

Same general rules are in effect but the particulars have changed.

Address the cards to ‘Important Voters,’ ‘VIP Voters,’ ‘Best Voters,’ etc. Do not include a party affiliation in the greeting in case the household is mixed.


All postcards should say the following:


Democrat Kevin Patterson is running for Phoenix City Council District 6.
Election Day is Tuesday August 29th.
Kevin says YES to families who deserve housing affordability in safe neighborhoods.
Other things you can say, if you have room on the card:
I hope you won’t mind this friendly reminder about an upcoming election.
Kevin taught at-risk Phoenix high school students in psychology helping them earn college credit.
A Phoenix resident for 19 years, Kevin is married with two young daughters.
Fast-growing cities need hard-working problem-solvers in City Council like Kevin.
Please make a plan to vote Tuesday, Aug 29.

Early voting begins Aug 2 through Aug 25.


Thank you for your time and your vote!
 Write with us! Email:
Take a photograph of your finished postcards and email it to the Tony the Democrat
address above before requesting more addresses.
Please get your finished cards in the mail no later than three days after finishing them.
Do not contact the voters again.
Note: Tony the Democrat is actually leading two GOTV postcard campaigns right now. We
have not mentioned the other campaign because its special election takes place August 8-
-too late to help out. If the candidate wins we will mention it in a good-news update post.
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Use the Power of Postcards to #Turn32Blue and Break the Republican Super-Majority in the Georgia Senate

Mail postcards to help Democrat Christine Triebsch win the open state senate seat in Georgia’s 32nd senate district on May 16.

One of the Republicans who ran against Jon Ossoff in the April 18 jungle primary gave up  a state senate seat in Georgia to do so. The race to fill that seat takes place May 16.

Right now, Republicans have a super-majority in the Georgia senate. If Triebsch wins, she will break the super-majority and make a welcome step toward curtailing Republican power across America.

The organizers of the #Turn32Blue campaign are confident that a wave of handwritten postcards that ask Democratic voters in the district to come out for Triebsch should do the trick. Special elections fly under the radar, and that’s doubly true for special elections for state seats.

When you write your postcards, make them personal and heartfelt but don’t forget to include the following basic elements:


Mention the special election runoff on May 16

Ask the recipient to vote for Democrat Christine Triebsch

Ask the voter to #Turn32Blue and break the Georgia state senate’s Republican super-majority.


You have two options for obtaining addresses. You can text the word HELLO to 678.498.5585 and follow the prompts to receive between five and 15 addresses.


You can also email

TonyTheDemocrat       at


Note that the gmail address will give you more than 15 addresses at a time.


Donate to Christine Triebsch’s Georgia state senate campaign:


Read a Daily Kos diary written in the aftermath of the April 18 jungle primary, which Jon Ossoff narrowly lost.

You have to scroll down to the update to see it but the diarist testifies to the value of the #FlipThe6th postcard campaign: “I heard several people happily mention the postcards they got urging them to vote for Jon.  That’s a really good grassroots way for people to make a difference from outside the district.  One of those is more effective than 50 slick professional mailers.”