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Help Elect Democrat Archie Parnell to Mick Mulvaney’s Old House Seat (Bad Update May 27, 2018)

This OTYCD entry originally appeared in May 2017.


Bad update, May 27, 2018: After running a strong, surprisingly close but unsuccessful campaign for a 2017 special election, Parnell announced in October 2017 that he would run again for the House seat.


But in late May 2018, divorce records came to light that showed he had beaten his ex-wife at least twice in the early 1970s.


Read the allegations in this May 21, 2018 Post and Courier story, the newspaper that obtained the divorce records:



Parnell has acknowledged his actions and has apologized for them, but is refusing to leave the race. His campaign manager has since quit, and Democratic leaders in the state have called on him to withdraw, to no effect. In response to the news, the Cook Political Report moved the seat’s rating from Likely Republican to Solid Republican.


Read about Parnell’s refusal to end his campaign:




We at OTYCD are deeply distressed and disappointed by this news about Parnell. We believe he can do the hard, necessary work of rehabilitating himself and ultimately re-emerge as a viable candidate for Congressional office. But we don’t believe he–or anyone who finds him or herself in this sort of situation six months away from Election Day–can do that work in time to run and win.


We are angered that Parnell did not come clean about his past voluntarily, before a newspaper discovered the truth, and we’re doubly angered that he campaigned for high office knowing that this bombshell was lurking in his past. The fact that he embarked on his 2017 special election campaign against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement makes us question his judgment.


Again, we believe Parnell is capable of doing the work he needs to do to rehabilitate himself. As he says, he was a young man, not yet out of college, when he physically attacked his then-wife in 1973. But he needs to make amends before he runs for office again. We feel it is best for all if he withdraws from the 2018 House race and sets himself to doing that work.


Original text of the post follows.


Help elect Democrat Archie Parnell to the South Carolina house seat left open by Mick Mulvaney.


The special election to fill the seat takes place June 20. Parnell won the Democratic primary on May 2 with 71.3 percent of the vote. He will learn who his opponent will be on May 16, when the Republican primary runoff takes place.


Parnell is a defender of public education, Medicare, and Social Security. He has worked as a tax attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice and will use his experience in that realm to make corporations yield their due.


Ballotpedia rates the South Carolina 5th district as “safely Republican.” As with other Democrats running in special elections in red areas, Parnell faces an uphill battle. But it’s a battle worth fighting.


Read more on Parnell and his views:





Donate to Parnell’s campaign:




Like his Facebook page:




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See his Ballotpedia entry:






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Join The Postcard Effort to #FlipThe5th

We have another postcard campaign for you! Urge voters in South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District to come out on June 20 and vote in the special election for the Democratic candidate.

Tony the Democrat is back with a postcard mission, if you choose to accept it. Your handwritten postcards will urge South Carolinians to turn out and vote Democrat. The special election is to fill the federal house of representatives seat vacated by Mick Mulvaney.

If you wish to participate, use your cell phone to text HELLO to (803) 630-0295.

You can also email

Postcards       at     TonyTheDemocrat.org

…to request addresses.

Please mail your postcards within three days of handwriting them. Also remember–do not include any information that could identify you when writing your postcards, and only contact each address once.

The deadline for mailing #FlipThe5th postcards is June 13, no matter where they’re coming from.

When you write your postcards, please do the following:

Mention that Democrat Archie Parnell is running for Congress in the 5th district. (Yes, you can mention his name on your postcards, and you can mention his web site, http://www.ArchieParnell.com, but stick to that specific language if you choose to discuss Parnell. Do not go beyond it.)

Mention that June 20th is election day.

Say something along the lines of how Parnell will work with anyone who shares his commitment to put country before party.

Also, like the Postcards to Voters page on Facebook:


Learn more about the Democratic candidate in the special election, Archie Parnell:


Like his page on Facebook:


Follow him on Twitter:


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Help Democrat Alexis Frank Win Mick Mulvaney’s Old House Seat in South Carolina on June 20

Help Democrat Alexis Frank win Mick Mulvaney’s old house seat in South Carolina. The primary is on May 2 and the special election is June 20.

Frank is a 26-year-old Army veteran, a mother of two, and a progressive Democrat. Her race has gotten less attention because it involves a standard primary (rather than the jungle primary situation in Georgia’s 6th district) and advances to a special election on June 20–coincidentally the same date as the runoff for GA06.

Ballotpedia rates South Carolina’s 5th District as “safely Republican.” Mulvaney left to head the U.S. Office of Management and Budget. Frank is one of three Democrats in the race, in addition to seven Republicans and five candidates from other parties.

If we hear word that she is open to a postcard campaign, we will write a post on that. As of now, she needs us to spread the word about her, and she needs donations of money and phone-banking.


See Frank’s campaign web site here:



Like her Facebook page:



Follow her on Twitter:



Phone-bank for Frank:



Donate to Frank’s campaign:



Read an interview with Frank on Medium.


See the Ballotpedia entry on Frank:


View at Medium.com