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Support Doctors Against Trump, Which Boosts Progressive Physicians Who Are Running for Office

Support Doctors Against Trump, an organization that endorses progressive physicians who are running for office at the federal, state, and local levels.


The election of Donald Trump had at least one good effect–it jolted countless numbers of people who are far, far better human beings than him to become more politically active.


Doctors are chief among them. Clinicians for Progressive Care (CPC) is exactly what it says it is–a group of clinicians who support progressive-minded health care.


That means universal access to high-quality care that’s respectfully dispensed to everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, and immigration status. It also means supporting well-designed medical research.


CPC endorses physician-candidates who embrace these values. To the delight of those at OTYCD, several people we’ve featured in check-out-this-candidate posts made the CPC cut, including Kyle Horton, Jason Westin, Christine Eady Mann, and Allison Galbraith.



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Pledge to Vote for Science

Take the Vote for Science pledge.


The Vote for Science pledge is an offshoot of the March for Science movement, which held its second annual march on April 14, 2018.


The pledge calls for citizens to:

Hold their leaders accountable for supporting policies that use and empower science

Advocate for science in their own communities

Vote, and encourage friends and neighbors to vote, too.


The website also offers specific pro-science actions that you can take, such as asking your state government to improve science education standards, and telling Congress and the president to fund research into gun violence and choose qualified scientists for science-heavy leadership posts in government.



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Join the Second Annual March for Science on Saturday, April 14, 2018

Join the Second Annual March for Science on Saturday, April 14, 2018.


Scientists, scientifically literate folks, and plain ‘ol fans of science gathered across the world last year to protest Trump and his administration’s disdain for facts and evidence.


The first March for Science was a marked success and arguably had the best and funniest signs of any of the 2017 protest marches.


The March for Science is back for 2018, and as of early March 2018, more than 70 satellite marches had been scheduled for Saturday, April 14, 2018.


In places as far-flung as Nigeria, people will gather to stand up for science and demand our elected officials support science and make good use of its discoveries.



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