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Support Andrew Janz, Who’s Running for Devin Nunes’s California House Seat (Update June 9, 2018)

Update, June 9, 2018: Janz came in second in the top-two primary held on June 5, and will face Devin Nunes in the fall. Please support Janz’s campaign so Democrats can win this seat and stop Nunes’s Trump-lackey shenanigans!


Support Andrew Janz, who is running for Devin Nunes’s House seat in California’s  22nd Congressional District.


Lots of Republican house members need to go, but few need to go more than Devin Nunes. He’s shown that he places his loyalty to Donald Trump over his loyalty to his constituents with the weird-ass shenanigans he got up to in late March 2017, when he led the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He ultimately recused himself from the Trump-Russia investigation. (Scroll down for links that recount the incidents.)


Democrat Andrew Janz has emerged to challenge Nunes for his House seat in 2018. Janz is a Fresno County prosecutor who supports keeping and fixing the Affordable Care Act and protecting and expanding Medicaid. He supports reproductive rights and has pledged to fight attempts to criminalize abortion. He wants to reduce taxes on small businesses and the middle class. He wants to combat the ill effects of the SCOTUS ruling on Citizens United by requiring outside groups to declare their political spending.



Visit Janz’s website:



Consider him for your Core Four for 2018:



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Donate to Janz:




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Read Wired‘s timeline of Nunes’ surveillance claims and White House ties (It dates to April 2017):



And here’s a piece from The Atlantic on what Nunes got up to:



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Update: Connecticut Special Election Results: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

This OTYCD entry originally posted in March 2017.


Connecticut held a trio of special elections on February 28, 2017. Democrats won two out of three races, and control of the state’s senate remains split between the Democrats and the Republicans.


Democrat Douglas McCrory trounced Republican Michael McDonald to claim the District 2 senate seat, and Democrat Dorinda Borer beat Republican Edward Granfield for a house seat in the 115th district.


Democrat Greg Cava lost to Republican Eric Berthel to win the senate seat in District 32, but there is a silver lining. Cava did a lot better than expected. District 32 has been described as “the most Republican senate district in the state” and he lost by only 10 points.


Turnout for the state senate races was reportedly low, hovering around 18 percent.


Read several stories from local, state, and national papers on the results of the races:



Original OTYCD post is below.


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On February 28, the state of Connecticut holds three special elections–two for state senate seats, and one for the state house of representatives.


The Connecticut state senate races are extra-interesting because as of now, party representation is tied, 18 t0 18. The Democrats have a chance to gain control of the state senate through these special elections.


Do you live in Connecticut? Do you have friends and family who do? Support Douglas McCrory and Greg Cava for the state senate and Dorinda Keenan Borer for the state house of representatives in three special elections on February 28.


Democrat Douglas McCrory, now a seven-term member of Connecticut’s house of representatives, will run against Republican Michael McDonald in the special election for the 2nd State Senate District. (Eric Coleman, also a Democrat, vacated the seat to pursue a judgeship.) While the 2nd leans blue, McCrory is bracing for a fight. His Republican opponent has reportedly qualified for public financing.


Democrat Greg Cava hopes to claim the senate seat for district 32, which has been vacated by Robert Kane, who defeated Cava in the last state senate election. (Kane is leaving to join the state’s office of the Auditors of Public Accounts.) Cava will have two competitors: Republican Eric C. Berthel and Dan Lynch, who has no party affiliation.


Democrat Dorinda Keenan Borer hopes to keep the district 115 house of representatives seat blue. It, too, is open because its occupant, Democrat Stephen Dargan, left for a job with the state board of pardons and paroles. She will battle Republican Edward Granfield for the seat. (She does not yet have a campaign web site; we’ll update this post to include it when it appears online.)



Learn more about the McCrory-McDonald race:



See McCrory’s Connecticut House of Representatives web page:



Donate to McCrory’s campaign fund:



Visit Greg Cava’s web site (which reflects his 2016 race):



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Hooray! We Defended Delaware’s Trifecta!

This OTYCD entry originally posted in February 2017.

Update: Congratulations! Stephanie Hansen won her Delaware race, preserving its Democratic trifecta. Thanks to all who helped make this happen, with a double helping of thanks going to former Vice President Joe Biden.

*The Democratic party claims only six “trifectas” nationwide–states where the party controls the governorship, the state senate, and the state house.

Delaware is one of the six, and it is in danger of losing its trifecta.

Do you live in Delaware? Do you have friends and family who do? Help elect Democrat Stephanie Hansen to the Delaware State Senate on February 25, 2017.

Bethany Hall-Long vacated the seat, in the 10th state senate district, when she rose to the post of Lieutenant Governor. If Hansen fails, the Democrats’ 40-year hold on the state senate would end.

Hansen faces two rivals: Republican John Marino, and Libertarian Joseph Lanzendorfer. Flippable reports that the 10th district is competitive, and could be nail-bitingly close. Hall-Long won by just 267 votes in her last race.


Learn more about the special election:


Donate to Stephanie Hansen’s campaign:


Sign up to phone bank (make calls for) Stephanie Hansen (yes, you can do this even if you don’t live in Delaware):


Like Stephanie Hansen’s Facebook page:


Read Flippable’s take on the Delaware senate race here, and learn about other upcoming state-level elections:


*Since we first published this post in February 2017, the Democrats gained two more trifectas. The November 2017 elections turned New Jersey and Washington state solidly blue.





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Want to Do More?


One Thing You Can Do‘s purpose is to help you focus. It gives you one thing you can do, every day, to push back against Trump. One thing. Every day.

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After you do that, see our recommendations for groups, mailing lists, blogs, and other entities that will give you more things to do.

The list is not comprehensive, and it’s not meant to be. Nor is it closed. Everything is OTYCD-approved. The blog relies on many of these sources when seeking and researching subjects for future posts.

Also, scroll down for a collection of past OTYCD posts that you can still act on.

Rogan’s List blog (

Susan Rogan will keep you as busy as you want to be. The retired university librarian’s blog gives you more than a dozen useful nuggets of information per day, from actions to tools to organizations to join, and more. Are you extra-eager to do more? Start here. The newest daily tends to go live around 9 am EST.

Flippable (

Flippable’s goal is to turn state and federal offices blue, one electoral race at a time. Its email list sends out one message per week that contains several action items. It’s especially good for learning about upcoming elections in state legislatures.

One Small Thing newsletter (

This is an offshoot of Laura M. Browning’s Facebook group, Stronger Together. Its tagline is “Pledge to do one small thing every week to spread the love and equality that America needs right now. ” Its weekly email is charming and features valuable links and tips.

Movement to Oppose Trump (

The multi-talented Michael Skolnik releases a weekly action email with the does-just-what-it-says-on-the-box title Movement to Oppose Trump. It’s a smorgasboard of calls to action, pieces to read, resistance resources, upcoming events, social media accounts to follow, donations to make, finished with a music suggestion (late in January 2017, he pointed to Tupac’s Keep Ya Head Up).

Weekly Resistance to Trump (’

This web site sends a weekly email that recommends an action to take and a donation to make.

Wall-of-Us (

Another good site that produces a weekly email containing several action items.

While it’s not the most important thing you can do to push back against Trump, it’s certainly amusing to follow @HalfOnionInABag on Twitter. It’s just that–half an onion in a bag. Its goal is to get more followers than Donald Trump to show that having a big honking Twitter audience really doesn’t mean all that much if half an onion in a bag can meet or beat Trump’s.

Here are some older OTYCD posts that you can still act on (some of these are repeats from the Your Tool Kit page):

Find your three members of Congress:

Stock up on postcards and 34-cent stamps:

Call your members of Congress to support the Presidential Conflicts of Interests Act of 2017:

Call your members of Congress and defend Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act (ACA):

Read “Call the Halls” and follow Emily Ellsworth:


Support House Rep Elijah Cummings’s call to investigate Trump’s finances:


Listen to Pod Save America and Pod Save the World:


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Support Democrat Miranda Joseph for Alabama State Auditor in 2018

This OTYCD entry originally appeared in January 2018.

Support Democrat Miranda Joseph for Alabama State Auditor in 2018.


Joseph, a Certified Internal Auditor who holds an MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, ran for the position in 2014 but was beaten by Republican Jim Zeigler.


Does that name seem familiar? It might. Zeigler was the man who, when asked about the accusations that Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore had pursued sexual relationships with teenage girls when he was in his 30s, shrugged them off in jaw-droppingly spectacular fashion:


“Take the Bible — Zachariah and Elizabeth, for instance. Zachariah was extremely old to marry Elizabeth and they became the parents of John the Baptist,” Ziegler says, choosing his words carefully before invoking Christ. “Also take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus.”

“There’s just nothing immoral or illegal here,” Ziegler concluded. “Maybe just a little bit unusual.”


Zeigler is up for re-election in 2018. Joseph is running against him.


Please help her in whatever way you can.



See her campaign website:



See her ‘About Miranda’ page:



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Donate to her campaign:



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See her entry on Ballotpedia, and the Ballotpedia entry on the office of Alabama State Auditor:



Read a piece on the 2014 race from



Read about Zeigler’s reaction to the accusations against Roy Moore:


Spread the Word and Vote for These Three Democrats in Virginia on Jan 10, 2017.

Do you live in Virginia? Do you have any friends who do? Please vote for the Democrats in three state special elections that will take place on January 10, 2017.

Democrat Cheryl Turpin is running for a house seat to represent district 85, which covers Virginia Beach. District 85 has been characterized as a toss-up. The seat had been held by a Republican; Turpin could turn it blue. She faces Republican Rocky Holcomb.

Democrat Ryant Washington is running for a state senate seat, representing district 22. It covers several entire counties: Amherst, Appomattox, Buckingham, Cumberland, Fluvanna, and Goochland, plus some of Louisa County and some of the city of Lynchburg. It is open because its Republican holder was elected to Congress.

Washington is up against Republican Mark Peake and independent conservative Joseph Hines for this seat. This is a Republican area but Washington has a chance, seeing as the other conservative option could split the vote.

Democrat Jennifer McClellan is running for a state senate seat, representing district 9, which includes parts of Richmond; all of Charles City County; and parts of Hanover County and Henrico County. Its Democratic holder just got elected to Congress. McClellan does not have a Republican opponent.

If you can only support one of the three, focus on Cheryl Turpin. If you need to prioritize, focus on Turpin, then Washington, then McClelland.

Virginia is one of the many state legislatures that is in Republican hands. If there are too many state legislatures dominated by Republicans, Congress could pass amendments to the Constitution. Any effort to elect Democrats to Virginia’s open state government seats will help the greater cause.

More about Cheryl Turpin: … andidates/

More about Ryant Washington:

Facebook, search for: Ryant Washington for Virginia State Senate – 22nd District

More about Jennifer McClelland:

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Call Your House Reps, Urge Them to Vote NO On the GOP Health Care Plan, and Urge Your Friends to Do the Same

Call your house reps, tell them to vote against the Republican health care plan, and badger your friends to call their house reps, too.

The House of Representatives will vote on the shambolic GOP health care plan Thursday. You’re probably aware that it has a lot of Republican opposition. Granted, that opposition largely from Republicans who think it’s too generous (boggle), but it could be enough to sink the damn thing.

Call, call, call, your house reps–JUST your house reps–and urge your friends to do the same if they haven’t yet. Specifically, you are asking your reps to vote NO on the GOP health care plan on Thursday (March 23).

Important! Is your house rep one of these nine Republicans?:


Mark Amodei, Nevada, District 2

Carlos Curbelo, Florida, District 26

Charlie Dent, Pennsylvania, District 15

Dan Donovan, New York, District 11

Brian Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania, District 8

Peter King, New York, District 2

Tom MacArthur, New Jersey, District 3

Claudia Tenney, New York, District 22

David Valadao, California, District 24


…then it is extra-important that you call, because they are flippable.

Sample script: “I am (Firstname Lastname, from town, zip code). I am calling to ask House Rep (Lastname) to vote against the Republican health care plan on Thursday, March 23. It is not an improvement on Obamacare by any means. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) numbers show that if it was enacted, it would leave 24 million people uninsured by 2026, and would strip coverage from 14 million as soon as next year. We cannot approve something that would leave so many vulnerable people unprotected. Please vote no on Thursday. Thank you.


Read about the CBO numbers on the Republican health care plan:


Special thanks to Rise Stronger for identifying the nine Republicans who seem amenable to voting no on the plan: